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    08-21-2010, 02:53 PM
I know the feeling.....i've ridden for over 30 years....only delt with 3 stables my whole life un till I got my own.....the longest I stayed with a barn was 12 years, you tend to learn how you want your own barn run by the way you see others run theres, i'm a laid back person but when it comes to rules they should be followed.

As I stated before when it comes to kids on my property and they are a boarders it's up to them to watch them not me....last month I went to see a friends horse , to my horror her daughter (2) was not being watched step behind the horse and got kicked. My children are 16, 4 and 2, my little guys are not allowed any where near the horses.

As for the smoking.....i'm tired of picking up buts every where so yes it's ok to lock your self in your car and smoke..just not on my property.... yeah I smoked for years but don't now.

It all comes down to a matter of respecting each other, my first boarder I got rid of because I was out there catching her horse every day in our neighbours corn field.....turns out where ever she boarded the horse would get 2nd boarder was a night mare from day one....could never come up with the board, told him 3 times he's horse needed to be seen by a vet so he refused....talked to his brother and ended up giving his horse away.....
So yes I guess next time I will add a few more things in my contract.....but in the last month I have turned down 3 new boarders because I didn't like there vibe.......i guess it all comes down to respect of each other
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    08-26-2010, 01:09 AM
One thing that I think you're lacking with the family is communication. How are they to know what you are feeling if you don't talk to them? Set up a date to go down for coffee, meet them somewhere and be PREPARED to discuss your needs.

You can't complain about them starting to charge you money if it was in the contract all along. Then it is your fault for not reading the contract the first time. If you feel that the situation is unfair, then let's revisit the communication idea and try to sort some of it out. I know that sometimes situations can get sticky with the BO. For example, we split feeding and cleaning with our BO, and sometimes she goes out of town and expects us to be able to feed. She seems to forget that we need to know a week or so in advance because she only has to step outside her house and BAM! Barn. We have to dedicate at least 30 minutes for the drive there and back (we live 10-15 minutes away). She is pretty good about alerting us, but there are times when we have miscommunications.

If you are uncomfortable with the rule saying that they can kick you out in a day, then TALK TO THEM. Unless you do something that is a breech of contract, then they can't kick you out in 1 day. Yet again, most of the time people are kicked out because of a breech of contract. If they decide that they no longer want to provide board, then you require 30 days. I would also consider looking at other places- even if you don't plan on moving. My mom and I always look at other boarding opportunites in case for some reason we need to leave.

Once again, I am going to stress communication, because without it, nobody knows if something is wrong. For all you know, they think that their rules are totally acceptable, and that they aren't asking that much. Considering they aren't in the horse world, they don't know the norm. So TALK TO THEM!
    08-26-2010, 05:39 AM
The thing that I HAVE talked to them, and they feel that it's perffectly acceptable to kick me out for any reasons. I asked what reasons I should be careful about, and they stated that anything in the barn rules that I break. The rules, while some are understandable, don't exactly make it 'comfortable' to be there...For one, if I don't want their kids to 'bother' me, I have to come while they are in school...but if/when I get a job and it's during the day...I should just be ok that their kids are going to bug me when I ride in the evenings or weekends? There's also super strict rules like NEVER leaving the hose unwound...while it's not a big thing to wind it back up, if I'm in a hurry one day and do a hasty job of it, or leave it out...that 'could' be breach of contract and BAM I 'could' be thrown out within a day...While I know I usually put the hose up...I am human, and might leave it out...I don't want to stress over that...There's also strict rules about where I can work a horse or give previously mentioned. I don't want those kind of stipulations. And I said this to them but they think that since it's their property, that what they say goes...which is fine...but that doesn't make me want to board there...

On the topic of signing the contract stating I was expected to pay money...I didn't sign that...I signed it stating I would give lessons in exchange for board...So money was never really part of my deal, and while they don't want much...I'm afraid their rules and attitudes that my wishes don't matter, is far more of a turn off than paying extra for board.

Honestly, out of everything, the ONLY thing I'm pretty strong on changing, is simply to give me at LEAST a 15 day's notice if something should arise where I need to move my horse...If they would just give me a guarantee on that, I'd stay, no more questions asked, but they don't want to be locked in to a time limit. They don't care if I have somewhere to put my horse or not...and winter is coming up. There will be almost NO place open to taking on another horse around here...I'm covering my horse as much as I'm covering myself...
    08-26-2010, 11:58 PM
If the property owners are being as uncompromising and inflexible as you say they are, you need to find a new place to board your horse. Hopefully when you go to the next place, this experience will make you more aware of the questions to ask and the details in the contract to look for.
    08-27-2010, 12:06 AM
Yeah, kind of how I see it Koolio. I'm trying my best to find another place but honestly...for being in the middle of 'horse country' there's very few places that are close...

I'm also dealing with a personal dental issue so I'm just taking deep breaths and taking it one day at a time....If I chose to move her, I have until the 12th of next month. Hopefully I'll find a place by then....otherwise...I think I'm screwed....

It's just really upsetting that I have complied to EVERYTHING that they have asked, even the stuff I didn't agree with, and they won't won't give me the one rather small guarantee I requested...
    08-28-2010, 08:04 PM
It seems these people are just being difficult then! Jeez, they sure are strict. I agree with Koolio. The only thing that seems logical now is moving. If you find a place that you like, stop by 2 or 3 time unannounced. Go over the rules with them. Make sure you totally understand the rules. It may seem frustrating, but there is a "perfect" place out there with your name on it. Good luck!
    08-28-2010, 08:14 PM
Yeah....I'm looking into other places now. There's one that's father, and a little more expensive, but I've already been out there once and liked it, but then lost contact with the owner. I just got a call back from her and she's going to see what she can do about moving me in. If I do go there, apparently she has some work for me to do, which I don't mind lol. She's also a professional and while I was out there spoke to a boarder and the one barn hand she had, and got some pretty good impressions. The owner is an ex-hunter/jumper show/competition type person and gives lessons as well, so I won't be able to do my lessons any more if I move there, but I'm not a professional, so it's not a big thing to me lol. She also has a nice big round pen, HUGE riding area that's set up for jumps (not that I'd use them, but the area it's self is HUGE) and a 30 acre pasture I can ride in if I want. The only thing is, is that she seems a little flakey. I can deal with that though so long as she's an honest and fair person to work with, and possibly for.

If it does all fall through, I have talked to my mom and decided that I'll just leave her where she's at and IF there is an issue down the line, I will just have to take her back to where I moved her from, which isn't a bad place, it was just too far away. I'd rather have her far, than not at all....
    08-28-2010, 08:20 PM
Before you decide to move to the new place down the road, get everything you agree to IN WRITING, especially the extra work you are expected to do. In one short paragraph that you have written about the other barn, I am already starting to envision a similar situation to what you are in. If your first impression is that the barn owner is a professional, but a bit "flakey", this should raise some warning signs. You clearly have some very specific expectations and as you have said, you feel you have been taken advantage of many times before. This time, set yourself up to be successful by addressing every possible issue that comes up and keeping a record that those things were discussed and agreed upon.

Other than that, good luck!
    08-28-2010, 09:17 PM
Thanks Koolio. I was thinking about that all ready actually since the working for board thing has fallen though this last time.

I actually have a friend who is a professional contract lawyer and he said that he would look at any contract I needed him to look at before I sign it.

I didn't think of using him for the last people until it was too late, and when I showed him the contract I signed, he said that unless the law was very flimsy in my state (he's in a different state) that the contract actually didn't have any real backing and would have been deemed 'unreasonable' by the kind of courts he's used to dealing with.

The thing that makes me a little more 'comfortable' with her, is that she's previously employed a boarder there and only needs me because that boarder is a college student and going to school full time. When I talked to the worker, she didn't have anything shady to say and said she enjoyed working there, that it was a pretty 'fair' place to work for board. Granted, she could have been lieing to my face. Even with that though, I'll still be treading lightly and keeping the number to place I had her at before IF anything happens....It's always good to have a back up plan...heh.

After calling around to several places though, I have come to find that most pasture spaces are taken, only leaving stalls....And my girl doesn't do well in stalls...looses weight easily, gets depressed, and grumpy and overly sensitive about EVERYTHING....

I had to keep her in a stall for two weeks while dealing with a fencing issue at another boarding facility and while she wasn't 'unhandleable' she wasn't herself either...I want her happy, as well as safe and healthy.
    09-09-2010, 05:42 AM

Ok, so, I have finally found yet another place to move. Oddly enough, it is another 'back yard boarder'...however, they know what they're doing and they know how to take care of horses. It's a little more expensive but not by much and it is a little farther. I went out and saw it several times and covered ALL the bases I could think of.

It's VERY nice for my needs. Not 'fancy' by any means, but I don't need fancy, I need calm and functional!

So, this place is in all 35 acres. 15 pasture the other a combo of woods, house, and barn with a turn out area (not really a paddock, not really a pasture) There is one horse out there now that belongs to the owner, a rescued TB who is very laid back and sweet, and she will only allow 5 horses total on the property. She's not hung up on rules, other than to let her know when I'm on my way (which I'm totally fine with since I wouldn't want someone randomly driving up my driveway lol). On top of the acreage, there's 15 acres of woods to ride trails on, a stocked pond that is part of the pasture that I can fish in, an 'ok' barn (which she will put the horses up when it snows as part of the pasture board!!!) and they personally have 'bath parties' every other weekend where friends and family come out to give their horse and dogs a bath lol. They also do other general activities that I, and anyone I wish to bring, can join in on!!! My horse will also be fed daily, proved fresh water daily even though there's a pond, and I can use ANYTHING I need!!! Come winter, round bales will be split between all horse owners by the number of horses owned by that owner (so if I have one, and someone else has 2, I pay 1/4th the cost of the bale, the owner pays 1/4th of the bale, and the person with two horses pays for half) I can also put my horse in the turn out area and pay for my own hay if I like free of charge!

I know it sounds like I'm concentrating on money, but who doesn't in this economy? The things that have me going there however, is most deffinitely the SPACE, and the willingness to work out solutions from the owner. The owners are very laid back, and horse knowledgeable, as well as VERY friendly and inviting, things that the place I had her at had NONE of...So, more money, farther away, but like...a hundred better reasons to be there!

Not to mention that if anyone read one of my other posts about first moving to this other place, I kept saying I had a bad feeling that something was going to happen and that it was 'too good to be true'...which is basically what happened...I haven't had ONE negative feeling about this new place...

I move her tomorrow...or lol. Thursday.

If you read this, please send me positive thoughts, wishes, and good luck! I am more than ready to simply settle in and enjoy my horse without feeling as if I'm walking on glass every step of the way.

P.s.....I found out through a third party that the place I'm moving away from is taking in ANOTHER horse this weekend...without asking for vet records or coggins...2 horses on 3 acres is already too much for 'just' pasture board...if I wasn't leaving, it'd be 3 on 3...Talk about good timing...

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