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Exclamation Boarding Distress! Am I a bad boarder?

To read the whole story please visit my rant thread

Ok, so, fences are down, fans are off in the open stalls in 112 degree heat, and there are 'bullies' in every other pasture.

I go out this morning to check on my horses since last night I put them up in some stalls due to down wire fence....AGAIN. While I'm out there, I call the owner/manager. No surprise when I don't get a hold of him. So, I call the girl who works for him, get in touch with her, and tell her that I need a solution to put my horses out for the day or until the fence is PROPERLY fixed. She tells me that she'll talk to the BO and call me back as soooon as she can. She can usually get a hold of him really fast because he really only hides from people who give a crap about their horses. Well, two hours pass and I don't hear from her, so I call her again. No answer, the manager answer...Ok....Text the manager that I need to talk to him, wait half an hour, no answer.

Finally I can't wait ANY more and decide to put them in a smaller pasture with 2 other horses on it that my horses already know and are familiar with. Sure they are bullies during feeding time, but, it's not feeding time, so they should be fine until night when I go to check on them again. So, I text him that's what I'd like to do, and wait about 15 minutes for a response,, I put my horses out there, lock everything up, and am on my way home to take care of other things because contrary to belief, I DO have a life outside of babysitting my horses 24/7 because of some idiots stupidity and laziness when it comes to managing horses and property.

I am halfway home when I FINALLY get a call from the manager. I try to explaine what is going on and it somehow gets turned around that I'm breaking his 'rules' (there are NO rules posted, none provided upon signing a contract, and no emails OTHER than to lock the gates before you leave) and that I can't just throw strange horses out with strange horses. Uh...they AREN'T strange horses...they used to be part of a herd until the 'bullies' were seperated due to having some grain agression issues last winter, BUT have been just over the fence the whole time since then and had been seen on several occations touching noses with my horses...they are NOT strangers! He also goes on to to lecture me about pulling my horses out of the pasture because of the danger of wire, but I just leave the other horses in there like I don't care about them (Excuse me, I care about ALL the horses...but he has already gotten onto me before for handling someone else's horse AND the only other horses that could get hurt are HIS!) I try to explain that I was following his advice to not mess with other people's horses and that I DID care about all the horses out there, and I even picked up the wire and put it back on the fence line. His next attack? That all the problems are MY horses' fault! I had my own property before with and without a hot wire. Ive had horse fence, wood fence, and barbed wire and they NEVER even TESTED the fencing! And it was NOT good fencing and I'll be the first one to tell you so. However I was out there weekly making it as safe as I could for the next week and my work paid off because I never had a fence injury. HE can't say as much!

I play it calm though and take the blame, turning around to "Well, if it is my horses then they need to be put in a safer area where they aren't tempted to bring a fence down"

Now he's just talking in circles, blaming me for everything that's gone wrong at his place, what a bad boarder I am, and that he's just about ready to "clean house" and just dump all the drama at his 'business'. I'm sorry....but I wouldn't have to resort to doing things on my own if he'd take care of it, I wouldn't be such a pestering boarder if he'd take care of it or just TALKED to me about it and worked with me on how to fix it. AND, while it might technically be a business, he sure as HELL isn't running it like one. He's running it like it's a back yard favor, like we don't PAY him to be there, and like we have no RIGHT to tell him off for being a an absolutely unsavory person to deal with.

I have looked and looked for a place to board, and while the management isn't great, the property would be AMAZING with just a little fence repair and some musical pastures until all the horses find who they get along with and settle down and are properly managed (ie. pulling out grain bullies during feeding time) The place is also close to home so I can get out there 1-2 times a day if needed (not that I want to be doing that in 112 degree heat!) and, at the moment, it's affordable. I have looked at other places and it's just an uphill battle trying to find a place affordable and close enough that I'm not wasting a quarter tank of gass ONE WAY to get out there.

I am just so very very frustrated and disheartened by all this.

I have even offered him my help FOR FREE to fix his fences and deal with other issues he clearly needs help with, and while he'll say "I'll talk to you about it" he never does and just continues to avoid me like the plague. Am I REALLY that bad of a boarder for wanting a safe environment for my best friend and companion?
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You should get out of that barn ASAP! Sounds like a bad and dangerous place. Find a better barn.
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I'm desperately trying to find one! It's unbelievable how hard it is though being in the middle of 'horse' country!

And, the few people I have talked to, are kind of....I don't know, it feels like the same thing will happen but a different place...if that makes ANY sense at all x_x
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At this point, I think that you need to leave for the safety of your horses. Can you scrape up the money to board for 1 month at a more expensive place? That way, your horses will be safe and you can look for a cheaper place for 1 month, without worrying about your horses killing themselves. IF you do that, make sure that the new BO would know that you are only staying there for a month, and that he/ she is okay with that. Get out of that place ASAP without looking back.
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me thinks u need to get ur horse out of there too D: i know i would get my horse out of a place like that ASAP
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I boarded at a barn like that once...or twice. The fencing was so bad that the boarders finally pitched in for a "safety" party. All we had were zip ties and orange hurricane worked though ;)

Good luck if you need to find a new farm! I'm moving to a new place on Saturday - so I know how you feel if you do need to start looking.

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Maybe you could see if you could go to a more expensive place and work off some of the board? That is what I am doing. I have to move form the farm I'm currently at to a place that is kind of expensive - I got it down to $200 a month per horse by doing chores, farm work and I'm going to help break some babies to harness for the people in the fall( she breeds section B Welsh ponies for combined driving). Just get will find a soloution.

~Lindsay~ Mom of 2, wife to the goldsmith, doula and childbirth educator in training, life-long horse dork
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I would just LOVE to work off some board, if only just to be around the barn life a bit more lol. However, because of the economy, all the places around here would rather let their barns go or try and do all the work themselves and keep ALL the money than hire someone to work off board, OR if someone is open to that, already have 1-2 people working off board and can't afford another anyway.

I found a place that's a good 30 minutes away, but it's on like...40 acres, has a barn with NICE stalls, one 10 acre pasture, one 30 acre pasture, a privat paddock (which is what I'm looking at for my horse so I don't have to hike 30 acres for a 15 minute ride lol) a HUGE riding 'arena' that has jumps set up in it already, though I won't be jumping, I might talk to the woman about moving the jumps off of half of it since she leaves one half over grown to make the riding area look smaller for her more timid riders, as well as what looked like a 60 foot round pen. The only thing she really lacks are run in shelters, but there's lots of nice THICK shade trees, and a proper bathing area (gravel or concrete). Otherwise though, it's REALLY nice, and REALLY affordable, and the woman is very nice (so far anyway) and seems willing to work with me. Such as, I'll do some work for her, and she'll feed my horses for me though winter so long as I supply the hay/grain, and she cuts her own hay and it's GOOD hay, so I'll probably just buy it from her anyway lol.

I'll be down to 1 horse soon as well, so it will be even better, but I don't want to move the horse that will be moved in a week or two allll the way out to his new place, just to move her ALLL the way out to her new home. I'd rather just leave her up in a stall for a few more days and go out twice a day to make sure she's got food and water, and maybe turn her out into the riding area under supper vision to graze, or just graze her in hand.

Ok, for this update I have to tell you about another boarder. He's a very nice man who 'shares' a horse with his dad. His dad bought the horse and loves on him and pays his bills but his son is who rides him on trails and just kind of helps take care of him. Both are older gentlemen and while they have shown genuine care for their horse and are also in the motions of moving. So, the first day that the fence was down I called him and asked if I could borrow his stall because it was the only stall open that had a fan in it. His horse was turned out for the day so he agreed. However his horse is also under some eye treatments and needs to be put up when his medication is in his eyes because it dialates it. Anyway, the owner told me to put my horses in two different stalls (after I got into that tiff with him today) because there are fans that he 'can' turn on in there. So I do. That also frees up the other boarder's stall for his horse so he can put the medication in his eye safely (something he already informed me about that would be starting tomorrow anyway, he needed his stall back and it was HIS stall so I was fine with that) Well, I get a call from him a little later today and he asked if I managed to contact the owner, I tell him yes and all that was said and what happened. Then he informs me that HIS stall is freaking padlocked!!! (along with the second stall I had my other horse in). I can't believe how immature this barn owner is to lock a stall that is being UNUSED, and one that another boarder needs for MEDICAL reasons!!!

Last straw....All I need is my coggins which is in the mail, and for my second horse to go to her new home ASAP and I'm GONE. I almost don't even care if this other place works out 'perfect' or not. It's GOT to be better than the crap I'm already rolling in....-le sigh-
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Ok, so, the family will be picking my second horse up tomorrow morning to move her to their place. Such sweet sorrow...I'll miss her, but I'm VERY happy with her family and will be keeping tabs on her for a good long time lol.

On that note, that means I can now move my forever horse to a new place ASAP and not worry about having to move the sold horse too!!! YAY!!!

Sooo, provided everything works out well tomorrow, I might be moved out by then as well. ^_^
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New Barn!!!

(Copy and Pasted from my original rant thread)
On a side note, I met the owner of the 'mean' gray horse for the first time while I was loading Caddy up in the trailer today. I can't believe this...but the barn owner NEVER CONTACTED him when the horse was being a beast to other horses, breaking fences down, and put up in a stall for TWO WEEKS (the owner was away on business). He was also not called when his horse threw ALL FOUR SHOES!!! The reason that the owner was there today was to get his horse re-shoed as he keeps him on a strict 6-8 week schedule...and is surprised to see that his horse is literally LOCKED in the pasture with a padlock around the wood post and the metal gate!!! That's a new one to me....Also, he told me that he paid EXTRA to make sure his horse was being PULLED OUT of the pasture and fed grain TWICE a day...Let me tell you what...I have been out there at least once a day for 6-7 days a week for the past two months or so, and twice a day in the past 2 weeks and never ONCE saw that horse EVER pulled from the pasture except when he was put up in a stall (which as I said in the first post, he was not taken care of in) not to mention...and this is just me being a nosey boarder, There hasn't been any grain out there in at LEAST two weeks if not longer....I know where he keeps it, and there was no grain in the bins, and NO bags of grain in order to feed the stalled, OR pastured horses!!!

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