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Is there anything wrong with this?

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        03-23-2013, 12:28 AM
    No one said anything about running the pattern period-- the op was asking about trotting the pattern, and maybe a little slow loping-- I don't know about yall but I lope my horse in the gras all the time-- I slide to a stop, and do roll backs too. My horses legs are wrapped properly, and I do warm my horses up before I do anything strenuous at all..period.

    It is pointless for me to argue with know-it-alls, when I have no videos of myself riding, and that makes me a 'nobody here' witch I could careless to be honest-- but that doesnt mean I wont speak out when someone is trying to pump someones head full of crap that you heard your roping, or reining trainers tell you-- that might know what theyre doin-- my question is; how many barrel racing futuritys have they won? Lol.

    This is all about the drama! OP don't let them fill your head with cacameme nonsense!! If your horse can run and play in his pasture ad a dead run, slide to a stop so many times in the same spot it digs holes, do rollbacks alongside the fence row, etc, im sure trotting the pattern isnt going to hurt him-- 100% sure. (I don't mean your horse foes this but many do) my horses play in the pasture running full blast like every day! I've seen our gelding gallop circles around the pasture just to do it. Lol.

    I've had falls in sand, dirt, arena dirt (the good stuff) mud, grass, chopped tire, asphalt, rock, and I had a horse do a burn out in the alleyway of the barn once too, lol. Just to name a few slip incidents.. lol
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        03-23-2013, 06:56 PM
    I have to add my two sense even though I probably shouldn't lol.

    I have read all the post and I do not feel from what I have read that Toto was being rude without cause. Red got snarky too and made some digs as well. They both did. Toto and Red have different opinions on this matter and that's ok. Continuing to repeat and try to make your point once more when its already been made is redundant. From an outsiders point of view both parties have made valid points as to why someone should or shouldn't run, lope, hop whatever on grass, now its up to the OP to take what she wants from this conversation.

    Debates are fine but when two people have different opinions on a topic fighting and making digs isn't going to change the others point of view. Just because someone does have a different view than your own doesn't make them wrong or dumb or inexperienced.

    Sometimes in order to be accepted on this forum it feels like you have to agree with the vast majority or the well known established people here. If you don't agree and speak your opinion you are going to find yourself in a heated situation and then labeled or accused of being a "troll", "trouble maker" etc.

    I think the pros and cons about this topic have been expressed quite well. Now the readers/ information seekers have to make there own conclusion on whats best for them and their horse.

    This has been just my little opinion on what I've read :)
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        03-23-2013, 07:06 PM
    Thank you for that^^

    I was beginning to think I was crazy or somethin, lol.
        03-27-2013, 01:15 PM
    Totally agree FKCB, OP can take what she wants on the issue. While we all agree to disagree so to speak. It's her choice and both sides have been stated. We all have our own opinions, and always will. No need to really debate the sides when one or both can be right. It depends on you, your horse and the situation.
        04-02-2013, 10:29 PM
    I say use what you as safe as possible...and enjoy the ride! You only live once and if that's what you have to utilize....then do so. Some people are blessed with lots....others are blessed with little...If you wait for a perfect spot to may never get to...and I know this from experience. Don't miss out on riding your pony because someone else thinks it is not know what's best for you and your pony...Nobody is paying your vet bill or your doctor bill....Just don't let someone take away your want to ride....because not everybody has a perfect arena or perfect dirt to ride in... :) Of course, my opinion. :)
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