2 Long weekends of racing!

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2 Long weekends of racing!

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        04-17-2013, 05:56 PM
    2 Long weekends of racing!

    Sorry I have been home since Monday and haven't posted anything lol! Have to admit I was feeling lazy!

    Alright so my 2 weekends went really well, had 6 clean runs, and brought home a little money (not as much as I had been hoping, but better than nothing).

    First was the Sand Cup and that went really well! But I first will start with Thursday afternoon before the race was even in the picture. So we got there Thursday morning and got the boys settled in and such, then we went and farted around town for a bit. I came back to the trailer and took a nice nap, woke up and was just getting ready to put in a movie to watch and find something to eat. And then our friend came knocking on my door and tells me that I have exhibitions and have 10 minutes before they are forfihted! Oh I have never ran so much in my LIFE in a 15 minute time period! I ran to the pavillion and told the lady I completely forgot I had them and I needed to go get my horse saddled...she said I had 10 minutes to do so. So I run some more down to JJs stall which felt like forever down the way. Got him and then ran him back down to the trailer (which is a LONG ways!). Threw my saddle on, left his No-Bows on, jerked his Soft Rides off, put the bit in his mouth (which was hard since he grabbed the side of the headstall and wouldn't let go....lol) and trotted him back up to he pavillion (felt HORRIBLE about trotting him on the pavement...but I wasn't about to lose my spot and chance of doing some tuning that was needed). So I made it in the nick of time and he was like "uh...mom what are we doing in here?". Ya way to much running for me...I never ran that hard in TRACK even lol! So I suffered from serious shin splints the rest of the weekend and walked around with my BOT Quick Wraps around my legs!

    Now lets get to he barrel racing aspect of things lol! I had exhibitions on Scrat Friday morning so I got up early and got those done before the mob of futurity riders got in there. And he did GREAT! So I was up at a decent time Friday eveningon JJ, was dark when I warmed up so JJ was spooking at most of the horses going by him lol. But was pretty well behaved considering his normal self. We ran a 17.5 and had a really nice run. I was super pleased with how he worked!

    Saturday I was up a bit earlier and had another nice run on JJ, ran a 17.4. He was a bit stiff to the right so wasn't sure if he was going to fight me on 1st or work it good. But he worked really good again!

    And Sunday....well lets just say he was REALLY freed up when running lol! He went by 1st......2nd AND 3rd. Which is perfectly OK since I have been wanting him to get freed up going into them before we hit Barrel Daze and it's small tight pattern. Ran a 17.8 so was way out of the money.

    I also ran Scrat on Sunday and he handled it like a pro! He went in and stood, wasn't fidgety or nervous and worked really good. Ran a 19.3 with some oops lol. But on 2nd he sorta fought me coming out which was sorta my fault. Then on 3rd he set up to early and was headed to turn when he realized what he was about to do he picked himself back up and went by a stride which I was laughing at. His expression was like "OH $HIT! I am not supposed to turn yet!". But he got me a check lol!

    Now onto Barrel Daze! I just ran JJ and not Scrat because that pen is way to small for both of us at the moment since I am trying to get my timing down on him and he is just putting everything together...best we stay on big patterns for a bit longer.

    Friday was the Sweepstakes and JJ ran great, ran a 14.2 and was one out of the money.

    Saturday....well lets just say I forgot how to ride my horse and remember to let go of the saddle horn. So at 1st I checked him (one hand/rein) then just sat there, which you don't do if you want to TURN the barrel and not bounce off the fence. Then on 2nd....I had a death grip on the saddle horn, and 3rd barrel lol! I am pretty sure my mind was think WAY to much on that run! Since last year I ate crap on the 2nd barrel....the 2nd run. So we ran a 14.6 lol.

    Sunday he was feeling good and running HARD. He worked his 1st great and launched out of it (whip lashed me which he hasn't done in A LONG time). And was running hard and strong to 2nd....and we were running on the left side of the barrel, and he wasn't moving over AT ALL no matter how much I pulled, lifted, kicked. I swore we were a gonner so I prepared to duck left since we were already on the wrong side of the barrel. Nope at the last second he did a mick jagger move, and some how got on the right side of the barrel. I have NO idea how that horse didn't run over the barrel! I went for a serious ride lol! I was SO not ready to make that hard move to the right....I got a free back adjustment that is for sure lol! Ran a 14.4

    So now for videos! I don't have any pictures at the moment but will be ordering them this week or next week hopefully.


    Scrat exhibition

    JJ Friday

    JJ Saturday

    JJ Sunday

    Scrat Sunday

    Will add more videos in next post!
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        04-17-2013, 06:02 PM

    JJ Friday Night

    JJ Saturday

    JJ Sunday

    And a few pictures from when we were staying at the Race Track during the week before BD.

        04-17-2013, 06:05 PM

    A few pictures from both weekends

        04-17-2013, 08:08 PM
    Those 2 boys are way too childish for their own good. Hehehe. I love them!

    Will watch videos soon!
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        04-17-2013, 08:22 PM
    Looks like a fun time!! Those boys sure are funny
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    JJ reminds me of a border collie before his runs. All that energy waiting to go!
        04-18-2013, 10:49 AM
    Green Broke
    Haha, I love the second picture where he's kicking out and his mane braids are spiked in the air. LOL.


    Make me itchy to get Red running on the pattern.
        04-18-2013, 12:55 PM
    Love the pictures! I kept thinking the one looked like a punk rock lead singer with his braids up in the air! Lol I like how in some pictures they are looking at you saying "what?" looking mischievous. :)
        04-19-2013, 12:45 PM
    I love all the videos and pictures! Awesome, looked like a long weekend!

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