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Is this worth $500

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        01-07-2008, 12:14 AM
    Well here in California boarding is expensive. You should investigate the prices of other facilities in your area and what they offer to get an idea of what is a fair price. Hay and shavings prices are insane right now here! So our boarding fee went up $15 several months ago just because of hay costs.
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        01-19-2008, 08:41 PM
    We charge 285 a month at our barn and we provide everything you do. The best thing to do is look around and see what other people in your area are charging, because most of it depends on the area. At our barn, we have plenty of hay and paddocks, and we can easily get local bulk loads of sawdust, but other places have to buy expensive hay, get bagged shavings, ect.
        01-19-2008, 09:46 PM
    Hmm board in our area is very expensive. I've heard of people paying up to 1000$ a month per horse (i would never pay that much for one horse though!) for
    12 x 12 stall
    Fed x2/day (feed and hay included)
    Hay, water
    Mucking daily
    Indoor/outdoor arena
    Scheduling vet/farrier (you pay the bill though)
    Will groom and/or use in lessons if your away

    The going rate is 500-600 I think anything above that is ridiculous.. we are in a very horse rich country, so the good barns are expensive..
        01-30-2008, 01:40 PM
    I pay 350 for my horse and my moms horse to be boarded. Each horse gets a feeding in the stall of 3-5 flakes w/ a scoop of grain at night. She'll feed supplements for us and she provides lime for the stalls. We muck and fill our own stalls but she'll scoop the poop out in the morning if there is a lot. She wont put on and take off blankets. Since I'm not out there often enough and I feel bad leaving a blanket on my guy for a long time so I turn him out without one instead. They get about a bale or two of hay outside for 6 horses during turnout, its not much its more of a snack. 12x12 stall with a 60 acre pasture. Turnout is from 7am to 4pm. The farrier comes every 6-8wks and we only pay for the trim. The vet comes every three months I think and we only pay the service for our horse. If there is an emergency and we need to call the vet she splits the house call bill with us. She won't mess with our horses without permission unless the horse is injured and needs immediate medical attention otherwise she'll call us and have us take care of it it or get permission. We get our own tack room, with two saddle racks, a blanket rack, and a halter/bridle rack. She prefers halters on the horses until they learn the routine since my horse always goes in the wrong stall but my horse Houdinied his way out of his halter again only this time it was in the pasture so he's halterless until I buy a new one. There is about two or three outdoor arenas, three round pens as well as a indoor arena. I'm not sure the size but it isn't too large. We get to use whatever we want there are only three rules. 1) You can feed snacks and treats just don't mess up her feeding schedule. 2) Fix and move around whatever you like just don't tear down any walls. 3) Close every door behind you.

    175 each horse. We get $20 off if we help put cedar in her horses stalls which is only about 5 stalls so that means five wheelbarrows since she has those big old SUPERSIZED wheelbarrows. It's about an hour of work. :] If we've already paid board she'll do something else like worm or pay for a vaccine for our horses for us.
        02-20-2008, 08:05 PM
    Way to much for 500 you need a covered ring or a grass jumping field with another ring. Super barn, top quality feed, a qualified coach on site etc...
        02-22-2008, 12:09 AM
    is it worth it??

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum.

    Without knowing your exact location and what other barns charge, we really can't say. Here in Pa, I wouldn't board at a barn that only charged $500. Most decent barns start closer to $700 and go way up from there. My barn charges full training board of almost $2000 per month.

    Where I am from in NC, the average full board goes for $400 and a friends farm in Califorinia starts at $600 and goes up from there.

    I guess what I am saying is, do some research and find out what the other barns are charging in your area. Start with the phone book or the internet and call around asking general questions about what they offer and finally what they charge. If you want, ask questions as if you are a new boarder to the area and play dumb.

    Only local research will tell you if $500 is the right number for your area.

    Hope that helps. Good luck.
        02-29-2008, 07:58 PM
    Where I am $500.00 is the norm, even a little bit on the cheap side for indoor board. You have to look at the area you are in a bit more closely.

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