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  • How much would it cost to build a small outdoor arena

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    03-29-2008, 03:55 PM
Own Barn or Board

Depending on where I am living at the time, if I have the land, I would love to build a 1-2 stall barn with a tack room like this:

*This isn't exactly how I would build it, but it's an idea.*


Do you think it is worth it? Rather than boarding and having a huge indoor arena, outdoor arena, trails, ect.? I would be building it myself. It's cheaper that way, and I am quite handy with my fathers help :) It would be cheaper for me to have my own "barn" so I could be right there with my horse and not have to go out and drive to my boarding place. I would have an outdoor arena, paddocks, crossties in the stall and also a cement platform for baths and also another crosstie.


If I was busy or away and needed someone to feed my horse, I wouldn't have to worry about finding someone to do so.

Indoor and outdoor arenas, possible trails.

If I wanted to take lessons, it could be on my horse instead of hauling him/her there.

(you can add onto this)

Would have to drive atleast 10 minutes (not bad though) each time I wanted to see my horse. Now, being only fourteen I do not have a car and would have to get my mom to bring me everytime although I will be older when I am able to get a horse.

Prices of boarding. Either rough or full board, gas prices still add up.

(you can add onto this)

Building a barn:

My horse will be right there

I can go out and ride whenever I want to and don't have to drive there

(you can add onto this)

The whole building process

How much money it would cost, although it would be cheaper then $300-$400/month for full board

Limited amount of space

No indoor arena, unless I save to build one but that would be unlikely depending on the costs

(you can add onto this)

Feel free to add more pros and cons I didn't think of. Personal opinions and experiences would be fantastic!!
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    03-29-2008, 05:17 PM
I'll add a pro to boarding:

You will be a part of a lively community of riders. Keeping your horse at home might get a bit lonely and boring.
    03-29-2008, 06:01 PM
That's a great point :) When I took lessons, it was private and a bit lonely. I am going to be taking up lessons again in the summer, but going to try group lessons
    03-29-2008, 08:08 PM
I currently board, but in the future (when I get older) I'm keeping my horse @ my house! It's cheaper to keep @ home, but I like boarding for now since my stable is very nice & it feels like home!
    03-29-2008, 09:43 PM
Green Broke
What kind of riding do you do? If you do a lot of serious arena work, i'd say board! It is amazing how much work and money goes into an arena to maintain good footing! (unless you want to buy a tractor and drag and water it yourself) There's no way I could afford to buy the amenities my barn has to offer. Also keep in mind how much time it takes to go get shavings, clean stalls, clean water buckets, etc. At your age school is only going to get busier. In high school I barely had time to ride, there's no way I would have been able to do barn chores on top of that.
    03-30-2008, 08:56 AM
I don't do any specific type of riding. Mostly pleasure...
I know that it takes alot of work to take care of your own horse, but I want to experience it MYSELF also. Not have someone else do the dirty work for me :P Also, I am homeschooled, so school will not exactly get in the way, and my horse won't get in the way of my school. I mean, heck, I can go sit with my horse while I do school! Haha! :)
    03-31-2008, 09:00 AM
Bump :P

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