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Crazy barn owners and contract questions... a little long, sorry!

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    06-29-2011, 12:50 PM
Their contract states they hold lien on your horse if you become 2 months delinquent. I am not late with any payment. I am actually a very good boarder. Always pay early and always with sufficient funds. They made a lot of claims for their care and did not deliver. I didn't want to call out all the BS and said I was leaving to get turnout for my horse. Which really is a big reason. One of this places's "schtick" is they take temporaries. "Perfect for your horse for sale." I believe that's why they have the partial pro-rata clause. So I would think it applied to me also.

I am going to move asap though regardless. Vet has been out twice as my horse has been "suspiciously" lame for about a month. And the word suspicious came from the vets mouth. Plus his face is so cut up. I just don't know if he's upset and turning in his stall or what. But I need him Happy again.
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    06-29-2011, 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by Wancata    
Most places are like that, but it says I can pay pro-rata. So I did. And now they are saying I can't. Its frustrating.
Typically the pro rated board is for incoming.
    06-29-2011, 04:13 PM
I find everyones point of view interesting, but I think I am going to have to go with my lawyer on this one. They said you can pay pro-rata so I am. But my lawyer didn't have much to offer on horse law, and the concensus here seems to be I can't and probably shouldnt argue the care. So I am just going to move him somewhere I trust and not open that can of worms.
    07-02-2011, 06:14 PM
Green Broke
Just curious, can't you just grab your horse and go? You paid from what I understand. I wouldn't want to get caught up in all this.
    07-04-2011, 06:43 PM
Well, Ilovemyphillip... that is exactly what I have to do.

I can finally give an example to those who are on the side of the coin that I owe the full amount...

I went to see my horse today. I have been treating him for an abscess, thrush and all kinds of bacterial stuff. The vet has been out twice and has given me instructions for care. With out any other conclusive findings (we did xrays and everything), she felt the bacteria in his stall because they don't use the appropriate shavings to absorb the urine, might be a cause. But, the barn owners just told me Today, that I can no longer treat my horses foot, because soaking it leaves water in the isle (sometimes he kicks the bucket over) and the Thrush treatment is staining their cement. Now, I switched what I was using because they said I couldn't use Blue Coat or Thrush Buster. My vet said use Thrush X and scrub it with iodine and soak ect, ect to treat for a possible abscess in one and get rid of thrush in the others. So when I said that I switched my method and have been since doing it in the wash stall, their response was, "No. No more treatments. Zero." that is a quote. A DIRECT QUOTE.

So, what? I just don't get my horse better? I can't soak him or clean his feet? So what should I do Mr. Barn Owner? Let his foot rot off and just buy a new one?

These people are not getting another cent out of me. And in fact, since I am pulling my horse out tomorrow, if I can still cancel that check, I will.
    07-04-2011, 10:34 PM
Green Broke
Wow. That is amazing. I would NOT want my horse there. I am battling some thrush myself and Thank God the barn owner and barn manager are always helpful and want what is best for my horse as well as theirs. But that is why my horses are where they are now. My first barn wasn't near this nice and the manager (barn belongs to the city) was very lax in feeding/turning out/water/stall cleaning....I could go on but you get the picture.

I hope your horse's foot kicks the thrush soon and I think I might just cancel that check too. No treatment for your horse is outrageous and is putting your horse in danger.
    07-05-2011, 11:16 AM
We had a similar problem. We could not give the owner 30 days notice because we feared for our horse's safety, and even life, if the BO were to know we were leaving.

However we did sign the contract stating they needed 30 days notice. However, the contract did not state that they needed physical custody of the horse for those 30 days.

Here is how I handled it:

On the first of the month I gave the BO a written notice of our intent to leave, and I paid for the entire 30 days board. The notice also explained that nowhere in the boarding contract was it stated he needed the physical presence of the horse for those 30 days, just our money. In other words, we rented the stall for that last month, but our horse didn't have to be in it. OR on the property. By paying for the month we werent going to be there, and giving him the note stating our intent to leave, we had fulfilled our obligation. He then asked when we were leaving. I said in about 15 minutes.

So we obeyed the letter of the contract. We paid a months board and gave him a 30 days notice......and took our horse with us....all in the same day.

Pulling your horse without paying for the final 30 days, is, IMO, a very very bad idea. There are all kinds of legal ramifications and you could end up in hot water legally....maybe even lose your horse. You could also severely damage your reputation as a boarder and find yourself without a place to go....I've seen it happen all too often here.

IMO, pay the 30 days, give him a notice of intent to end the contract in 30 days, state that the contract does not state the need for the physical presence of horse for the final 30 days, and get your guy out of there TODAY.
    07-05-2011, 11:47 AM
The other side of that coin is that you should have been being more careful all along. There is no reason for you to leave a wet spot and stains in their aisle way.

It is pretty normal to pay the months board and move your horse some times during that month, so you are basically paying board at two places for part (or all of) the month.
    07-05-2011, 12:57 PM
If th BO is unhappy with the stains/spots of water in the aisle, then can you continue to treat your horse outside the barn/stable? Like in a paddock, or round pen area?

To tell someone they cannot take reasonable care of their horse's medical issue PERIOD seems ..... well, vindictive......and irresponsible and downright ridiculous.

Unfortunately, BOs like this are numerous. Just dealt with two of my own last year.
    07-05-2011, 11:50 PM
That sounds like the worst BO's ever.

My fiance and I are purchasing a ranch, soon, so long as it stays on the market until he gets into the military(it's going to be a couple months because he has to pass a physical and such) and it is GORGEOUS. It's got 115 +/- acres and a NICE stable with 30 16x18 stalls, 4 stalls of stronger material for stallions, and 2 24x16 foaling stalls. It also has am 80x200 indoor arena and 120x300 outdoor arena and it is SO perfect! We have enough saved up for the down payment, but we won't have enough to make the payments on it until he's in the military(he'd be getting roughly $2000/month until he finishes basic training, plus his $40k re-sign-up bonus). As soon as he's in it, though, if it's still available, we're buying it and we're going to offer lessons, training, and boarding. :) I will NEVER be a crummy BO like that.

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