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    06-23-2011, 10:50 PM
That Testy Horse

To begin with, I've been told multiple times by previous barrel racers that Cream would make an excellent barrel horse. I've been working with her recent overweight issue so I could have her toned up and ready to show...

Last year the company set up the barrel pattern for our lessons as well as volunteer fun. This was before I was able to ride my girl... Well, the two who could took full advantage; they would try to run her as fast as they could get her to go without her bucking them off (she has some bucks in her if she's not warmed up).

Today, after our round pen walk-trot work, I decided to take her out into the pasture to begin real barrel work... teaching her about the pocket, working on her rate, etc. We walked the barrel pattern first and she was perfectly fine; she didn't care about the other horses roaming the area, trotting around, etc. (She was rather herd-bound by the end of last year.)

The second time around the pattern I went ahead and began to jog between the barrels, walking around the turn, and trotting out. Before we made a full turn around the barrel she shook her head, backed up, and tipped her front end just a little. I simply gave her a kick and continued on my way as if it didn't happen. Instead of letting her stand when we finished the pattern I had her walk over some logs.

One thing we still need to work more on is her bending.

What do you guys do when you get that pesky horse who has developed a small rearing problem around the barrels? Is there a hole in my training with her, or is she just trying to cheat me out of her job?

Cream does multiple "medium" rears when she thinks she can get out of work... she rarely gets away with it from me unless I have no other choice, such as riding with one other person who's inexperienced to handle their own horse while I handle mine. There was once where I led a trail ride on her with an 8-year-old beginner rider; she spooked, whorled, and started to rear if I touched the rein to turn her in any direction. I turned back to the barn when I saw the horror on the customer's face, but have continued to work her in non-leading situations (round pen, trail rides with/without me, etc.). Before I began to work with her she was frequently barn sour and would rarely be taken out on the trail...
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    06-27-2011, 11:58 PM
Keep her bent and keep her moving forward at any hint of a rear.
    07-08-2011, 06:07 AM
Flex! Flex! Flex!

Do some free figure eights and alot of circles not with the barrels but just out int the open do all sizes of each until she gets really soft and easy with that then do the same thing with the barrels in your circles of figure eights go in and do tight circles then go big just do all sizes change it up keep it new and then once you pattern her she will know where and when to put here body were and when so long as you trach right and she knows what you are asking she should do fine

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