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Question Back Yard Boarding?

Ok, so I've had some barn drama lately (just look up some of my threads x.x)

Now I have a nice place to board. It's about 3-4 acres (one acre is fenced off towards the back so they aren't even on it). There's a ncie barn and everything is pretty nice. Here's the deal...the owners of the property have never owned horses and admitted that they knew NOTHING about boarding or handling horses. So, my 'payment' for this place is doing 2 lessons a week of both horsemanship and begginer's riding for the mother and her children (she has two 11 year olds, an 8 year old, and a 3 year old).

Other than my horse is one other horse that belongs to someone who lives just down the street from them (boarded there for two reasons, one to keep mine company, and two, because his owner has too many horses on her own property).

Me and the mom have been pretty communicative about rules and use of the barn, but it seems like every time I go out and do SOMETHING, I'm doing something wrong...I now have a list of rules that to me, seem VERY tight and not exactly fair to me when I'm givining lessons that I usually charge $25 for. Which is $200-$250 a month when the cost of 'boarding' that was agreed to be paid is only $50-$75 dollars. Now, I understand that this IS someone's private property and would expect rules like 'Don't come on the property after this time' but instead....I get a rule like 'All lessons WILL be in the round pen and the horses WILL be in the roundpen for any kind of work'....Um...excuse me...I worked long and hard to teach my horses how to lunge...and while it's nice to have the use of a roundpen, I'm not sure how I feel about being told that's the only place I can 'work' my horse or give lessons....If I have a student who is well beyond roundpen work where am I supposed to let them ride?

Also, while I asked for full use of the barn, I have now been given a rule that I can only have my horse in the back half of the barn (there is a wood divider with a door) except for farrier work, tacking and cooling down, and things like that, which, granted is all I'd use it for anyway, but to have a rule like that kinda makes me itchy...I just don't know x.x I've NEVER boarded in a backyard other than my own before...

Other rules that I fully understand are things like make sure things are picked up, clean out any stall I've used (though the stalls I'd used are FILTHY from a previous boarder who was a friend of I don't know how to handle that either...) and general rules like that....

Some more that aren't issues, but just kinda make me squirm, are things like 'No smoking or cussing while at the barn'...Not that I smoke, but my mom does...soooo does this mean she has to go lock herself up in her car if she comes out and wants to smoke? Also, what exactly is defined as cursing? I tend to say things that some might be considered 'foul' but I find perfectly ok, or at least 'age appropriate' not like I'm going around singing F*** U or anything...There's also a rule that I have to have any guest rider or students sign a release form and make sure that the property owner has that...I have release forms signed anyway but is it really necessary for the property owner to have it too? Like I said, just don't it actually a liability to their own home insurance or something?

There's also a rule that's a little bit offensive to me I guess...It states that boarding there is a 'privilege' which I know it is...but to me, reading that, kinda rubs me the wrong goes on to say that things such as stealing, damage, animal abuse or neglect, or physical/verbal abuse of any kind is not tolerated....Is this a normal rule? I've boarded at two professional boarding facilities and NEVER had something like that be part of the contract...

I guess to me....reading rules like this is making me afraid that it's going to turn more into that my horses are their horses that they just let me use when they see fit and how they want me to use them...

I just don't know...I'm very happy with the place, and the family seems nice...I'm just so very afraid I'll be stifled with rules or something...

It even states that if I don't want the children to 'bother' me, that I need to come in the of the horses is clearly not good to have around children, let alone those that don't know much about horses. Uh......I just don't know how to take that....Do I really have to worry about the kids as well as the horses? I don't want to be rude and tell them "I give you lessons, if you see me out there working, I'm out there to work the horses and you need to keep your kids out of my way" x.x I'm just not that kind of person....And I don't mind the kids...they generally stay out of the way and can be helpful (closing gates or picking something up for me if asked) it just feels like yet another restriction to worry about....

Please help me out. Both this family, and I are new to this boarding situation and I just don't know where to draw the line or if it really is 'whatever they say goes'....

I'm just so confused and getting a little frightened as I have had SUCH bad horse drama lately I don't want to simply move into another chapter of it...-sigh-

What are some rules you've heard of? Do you board in your back yard for someone other than a friend? Have you ever boarded in someone's backyard that wasn't your friend? (friend's excluded since we all give friends slack, that's the only thing. I'm not a friend, I'm a stranger to this family and vice versa)

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I would talk to the owners about the things that really baother you. The disclaimer is smart for everyone to have, and they in all rights, I think should demand you have liability if you are giving lessons. No smoking in or around the barn could also be a fire hazard and perhaps they are worried about butts being thrown every where. As they get to know you I would imagine some things will become more relaxed. I would certainly discuss what would and would not be appropriate for them as well. Such when and which horses they should worry about ect.

Quite honestly I would imagine most insurance companies have an issue with boarding of horses. I know a lady around the KC area that was cancelled from State Farm because she leased a small pasture for horses. She was also told by Shelter I believe they wouldn't cover them.

Best of luck!
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Yeah, I'd discuss it between y'all and come to an even agreement. Noone, btw, is allowed to smoke on my property, and there is no barn here. Even construction workers etc are not allowed to smoke house my rules kinda thing.
Good luck coming to an acceptible agreement. Odds are, the horse novelty will wear off soon with the homeowner and it'll get easier.
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Horse Novelty? x.x

Also, about the smoking on your property, I can see that since you're paying them to be there, but I'm paying to be at this place. I suppose that is just how I think though....I really don't expect my mom to go out there and fix something or put something up for 'free' and not even be allowed to smoke....(I don't smoke and it's not an issue with me, but with my mom)

It's other things being told that if I don't want the kids to 'bother' me to come a certain time...When I went out there today I flat out told them that when I'm working Diablo please don't bother me because he an unpredictable horse who doesn't need to be around kids when I'm working with him for their safety, his safety, and MY safety...


I'll see how all this works....I'm sure it'll be ok....I'm probably just over reacting over thinking because of my past bad experiences...And, I'm just not used to so many rules...Other than the usual, clean up after your horse and respect the property and everyone/thing on it...
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By horse novelty I meant that for some people (not the people here) horses are fun for a while then the novelty wears off. I have watched it with the neices and nephews that want so badly to "play horse" with our girl, until they are made to shovel poop, clean buckets and get dirty...
Good luck though, I do hope it works out.
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The issue with the smoking comes from the fact that everything in a barn is flamable. Im sure your mom is a responsible person but not all are. I do smoke and when I started at my current barn, I was told that I was not allowed to smoke on the property. Not a big deal. Til I was spending 8 hours a day there working the BO's horses for free. When I told her that if she expected me to work long hours there, I would need somewhere to smoke. Her answer "well why didn't you say something, we didn't even know you smoked! You can smoke out back but make sure your butts are out before you leave'. A burning barn is a huge liability. Maybe if you assure them that your mom will be smoking away from the barn out in the field...they will be more reasonable.
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I'm sorry, but if they say that smoking isn't allowed, then smoking isn't allowed. It doesn't matter that you are paying them, it is their property. Would you like to pay for a new house and barn for them, as well as a new horse for you? Unless your mom is going to be there a lot, then it's not a big deal. You said that they have 3 kids, they obviously don't want them exposed to second hand smoke. Plus, everything in the barn IS flammable! They don't want to risk anybody getting hurt, so that is more than reasonable.

As far as the other rules go, talk to them. I think that it's crazy that you can't work anywhere other than the roundpen. If they are okay with you giving lessons to others, tell them that they are more advanced. Sit down and talk to them and get a nice written set of rules.
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Well, it's not the butts on the ground because my mom puts them out with water, then puts the butts in her pocket, I think it's that the husband doesn't want the kids exposed. I did mention it to the woman and she talked to him (he's currently out of town or I'd talk to him myself) and she said that it's ok for my mom to be in her car, so at least that is settled.

She is good about talking to me, I guess maybe I'm just so 'damaged' by bad situations that I don't just talk back and get things ironed out....This is a new skill I'm learning I guess lol.

I do so love going out there!!!
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I imagine alot of the rules are because you all are getting to know each other and to see how things go.
However, I will agree with the non smoking thing. I don't allow smoking at my home, where my horses are or in my vehicles. period. My son in law smokes and he has to walk outside to smoke in his car, even when it is below zero.
A fire caused by smoking or butts is a horrible experience and costly, so they are protecting their home and barn. As far as their kids, I would not want to be exposed to second hand smoke, nor my grandkids, so I don't blame him at all.
If you go to someones home or property, you should respect their rules, even if you are paying them rent. When you go to a motel, you pay the price of the room and if it says non smoking, you can't smoke or pay a big fine. If it says no pets, then no pets or pay a big fine.So, it is still a rule, whether you pay for something or not. So the thought that you are paying them and they won't let your mom smoke and its not fair is not a good argument, they own the home and barn and its their property.
If you like the place, then accept their rules, have your mom smoke in her car and follow what they want. If you are not comfortable with their rules, then you might just have to move.
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I also wanted to say that I think some of her 'rules' come from her being 'non-horsey'. She probably doesn't understand that you are experienced and arent going to be running around willy-nilly on her property.

Our barn also requires liability release forms and we also have signs all over our (backyard) barn stating that you are at the barn of your own free will and that by being there, you are accepting that horses can be unpredictable. Most states offer these signs free or low cost if she would rather just hang the signs. Releases are just part of the business. Every barn in our area has those signs hanging everywhere and you still have to sign a release aaaaand in PA unless there is gross misrepresentation by the barn owner...a person cannot sue for injuries occured while working with horses.
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