Need a new place 2 board in Minn. want 2 know what u think..

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Need a new place 2 board in Minn. want 2 know what u think..

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        08-05-2008, 03:06 AM
    Need a new place 2 board in Minn. want 2 know what u think..

    So this is my question? I have had my love of my life (Sandman) since Nov. 2006. He has been boarded outside and things have been fine. I am now moving him so he can be closer to me(due to gas and other rising costs and time) He is always low man on the totempole and with the Minnesota weather I am worried about getting him in a place where they have 6-8 other geldings outside 24/7. It seems like people here tend to keep alot of horses together outside with one shelter and seem to think that everyone will get in. I know for a fact at the barn I am at you can only have 3 horses together on bad weather nights (hail, snowstorm, ect. ) and if you have more, someone is pushed outside. What are your thoughts I know alot of people do pasture board and that is all I can afford but every place I check out has alot of horses outside all the time.
    Also I went to a Hunter Jumper barn and they keep fly masks on all day and night? Is that dangerous( hard to see for the horses? ) I have never had one on him but there could come a time and place and I would like to know from anyone who might know.
    Also we get some ice up here what kind of horseshoes do you guys suggest? If any? Pros/ cons.
    Sorry so long but I have been to 10-15 places and am having a hard time.I just want my boy to be happy and stay healthy so we can keep working together.
    Thanks Gen~ My heart is owned by Sandman!
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        08-15-2008, 07:16 PM
    If you are still looking it might be helpful to know where you are at, I am in the Stillwater/Woodbury area and a few of the bars around here but if you are in a different place that is not very useful.
        08-15-2008, 07:22 PM
    As for pasture board I have done it in the past and I think it is fine provided you don't have an old or young horse that is more sensitive to illness, we moved partially because my aging horse is much better off being stalled at night, and I am not sure that its a big deal with the shelters especially if you have a blanket on your horse.

    Fly masks can be left on with no problem, my horse actually seems to like it better he dips his head down in order to help me fasten it on his head.

    Neither of my horses wear any form of shoes as they have pretty good solid hooves that need no correction and I have never really had any problem with slipping I the snow or anything except for when I have made a poor decision and led my horse out on to ice without paying attention.
        08-16-2008, 01:59 AM
    Thanks for the reply, I live by the MOA, in Bloomington. I saw 1 place in Woodbury but they said they were full. Where are you ?
        08-26-2008, 10:15 PM
    Did you try that place in cannon falls that I gave you the number for. I sure she has openings.
        08-26-2008, 11:40 PM
    Yes, actually that is where my mom just signed with the other day. Lol
    It is to far for me though I am still looking near me. I checked out SMS suggestion, and went and looked at the place, it was very very nice but due to the towns I have to slow down in it still took me 45 min. To get to.
    I am going to Triple S in Inver Grove Heights tomorrow, and I just got a reply from another barn in New Prague.
    Wish me luck I need to move my horse by Oct. 1st
    Thanks for your help my mom and I thought Tammy's place was great!! My mom will fit in nicely!!

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