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It's not the release forms I'm worried about (though I think it's a tad excessive, I'm not arguing them) And I told her about getting a sign for her property just today (emailed). It was just the the whole 'if you don't want to be bothered come out at this time' and 'any work with the horses will be done in a roundpen'....just....don't really know....

Like others said, it's probably just that she's not horsey and we don't 'get' eachother yet....I sure hope this works out. The woman is really nice and her kids are nice and the property is nice......I just don't want to feel smothered...but I don't want to disrespect them either x.x

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Regardless of the arrangement you have with this family, it is their property and they can set the rules as they see fit. If you don't like the rules, you always have the option to go elsewhere. While some of the rules may seem excessive to you, it may be that those rules were set under advisement from their insurance company. For example, having riders sign a release form that is specific to the property owner (in addition to the one you have them sign) is not excessive or unrealistic. It sounds like they are simply trying to protect themselves from any potential litigation. As property owners, they could be liable if there was ever an issue. A rule preventing anyone from smoking on their property is simply common sense. As mentioned, almost everything on an acreage property is flammable and regardless of how responsible your mom is, it isn't worth the risk letting anyone smoke there.

Regarding the other rules about the round pen and the kids, again, it is their property and their rules. You could speak to them about the round pen rule, especially if there is an alternative place to ride safely. Hopefully you can come up with an agreement on where you can ride and give lessons that is both safe and acceptable to your needs. You do have to expect the kids might be a distraction at times. That is their home and they have a right to be there. The family also has a right to some privacy at times, and so you cannot expect full access to the property any time you want it. Again, I suggest you talk to the owners, state your needs, acknowledge theirs and try to come to an agreement. Remember, they are under no obligation to accomodate you.

In saying the owners are just "not horsey" and don't understand horses rubs me the wrong way. They are the property owners who have been gracious enough to welcome you and your horse to use their space under whatever arrangement you have. If the arrangement is no longer fair or adequate for you, you can re-negotiate, accept it, or leave. The clearer you make the expectations from both parties, the better your relationship and your experience will be.
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Well...I don't just don't think this place is going to work out. I have followed all their rules and today gave my first lesson to the mother who now has decided that she and her husband don't want to trade lessons for boarding and want money instead, which is NOT what we agreed upon when I moved out there....

So now...I have done EVERYTHING that they wanted and it's still not good enough and I just don't know what the heck these people want anymore!!!


What have I done SO freaking wrong that every time I turn around something like this is happening? First I'm at a place where everyone decides to feed my horses an inch from founder, then another place that doesn't feed the horses....or fix the fences...then a place that (and this isn't there fault) have a road so long and horrid my poor little pos just can't make the ride out THIS!?!?!

I'm just feeling so lost and frustrated I am now crying....

And I know this is suposed to be a thread about rules...and I followed ALL of them!!! Even the ones I didn't agree with....

I wouldn't have moved her there if I knew that this would happen. I don't want to just move her and move her and move her!!!
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How much money do they want? If it is reasonable and you are in charge of her care...I would stick it out. The only rule that they said that would deter me was the 'only riding in a roundpen' one. I would tell her that you are willing to sign a waiver and are not going to destroy any property but for an experienced rider to be stuck riding circles all day...its just too much to ask.

Good luck!
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Qued.. I really feel for you. It is so hard to find the right place, and so hard to have expectations fall short. I have boarded for a lot of years and found that No place is perfect. Honestly, sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and leave the matter sit for a day.
Unfortunately, you have no rights at this barn. No smoking, no riding outside of the round pen. More money. Ouch.
I would try to stick it out for a month or so, they may relax, but I think your gut is telling you otherwise. I know you don't like to keep moving your horse, but if you are that unhappy, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
Hope this resolves positively. Best of luck.
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it just comes down to commen sense and curticy....i've given up on boarders for a last boarder thought he was a horse person bought a young horse and didn't know how to handle it...left it up to me to "get rid of it" .
i only have a few rules on my farm....
1) fist bring your kids on my must keep a very good eye on them.....i'm not responsable for any hospital bills AND I'M NOT A BABY enough of my own to watch.
2) don't mess with my stuff and i wont mess with yours.....if some thing needs to be fix just tell me.
3) NO SMOKING WHATS SO EVER ON MY FARM........i have been know to send people across the street to smoke......

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If only it were so easy to just give up boarding...but as I live in an apartment and am in a year long lease....which was just signed in july...I can't exactly put her on my porch...though I have entertained the idea...-Heh...

I'm trying to make it work with this or not...if'll give me time to just....MAYBE....find a new place....

No offense to those who back yard board...but I think this situation has permanently turned me off of it....Unless it's my own back yard...
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Boarding your horses is always difficult because you rely on the goodwill of others to care for your animals and honor the agreements you make. Since the boarder is never the one who owns the property, they are also the one who must agree to terms (or not). Unfortunately, there is often little recourse for the boarder when things go badly. You care about your animals and have to make decisions based on what is best for them first and foremost.

Since you have had a number of bad experiences, I wonder how you are selecting your boarding facilities? Do you check in a few times unexpectedly prior to deciding to keep your horses there? Do you get referrals and feedback from other boarders? Do you go over and sign a contract that clearly states the rules and expectations as well as the rates and services? These are the things you can do to improve your situation if you haven't done so already. Any service you receive that is outside of the contract or outside of the rules is a bonus, and should not be expected.

I suggest you meet with the property owners you are dealing with currently and work with them to come up with a written agreement as to the cost and conditions of your board. Since they are inexperienced, you could volunteer to find and bring a few examples so they know what is standard practice. Expect to pay roughly the usual costs of boarding that are charged by other barns for similar services. That is fair. Just because they are boarding in their backyard, doesn't mean they should be expected to do it for free. Clearly lay out who will purchase feed and for which horses. The quality and quantity of feed should also be stated clearly. (Since there is another horse on the property, you must make that clear. It might be advisable for you to purchase your own feed so you can control the quantity and quality.) Also make sure you have stated who is responsible for what kind of insurance. You should have your horse insured for injury / illness / death as well as liability. They should have property insurance that covers some disaster that might take place.

It is reasonable for you to pay board and for them to in turn pay for your services giving riding lessons both negotiated somewhere near the going rates. Put this in the contract! If you are giving lessons, make sure you are covered for liability in case someone falls off and hurts themselves, or in case they do something silly that injures your horse.

If the property owners are unwilling to negotiate terms and make them contractual, look for a facility that will. Once all expectations are made clear, you will have a much better experience.
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The problems I have had so far are beyond the contract. I go and look at a place two to three times before moving my horse(s) and usually get the rules before I move as well as mostly I have seen them outlined in the contract.

The first place didn't do fence repair and put my horses where I didn't want them, as well as a neighbor WAY over feeding them my grain because she was under the impression they weren't fed enough because they didn't roll like hippos when they walked....I didn't have the time or energy to search 80 wooded acres to ride my horse for 30 minutes. The next place was actually really nice for a few months. Nice fences, nice people, the BO was usually agreeable...then winter came, and he 'ran away' from everything and let my horses practically starve even though I provided the grain and offered to pay more money. Then it was wire fences that were always down, and keeping horses in a CLOSED metal barn (not my horses but not something I want to see) Then he stopped feeding the stalled horses grain. Mostly, for me, it was that fences were always down and wires were everywhere. Then, the place after that was nice...until I realized that my car wouldn't make it out there...not there fault, but a fault that I missed. Now, I looked at this place and talked to these people several times, signed a contract that I thought was fair. Then, they turn around and give me rules that if I had known, probably wouldn't have moved out there. Not only that, but if I had known that they would change their minds from free board to charging me without notice...Which sadly....was in the contract I signed (won't be making that mistake again).

So...I feel that I have done the right things, and what's best for the horse (safe property that is close enough that I can take care of her daily should the need arise) yet some how....I keep getting stiffed....

I'm trying to make this place work...But now I'm afraid that the people will just randomly tell me to get off their property for a hairbrained reason with no warning and expect me to have a way and a place to move my horse last minute.

I looked at the new contract and they tried to write in there that they could cancel it at any need at least 30 days so I can find somewhere else....I can't just pull boarding places and transportation out of my rear!!!

I think the thing that is most upsetting, is that while they expect ALL this respect (which I have done nothing but give and give and give) they are not even treating me like the adult I am....And that hurts....I have worked VERY hard to have my horse. To keep her happy, healthy, behaved, loving, and everything else....I have never spared an expense that she's needed...and just because she's a horse...doesn't mean that she's any less than someone else's child....-sighs-

Sorry...I think this tumbled into a bit of a rant...I'm just so....frustrated with all this!!!
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Also...all I am getting is pasture, use of tack room, and a stall ONLY if my horse is sick or injured, and water. However, it is NOT the responsibility for these people to feed and or water the horses what so ever....So I already know that I will be providing grain (something I have ALWAYS done, no matter what barn I was at) and make sure their trough is filled....All these people have to do is let me on their property, which is kind of the point of boarding anyway...They don't have to clean stalls, water, feed, groom, pet, or do ANYTHING, and I went there understanding all of this....So, while it's one thing to go to a facility and pay, the facility doesn't charge you extra for use of a saddle rack (I have my own btw) or storing feed that you provide. They don't charge you extra to use their wash rack, cross ties, isles of a barn, ect. I've never even heard of one charging extra for use of a stall due to illness or injury unless it was a full or 'most' of a month. Which then it's understandable that the horse owner be charged with stall board...but I'm not getting ANY of that...I provide everything and do all the work, which I'm fine with....And I respect that it's their property....but it is NOT RIGHT that they think they can screw me over just because my horse is on their property....Back yard boarders or otherwise....
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