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Do you fence with barbed wire?

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    11-26-2008, 10:15 AM
Super Moderator
I don't use barbed wire because we have tons of different types of fencing products available in this area. I have RAMM fencing actually... BUT, years ago I boarded at a neighbors house, it used to be a cattle ranch so the fence that was up, was rusted barbed wire and my horse at the time was a 3 year old. NEVER HAD AN ISSUE. The trick is, you maintain a fence like that CAREFULLY, you walk it after EVERY rain, every windstorm, every snow... you make sure it's taught and secure.

I'm not saying it's the ideal fence. I would avoid it if I could. I have actually seen more injuries caused by electric fencing, it's come loose and the horses have gotten tangled or the horses have run through it and it's been a thicker than norm wire.

BUT I've seen some pretty bad injuries from wooden fences too, where the horse has kicked through the fence and scraped his leg really badly. I've seen a horse kick a metal gate and slice a tendon...

That being said... I'm not sure what the SAFEST fencing is. My neighbor has horses in barbed wire, he's never had an accident. Will he someday? Maybe...

Just try your best to keep your fence safe. If you have the option to go electric over barbed wire, do it. If you can do wood over electric... go for it, if you can go w/ a rubber fence over a wood fence... hey, more power to ya!

Just try to keep your horses safe. If you do that, and they still get hurt, well... it happens... just know you tried your best to keep them safe....
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    11-26-2008, 11:20 AM
We do use some barbed sire for older mares. I've never had a injury happen at home with the fencing.

I have seen barbed wire injuries, straight wire injuries, chain link injuries (ripped a hoof right off), cable, and pipe.
    11-26-2008, 06:40 PM
I have read about horses being fatally injured with wood fencing. I have read about electrical fence wire that was live being broken and starting a fire.
    11-26-2008, 09:50 PM
My farm has a lot of barbed wire on it. I have been taking it down before putting up the horse fence. I have more cuts and scratches than I can count. I would hate to see a horse entangled in it.

I am trying rope fence in one area and tape fence in another. So far the horses respect it.

    11-26-2008, 09:56 PM
We have a little bit where they kept breaking through the electric stuff. We don't have any problem with it. Never had an injury. I wouldn't want to use it solely though.
    11-27-2008, 08:29 PM
ABSOLUTELY NOT. Barbed wire is extremely dangerous and sometimes deadly if your horse really gets himself caught in it.

It is probably the most dangerous fence for keeping horses. It's the cheapest, but it makes for some very ragged wounds. Most veterinarians advise against barbed wire, as do I, having sutured up many barbed wire cuts in the past. These lacerations can result in loss of soundness, chronic infections, fractures and much aftercare.

Please replace your barbwire fencing. It's not going to do you or your horse any good in the long run.
    11-27-2008, 08:34 PM
Barbed wire is dangerous, but any kind of fence could be dangerous.
    11-28-2008, 11:23 PM
It isn't hard to find reasons not to use barbed wire (even though the old timers did it for years). My uncle just let the horses out to pasture with the cattle. But try to choose the perfect fencing material. Now there is a challenge. I researched it for a long time and talked to a few of the big name fence suppliers. I had some of them tell me that high tensile fence was the best way to go. It wasn't until after I had some high tensile installed that I began to read how that too was bad for horses. Even some of the "fencing experts" are not experts.

Currently I have a fence with two strands of electric rope which will become 3 or more strands in the future. I also have a pasture that uses tape fence. I plan on doing my own research and picking one or the other. Who knows, maybe a combination of the two is best. The rope has a higher breaking point, but the tape is more visisble.

Don't go by what the dealers tell you. Some of them just want to make the sale.

Eagle Eye 1
    11-28-2008, 11:36 PM
I would liek to say no but I can't. I don't own my own land, so am just grateful for the paddocks I have.

I have 2 lots of property on free lease. One has great fenceing, straight wire and its taller than the average fenceing you see, at the property was re fenced not long ago.

And the other property is actually kinda bad. Barbed wire on the top of all the fences ( as it only ever had cattle before I got it ) and on some fences the wire that is in squares.... ( hard to explane ) ...a very bad type for horses as there hoof can go through it

Altho I put white electric tape over the tops of all these fences to make them a bit more safer, I can't do anything else about them tho.
    11-29-2008, 12:52 AM
I use it on my farm, yes it does depend on what type of horse you have that you put in the pasture, my 3 year and 4 year will run through hot wire hot or not, my 3 year old cribs on the main pasture that my horses are in from sun up to down is checked twice a week....they tend to break the hot wire a lot (my fencing is 3 barb and a hot wire at the top) I have a $250 solor power fence charger that is useless to my horses.....i have never had a horse cought up in barb yet (knock on wood ) but have had a yearling cought in hot wire which took us hours to untangle her out from night my horses at in a large pen that is made out of cattle pannels and rail road ties...

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