becoming a horse trainer and boarder

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becoming a horse trainer and boarder

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    07-30-2009, 08:43 PM
becoming a horse trainer and boarder

What is need and what has to be done in order to train horses? Also I will like to board horses as well. What do I have to do in order to board horse? What do you expect from a boarder, but the person and the place? Hours? Price? Also I have heard that for many places the price is the same for everyone, does it have to be or not? Like the people that are able to come everyday and care for their horses will have the cheapest price and the ones that arent able to come every single day will be more expensive. Can I do that or not? How big will you expect the place to be, how many acres, how many horses can be there? What would you like the barn to have?

Just tell me what your dream place to board your horse to be at and what it would have?

Thanks. Also im in north dakota, if that helps with anything.
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    07-31-2009, 10:07 AM
First you need to decide on what type of barn you will have...western, english, recreational riding, etc. Your discipline will determine what kind of arena you will need, equipment you will need (cows, barrels, jumps, etc.) Are you going to be a "show barn." If so you need extensive grooming areas, and probably trailer parking. Second you need to look into insurance policies and zoning regulations for your area.

What I expected when I was boarding. CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY. Nothing is worse than showing up at the barn and finding that your horses has been fed early or late and consequently ruined your plans for a ride. I am a very "hands on" owner so other than cleaning my stall and feeding on time...I don't expect anything else. In fact nothing angered me more than the barn owner taking liberties with my horse by deciding to change his schedule, see a farrier or vet without consent, etc.

Everywhere I've been there was pasture board and full-care board. Pasture board was $100-$200 a month and was just that pasture in a group with field shelters. Very hands off. Full care is usually stalled 12 hours, turnout in private paddock for 12 hours. That could cost $300-$500 around here.

My dream barn would NOT allow kids...sorry kids. It would be atleast 50 acres with an indoor and outdoor arena, plenty of trails, a 1 acre grass paddock for my horse to privately use during the day, and a stall attached to a run at night. Clean stalls twice a day. Feed twice a day. Barn owner on site 24/7 for security/safety. Open to me 24/7...I HATE the barns that say "closed on Fridays"...what the heck that horse is my property and I expect access to him at all times...sorry. OH AND A BATHROOM...that is SO IMPORTANT at a boarding barn.

Training is an entirely different barrel of pickles. For me to trust you you would have to have decades of experience in the discipline you were training, a successful show record, and reputable references of your training.
    07-31-2009, 11:52 AM
Green Broke
Kko, you should go to some of your local barns, and ask to have a tour. And I am sure they would be more then happy to answer all your questions as well. I think that would be best for you! Take notes too!
    07-31-2009, 11:56 AM
In order to train horses, you will need to do an internship at a barn and ask to help train horses. You will be stuck with cleaning a lot of stalls at first.

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