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  • Why is there so much drama in barns?
  • Too much drama at the barn

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    01-11-2011, 05:13 PM
There's always 1 in every barn... For the most part my barn is quiet but there is always 1 that makes life hard.
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    01-12-2011, 02:02 AM
Originally Posted by mls    
Sorry - that is not drama - that is business. It's between the BO and the horse owner - no one else.
In a "normal" situation, I'd very much agree with you. You'd have to understand our experiences to see why I call it drama. Plus - didn't I say "drama to us", as in us, the barn owners? Extenuating circumstances around the situation made it bewildering to our boarders
    01-12-2011, 02:12 AM
Green Broke
This is why I board with my trainer, as the only boarder, there is absolutely no drama. Quiet, peaceful and if I cannot make it out to the barn because of my medical issues, I have zero worries about my horses. I also love that my trainer knows exactly what is going on with my horses since she cares for them.
    01-13-2011, 11:58 AM
Same situation as delfina- no drama. Peace and quiet all the time. Couldn't deal with drama on a daily basis personally. My time at the barn is for me and my horse to enjoy!!
    01-13-2011, 12:09 PM
I like my BO. She takes all complaints seriously and is genuinely concerned if something is amiss at her farm. However, there are top level dressage horses and their high spirited owners that think they own the facilities and you better get out of their way when they are in the building.

Can't wait for spring so we can ride on the trails in
    01-13-2011, 12:17 PM
My horse is at my house so I don't have to worry about that with my horse. But I do take lessons, but I haven't seen much drama at the barn. The worst I saw was when some girl who thought she was so high and mighty, thought a horse that was doing perfect for her wasn't doing good enough, and sold it for a green horse. A lot of people tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn't listen. But whatever, her choice and not mine. All and all I love the barn I take lessons at, the people are great!
    01-13-2011, 12:33 PM
Being the only "student" under my instructor... I don't get any drama. I like it that way, because I hate drama.

I've heard of lots of drama at other barns, most of which is caused by the younger female boarders. And there are a lot of "princesses" in my area. When I was with my old instructor, there were girls that thought they were the queen of sheeba, and everybody must bow down to them and give them whatever they want. It was fun instructing those kids, .
    01-13-2011, 01:17 PM
The first barn I boarded at, we started with about 15 boarders. I was the only teenager although there was one girl in her early twenties. There was so much drama you would never believe! It was mostly between the BO and each of the boarders but what would happen is that they would all get together and gossip about the BO and tell stories and take sides. I stayed out of it completely.

In the end, 90% of them left. There were three women and me but then I left. Unfortunately the three women who stayed were the three who were never at the barn. Although this was awesome for me (come on, who wouldn't be thrilled with an entire 20 stall barn, indoor arena, outdoor arena, turnouts etc. all to themselves?) Most of the time I was the only one there and the BO basically let me have the run of the place because she liked me and knew I didn't get involved in the drama.

Now that I'm off at school I found a new barn to keep my girls. I love this new place and fortunately there is not a whole lot of drama. Aside from the turkeys escaping and wreaking havoc! All the people there are great.

I think it really does depend on how many boarders, how many teenagers, the type of barn, and the BO. SO many variables!
    01-16-2011, 02:08 PM
Well we have no drama and if there is then I just don't pay attention I would rather spend time with my horses and if there more intrested in the barn drama than there horses then stay away from them that is what I do not reason not to go to a nice barn don't worry about barn drama it is just something for people to do because there spoiled and rich and get there precious ponies from there parents paying nothing while we are working our butts off not to get bucked off our huge thoroughbreds because if they want to spend more time chatting about this or that then they are not a real rider or horse lover or a good rider trust me there will always be drama everywhere but if you ignore it then you don't have to worry about this or that
    01-18-2011, 06:21 PM
I used to be at a barn with a TON of drama. I think the bigger the barn the more drama. I am now at a small barn and there is very little to no drama. It's so nice. I went back to visit the other barn and there was so much tension there I forgot how much I hated it! Lol

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