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Horses are majestic animals and very rewarding to work with. However, working with and caring for horses is not always a simple matter. At the Horse Forum you can discuss horse riding, training, grooming, and more.

Get answers to your horse questions. Profile your horses and add their pictures in your own virtual barn. Share your favorite horse stories. Buy and sell horses or horse tack and equipment in our Horse Classifieds area. Chat with other horse lovers from the next county and around the world in our horse chat room.

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Please read the Horse Forum Rules and Announcements here before posting.
by SouthernTrails
06-28-2014 09:12 PM
36 973
    Keeping and Caring for Horses
A place where new owners can ask anything & everything, from horse care & maintenance to first show jitters. A place for those with experience to help foster in those just getting started and help them get a start on the right foot. This section is not for critiques and is solely about positive help for those just getting their start.
by Prinella
Today 05:21 AM
911 15,108
Discuss all aspects of horse health including horse injury and lameness, horse medications, parasites, horse diseases and more.
by 2scicrazed
Today 06:27 AM
19,133 215,222
Discuss horse grooming including cleaning and bathing horses, clipping, brushing and more.
by ChevysMyBoy
Yesterday 11:33 PM
3,760 47,734
General horse chat that does not belong in a more appropriate forum.
by ecasey
Today 06:22 AM
18,223 274,736
    Training Horses
Discuss training horses.
by DuffyDuck
Today 04:41 AM
13,877 185,152
Discuss horse trainers and share your thoughts on their techniques and methodologies.
by CandyCanes
Today 04:42 AM
228 5,243
Get and give advice about implementing natural horsemanship training methods, share your progress with others, etc. This forum is not for asking for or offering opinions about natural horsemanship trainers or methods.
by Nokotaheaven
Today 01:33 AM
919 22,431
    Horse Breeds, Breeding, and Genetics
Discuss horse breeds and their traits.
by Liligirl
Today 02:41 AM
5,538 96,955
Discuss horse breeding here.
Sub-Forums: Sport Horses
by Dehda01
Today 06:13 AM
3,610 93,934
See and share stallions and broodmares used and/or available for breeding purposes.
by squirrelfood
Yesterday 09:27 PM
179 4,114
Request and provide conformation critique for your horse.
by Clava
Today 05:23 AM
2,986 36,093
Talk about horse colors, markings, and patterns and the horse genetics that result in them.
by KigerQueen
Today 03:33 AM
2,026 35,948
Discuss donkeys, mules, and zebras.
by NorthernMama
07-26-2014 09:42 PM
151 2,065
    Riding Horses
Discuss general horse riding from novice to advanced, happy hacker to top competition Horse.
by Thoroughbredlover33
Yesterday 09:25 PM
4,891 69,303
Discuss all aspects of English riding such as techniques, equitation, showing and more.
by tinyliny
Today 01:31 AM
7,165 87,608
Discuss western riding including reining, cutting, barrels, training, etc.
by Tee Cees mum
Today 12:35 AM
3,374 43,952
Discuss endurance riding, horse conditioning, specialized gear and other aspects of competitive trail riding.
by Atomicodyssey
Today 01:08 AM
396 5,403
Discuss trail riding, suggest trails, etc.
by Painted Horse
Today 12:02 AM
1,737 32,974
For cart, wagon and carriage enthusiasts.
by Saddlebag
Yesterday 10:23 PM
666 7,427
Request and provide constructive horse riding critique for general riding
by Ninamebo
Yesterday 02:22 AM
6,258 78,959
Discuss therapeutic riding and equine assisted therapy.
by egrogan
07-20-2014 12:53 PM
55 555
    Horse Tack
Discuss using horse tack and equipment including saddles, stirrups, headgear, reins, bits, harnesses and more.
by tinyliny
Today 02:49 AM
11,467 100,316
Read and share reviews about specific horse tack and equipment from specific companies.
by Rain Shadow
07-23-2014 09:43 PM
725 5,982
Buy and sell horse related equipment, horse related accessories/merchandise, and livestock.
Sub-Forums: AU Tack, CAN Tack, UK Tack
by franknbeans
Yesterday 09:29 PM
7,755 42,483
    Barns, Boarding, and Farms
Discuss maintaining and improving your barn or stable.
by Gizmo
Yesterday 08:26 PM
1,861 20,594
Discuss horse boarding services.
by stevenson
Today 02:38 AM
994 14,321
Discuss horse trailers.
by sig1946
Yesterday 09:17 PM
894 10,224
Discuss life on the farm.
by JCnGrace
07-26-2014 03:08 AM
614 8,652
    Showing Horses
Discuss horse shows here.
by GotaDunQH
Yesterday 06:42 PM
2,000 15,956
Discuss horse showmanship with others who show their horses.
by xJumperx
07-09-2014 04:10 PM
251 2,476
Discuss horse show clothing fashion and safety.
by CiaraG
Today 04:53 AM
533 4,056
    Horse Pictures, Videos, Artwork, and Contests
Share horse pictures here.
by Britt
Yesterday 10:26 PM
10,908 131,561
Share videos of your horses here.
by speedy da fish
07-23-2014 05:56 AM
2,602 21,368
Share pictures of your paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other horse related artwork here.
by Hunterjumper834
Yesterday 08:57 PM
2,827 40,715
Participate in horse contests with friends at the Horse Forum.
by stsjade
07-09-2014 08:10 PM
569 16,814
Share horse stories and poems you have written with the community.
Sub-Forums: Famous Horses
by Roadyy
07-24-2014 08:49 AM
706 5,907
    Horse Resources
Read horse articles written by Horse Forum members and share your own.
by Saddlebag
06-12-2014 06:41 PM
119 1,625
Find local equine vets.
- - -
Discuss buying, selling, and leasing horses here.
by DraftyAiresMum
Yesterday 11:50 PM
3,042 19,861
Discuss horse related laws such as contract, liability, taxes, and other laws related to horses, stables, farms, etc.
by rydernation
07-19-2014 05:42 PM
396 7,122
Report a stolen horse here to help increase the likelihood of recovering your horse.
by ohmyspurs
07-23-2014 10:42 AM
101 1,331
Discuss the protection of horses and the prevention of cruelty.
by stevenson
07-23-2014 05:41 PM
372 9,123
Discuss pursuing a horse related career or education including programs available, coursework, etc.
by waresbear
07-23-2014 06:37 PM
136 962
Find somebody to hire for horse related work or make your availability known to potential employers in your area.
by WolfsongStorm
Yesterday 12:01 AM
209 1,063
    Horse Forum Sponsor Forums
by Red Cedar Farm
12-20-2012 05:58 PM
4 7
    The Horse Forum Community
Introduce yourself and tell the community about your interest in horses.
by Nokotaheaven
Today 01:42 AM
4,632 30,295
Discuss maintaining your health and wellness as a rider, including injury prevention and recovery
by EquineBovine
Today 05:48 AM
523 6,187
Discuss issues related to being a plus sized rider.
by sig1946
Yesterday 09:27 PM
339 9,186
A day in the life of a horse lover. Journal about your time with your horses. One topic per member, please.
by DraftyAiresMum
Yesterday 11:09 PM
755 16,232
Have you lost a special animal? Share his or her memory with the world by creating a memorial with photos, descriptions, and more.
by Spiritandjuniper4711
07-20-2014 09:01 PM
418 3,940
    Life Beyond Horses
Discuss topics unrelated to horses here.
by clumsychelsea
Yesterday 11:04 PM
7,303 110,765
Because our four-legged babies aren't the only ones on our minds!
by 2BigReds
07-25-2014 04:15 PM
119 2,242
Discuss your favorite hobbies here.
by williamrider12
Yesterday 10:39 AM
436 6,865
Jokes, stories, and more to tickle the funny bone!
by Patches101
Yesterday 12:58 PM
634 6,244
Play games with other Horse Forum members.
by DreaMy
Today 03:47 AM
383 82,073
Discuss your favorite movies, music, and tv shows here.
by DraftyAiresMum
Today 12:08 AM
449 6,241
Discuss cars, trucks, 4x4s, and more.
by color01
Yesterday 09:43 AM
161 2,162
Discuss computers and other electronic devices with other horse forum members.
by waresbear
07-26-2014 07:57 PM
309 2,362
Discuss your other pets here.
by pinkismorefun
Yesterday 08:36 PM
1,426 16,022
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