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Whats up with my Boss?

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        03-08-2010, 08:15 PM
    Whats up with my Boss?

    So I around Thanksgiving I got a horse sitting offer from somebody who owns a farm near the racetrack(Penn National) which is like 20 minutes away from my farm and I took it. I got payed 60 bucks to go feed, water, and hay 10 TB's.

    Well a couple weeks after that I got a call from one of the boarders there who boarded three horses there, and she offered me a job. She got a full time job and needed somebody to come take care of the horses. So I took the offer. Well the BO, who by the way is really nice, told me that they used to be married, which is entirely true, and I can tell by the way they act towards each other.

    So anyways, I went the one first day and I hadnt met her yet, and I mucked the three stalls, and the next day she called and asked me if I had gone at all, and I had. So we met at the barn the monday after and I met her. She was nice but was really strict about how she wanted her stalls done. She is the only one in the barn that has shavings for beddind besides an old man who boards his ex Racehorse Lady there, who will soon be my horse, and She told me exactly how she wanted it done and I did it, and she told me that she wanted her biggest TB, Fred, to have 4 big scoops of feed. Well, he is naturally a bit boney because he's gets fed a lot anyways, and he never finish's his food so I talked to the BO and he told me to cut it down to half. So I did and my Boss knows now.

    So anyways, she is supposed to come on the weekends when I have off and muck the stalls, and on Sunday before she leaves, leave me my check for the week. Well for three weekends in a row she didnt go and I didnt get paid until the monday after the Third week. I told her if she didnt come on the weekends or didnt ask me to come do the stalls I was quitting. I just think its a little strange for somebody who is so strict about me doing the stalls right, to not come out and take care of them when I have off and then tell me to have fun with cleaning the biggest stall in the barn, with three full days worth of manure and urine in it, that she was supposed to clean.

    The BO told me that she has a habit of doing this, and there have been times before I got the job that she didnt come out to the barn for a month, which means, none of her horses were ridden or their stalls werent mucked properly. I just get bugged by it.

    And now I am training two of her horses because they have gotten to the point that you can't ride them because they are so jumpy and tense all the time. And She wont let me ride Fred the big one because she is worried that I will get hurt, and the funny thing is, If I can ride her little spaz of a horse who did a rollback sort of thing because he spooked at water moving, then I am sure I can ride Fred. And I talked to the BO about this and he told me she wont ride him because she has gotten thrown off so many times. And when I watched her ride when we went on a trail ride she had her feet sticking out in a weird way the whole time, and she was riding english which explains a lot of her problems. I couldnt help but giggle a little and forced myself to keep my mouth shut the whole trail ride.

    So do you think its a little strange that my boss is so weird about all of this and I seem to take better care of her horses than she does.

    Sorry for the rant, just had to get it out there and ask what you guys think.
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        03-09-2010, 06:49 AM
    So do you think its a little strange that my boss is so weird about all of this and I seem to take better care of her horses than she does.
    I work at a barn that has 20+ horses and that doesn't seem strange at all. Looking at it from her perspective; I wouldn't want to PAY someone to do a half as! Job, you know? And I'm stingy with my money so if I was to pay someone to take care of my horses I wouldn't expect anything less than perfect.
        03-09-2010, 09:11 AM
    I do think it's a little strange that she would neglect the horses like that. I can understand her wanting the job done a specific way because she pays for it however, even if she's too lazy to do it herself.

    I can also understand her not wanting someone else to ride a horse she thinks is dangerous. It is her horse, she would be the one responsible if you did get hurt, even if you don't think you would. Or even if she's just being possessive, it's her horse, she gets to be.

    The late payments would be enough to make me leave. I had a boss that would constantly pay people late, and sometimes not at all. She would try to make people feel bad about asking to be paid too. She would act like they should feel privileged that they got to work at all. I foresee lots of problems with trying to get your paycheck.

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