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    10-13-2011, 10:53 PM
LOL I've never been anywhere that requires you to stop or make a circle. But then again, I don't do gymkanas....I rodeo and do NBHA/jackpots.

Good luck with your boy.
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    10-13-2011, 11:00 PM
Originally Posted by 1RedHorse    
I'm saying at any other arena, you wouldn't be able to make circles like that.

Plus, it's a bad habit. I do it on colts in exhibition barrels to help them catch their correct lead and settle them, but that's only at first.

I've NEVER had a hot horse act like that. I have horses that are ready to run, but not horses that act up in the ally. I do ALOT of hauling and exhibitioning on my barrel horses. I walk the alley and lope a circle or two in the arena, before and after their run. I keep it simple, don't over drill.

By doing this I've never had a horse act up. And if they do, it's usually bc they need injections or a chiro adjustment.

Sorry, but if that's the only way you can settle him down, you're asking for bigger problems in the future. The rodeo associations I do won't even let you circle in the arena.
if she is only showing at local shows that allow her to do so, and it what works for jake then I don't see the issue. Just saying.

Anyways, to the OP. I agree with switching it up alot. Don't let your horse think ahead of you. My boys like that. You do things more then once in a row and he assumes your going to do it again lol (so that's going to be one of my main things to consistantly work on when I start running patterns and showing). Also my instructor gets her barrel runners to do circles to calm the horses down and "get there head back". Also once the riders have the horse listening again she makes them stop at the barrels and stand. So that mixed with not always doing the same pattern helps alot. But then again every horse is diffrent. So try what everyone sugested (and anything else you can think of) and see what works best for your horse. You don't always need a stronger bit to "fix" a hot horse. And im very impressed your not automaticly jumping to stronger bits like many people would be. So kudos to you :) hope you find something that works for you and Gidget :)
    10-13-2011, 11:04 PM
Thing is....he's going to associate the arena with doing those circles...stop go...stop go....ok go.

Why not calm him OUTSIDE the arena, and let him walk calmly in and do his job? That's my point.

OP, how much time have you spent hauling Gidget before you started running her?
    10-13-2011, 11:26 PM
Originally Posted by 1RedHorse    
LOL I've never been anywhere that requires you to stop or make a circle. But then again, I don't do gymkanas....I rodeo and do NBHA/jackpots.

Good luck with your boy.
I just want you to say thank you for being so level headed. Lol. =D I think the set up is odd. They have very odd strict rules where I run. So they do not like you working your horse at or around the gate. (They have tons of people standing around, kids going through the area.....its frustrating. I was stuck with what I did. Maybe Jake's a freak but under the circumstance it works, and its one I'm keeping in my training book.

This will be my last comment because this thread is for Gidget (person and horse) I hope you figure out what works well for her. =)
    10-13-2011, 11:51 PM
Green Broke
What do you mean how long have I hauled Gidget before running her?

I do not have a current video other than the one I'm playing around with and she was calm.

Tonight we hauled her over to the arena and practiced. She actually did a lot better. I was able to walk,trot,and canter in the arena and not freaking out because she thinks she needs to run the barrels. I also trotted her around them,walked around then,and ran them...She listened. She did get hot a few times but nothing serious. I just turned her around,did some circles and it calmed her down.
Everyone I know walks into the arena and then takes off orr they trot in and do a big circle to get on the right lead and then go. It's like that at a lot of local places and these horses also do shows and not just gaming so they are completely functional in the arena.
I was given some tips today.I met a friend who takes barrel lessons and she helped me.

I'm doing it for fun...not really doing it to win..if I do then that is AWESOME! But I know I won't..not yet...I will shock myself if we get a good time.

I am only feeding her alfalfa pellets and she is on pasture. I gave her less today since I only need it to add supplements to it. Rice bran isn't the best for them in the long run and again I have to keep it pretty simple.
    10-13-2011, 11:57 PM
I mean, how long to you spend putting a solid foundation on her, then hauling her to practice:walk trot lope....before you started running her?

What supplements is she on?

Alfalfa and rice bran DO NOT take the place if a fortified feed. Horses need the nutrients.

Why is rice bran bad exactly? LOL
    10-14-2011, 12:17 AM
Green Broke
I did not train my horse. She came to me as an ex gaming horse. She came from California. Not sure on the location. I have played with it some and cantered around them but now that I decided we will start competing(just for fun) I have been working on trotting her through the barrels and loping. She wants to run though when she is in the pasture. I do not have an arena.

She is on the vitamin/mineral dust with selenium. It's free choice.
I do realize that alfalfa and rice bran do not take place of fortified feed.
And just so you know I have gone to veterinary assisting school and am close to vets so please no lecturing me on how I feed my horses as they are well taken care of.

With many rice brans can become potential problem as they contain more phosphorus than calcium.This may create an imblance in rations that use grass as their primary forage source.

And these are advantages of rice bran :)
Its main advantage is its content of fat. Which is a whopping 20%.
It is highly palatable and digestible for horses.
With rice bran feed, horses get an additional supplement of fiber. The advantage of which is that it prevents the horse from having any digestive problems.
It also contains Gamma Orynzol which helps to build and repair muscles and also increase lean muscle mass of the horses.
The body condition of the horses has improved after taking the supplements of rice bran.
It contains vitamin B and several other minerals like thiamin, niacin etc (mentioned above) which take part in several chemical reactions and help to generate energy for the body.
It eliminates the problems of digestion caused by mere grain feeding which contains high levels of carbohydrates.
It provides for fat without having to add it as an extra ingredient.
The rice bran increase the energy density in the body.
It works as a potential ingredient in the therapeutic diets which are given to horses who have the danger of tying up.
    10-14-2011, 12:34 AM
What exactly are you doing to correct the problems you're having?

You train or untrain a horse every time you ride. Food for thought.

Glad you realize that . Be careful of Selenium over doses. If she's an easy keeper why not put her on a ration balancer? All the nutrients without the calories.

If you're so well versed on equine nutrition why did you copy and paste from this site? Rice Bran for Horses

There's nothing wrong with feeding rice bran for calories along with a good vitamin mineral supplement. There are more cost effective "additives" though.
I use it along with beetpulp and Ultium for my ulcer prone horse. Rice bran coats the stomach with fat...beetpulp is high in calcium(acid buffer) and helps aid in hindgut digestion.

I wasn't trying to lecture you, but please, don't assume I'm ignorant on equine nutrition. You posted a thread for help, so I'm trying to. This includes the
Horses diet and training regimen. Is she sore?
    10-14-2011, 12:57 AM
Green Broke
I copied and pasted as I did not want to write everything down. You don't have to believe me but I am certified. I never said you were ignorant. And I am aware of selenium over doses. Here in Oregon we have no selenium in the ground as well. But enough on nutrition. That's for another thread. And I'm not meaning to sound like a snoot.
Nope,not sore. I check her for anything and everything. She use to have a bad back but that's when some 350lb man rode her. She is only 14.2 1/2 hands and about 950 lbs. He was WAAAAy too big. I also didn't help as the saddle I had ended up not fitting her. I had a vet come out to evaluate her and all her tack and so I had to rebuy tack all over again. But she doesn't seem in pain at all.

What I have been doing is just turn and do something else. In the pasture I usually just canter in the pasture or trot and have her stop. I don't let her stop untill I tell her too. I also ride english as well so she isn't just a gaming horse..I trail ride a lot too.
    10-14-2011, 12:59 AM
Green Broke
Oh and I gave her the grain free feed by LMF and she coliced on it the vet said. And that's when she almost died. It was bad.

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