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The accident thread

Ok so attached is a picture of Vic, who owns Dana's Ford Falcon ute. He was driving home, towing a trailer load of hay behind him when the trailer starts weaving so he goes for the brakes.........nothing........they failed. He freaks out and puts his hazrds on as he shoots across an intersection, missing another truck and puts his hazards on and starts flapping his arms (??). In the process of slowing down he takes out six wooden guideposts and the trailer unhitched itself and tipped into a culvert full of water so that was the hay ruined and ends up nose down in the culvert a bit further down the road. He's ok but as for the Ute.......

So I wanted to hear all y'all motoring mayhem stories. Please not the tragic ones but the funny, weird or just plain mad ones. SO POST!!!
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Green Broke
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I was on my way to get my then 9 month old son. I reached down to grab something off the floor, only taking my eyes off the road for a split second. Next thing I knew I was on the shoulder of the road, then in the ditch. All I could was to try and pull myself out of the ditch.

After about 100 yards or so, I was able to pull out of the ditch back on to the road, into on coming traffic. I over corrected and ended up in the ditch again, this time sideways.

The last thing I remember seeing was watching the passenger side of the truck hit the ground. I woke up pinned in the truck, which was upside down. There was glass everywhere, and fluid dripping on me. I had no idea where I had landed, if anyone saw me, or even which part of the truck I was in. Once it finally dawned on me what had happened, I started to scream bloody murder.

Thank the lord that there was someone there who had witnessed the accident and came to my aid. He was able to talk to me, calm me down some and call the police.

The 30 mins I was stuck in that truck was the longest 30 mins of my life. I could hear the sirens in the far off distance; slowly getting closer. I could hear the fire fighters working on the truck; slowly. I do remember a fire fighter crawling partly into the cab with me to hold my neck, he yelled at me every time I moved.

I heard the Mayo One Helicopter fly in...... I got worried.

Finally, to my rescue came the jaws of life, I felt the door come off the truck, and I felt my legs finally go free.

Once they tried to pull me out was when I realized that I actually HAD been hurt. I landed, and was pinned on my left shoulder, I hadn't tried to move until the fire fighters tried to pull me out. It was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt, (yes, including labor). They paused and tried to figure out what to do, but I told them to just do it. Quick like a band-aide, ya know?

Once they pulled me out, the cut my favorite pair of pants mid way up...

.....They signaled the helicopter to take off.... I was relieved.

I ended up staying 1 night in the hospital with an AC separation, a few cuts and some bruises.

Remember when you're looking at these pics that I WAS NOT wearing my seat belt, I WAS NOT paying attention to the road, and I AM very lucky to be alive.





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Oh dear! Im glad your okay Moxie! and as to your friend,why did he wave his arms back and forth? LOL
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Holy cow! You've been very lucky, Moxie! How fast did you drive? I've seen a car which had hitted a streetlight and it seemed bad enough even if the speed was something around 40 kmph when that happened.

I haven't had any accident... yet. But there's some mistakes that I've done with car.

Once when I learned to drive and I had to take right in crossroads I made a mistake with gears. I had to shift 2nd gear on but I don't know why - maybe because that was almost my first time behind the steering wheel and I didn't know the pattern of the gearbox well enough - I shifted 4th gear instead of 2nd gear. After I noticed that I somehow paniced and confused the gas pedal with the brake pedal and pushed the first one instead of the second one. You can believe that I passed the crossroads FAST. Luckily there weren't other cars in the crossroads coevally with me and even if there would have been cars I had a priority.

The second time: Just after I had had my driving licence I was driving my daddy's car into a carage and tried to estimate how far I could drive without hitting the front of the car into the wall of the carage. Well, maybe still 20 centimetres... and bang. I was estimated wrong the distance between the wall and the front of the car and drove straight into the wall. Luckily my speed was very very slow and the only thing that happened was two small stratches in the front bumper. No dings... I still don't recommend you to drive daddy's car into a wall.

The third time: I had a short summerjob in the last summer and I was on my way driving there. It was the second morning after I had started work there and now I got lost. I turned some vague back road and keep driving until I noticed that the road was blocked so that I couldn't drive ahead with a passenger car. The road was turned worse maybe half a kilometre ago and now there were only two crappy tracks for wheels among a forest, no place to turn a car and pretty big uphill few dozen metres behind me. Well, as you can guess there was only one way to get out of that situation; reverse. I managed to reverse under that uphill but then I met some troubles. As I said the road has turned to two tracks among a forest and there were trees, bushes and anything like that very close to these tracks so if I had driven out of them I could have hit some of those trees, bushes etc.. Well, I tried to reverse very slow sliding the car with a coupler. I got my driving licence in the previous spring so I wasn't (or I'm not) very good as to estimating it where edges of the car comes. I reversed, noticed that I'm losing the tracks, drove a little ahead, reversed again, noticed that I'm losing the tracks again, drove little ahead, reversed again etc.. I kept doing that until I noticed that something smelled burnt. The coupler of course! I had burnt the coupler. At this stage I gave up and phoned dad (I had his poor car with me again). He managed to have a ride and reach that backroad. I left the car and started to walk. I arrived at the workplace only an hour late. Luckily the coupler of the car still works and the car suffered only few stracthes again.

Please don't slide your car with a coupler a lot.

"On hyviä vuosia, kauniita muistoja, mutta kuitenkaan, en saata unohtaa,
Että koskaan en ole yksin, varjo seuraa onneain.
Vaikka myrsky hetkeksi tyyntyykin, varjo seuraa onneain.
Ja pian taas uusin hönkäyksin, varjo seuraa onneain.
Hei tuu mun luo, pieneksi hetkeksi. Puhutaan, varjoni, valkoiseksi enkeliksi."

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Well Jan 29th my worst fear came true. I was hauling a horse, something happened to the truck tire, trailer was swaying... on the freeway, two lanes and I was right next to a semi... lost control and ended up spinning in the median and the trailer flipped! I coudln't see anything due to all the dirt (the median there is dirt) and I was just praying we stayed in the median and didn't get back on the freeway! The entire passenger rear wheel on the truck came off! Totaled both the truck and trailer. Thank God my horse and I were ok (she knicked her eyelid and I bruised my shin). My horse in the trailer was a mini, in a big three horse slant with dressing room. Her lead broke at the halter and she was just standing there with the door open like a ramp (since it was on it's side). I keep a spare halter and lead in my truck, so I got her out and had someone (who stopped to see if I was ok) hold her halter while I grabbed the lead in the truck. She was shook up but ok.
I have pictures but I can't access them at work. Was SCARY!
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Well, about three years ago I was picking up a horse - he'd been in my possession for about two hours. My OH was driving, horse in a trailer (rather than a lorry). We were only about another hour from home and just commenting how well he had travelled and how smoothly it had gone.

All of a sudden, the trailer started weaving, OH tried to correct but it just got worse. The trailer went over on its side, tore itself free from the car. The car spun and ended up sideways in the inside lane and the trailer came to a stop (on its side) in the fast lane.

I was out of the car in a flash - without even thinking I ran across three lanes of motorway. I could hear Indi banging and crashing in the trailer, and I had all sorts of horrible scenarios running through my head. I got to the trailer and went in at the top of the ramp. The quick release knot had released (thank god) and he was laying on his side with the wrecked partition on top of him. The corner of the partition was digging into his side. I was worried that if he struggled too much he would seriously hurt himself. I called to him, trying to calm him - I was scared to go in because he was still thrashing about, but when he heard me he carefully wiggled himself free, picked his way across the wrecked partition, and came out of the trailer at the top of the ramp, where I was. (Bearing in mind he had no idea who the hell I was - I'd just turned up and shoved him in a trailer!)

Apart from some very minor scratches, he was totally unhurt, and he stood on the side of the motorway for two hours while we waited for rescue.

What had happened was, the guy in the car behind had fallen asleep at the wheel and hit the back of the trailer. The guy behind HIM had seen him drift and could see what was going to happen but didn't have time to warn us, so he had slowed right down, thereby slowing the traffic behind us, and probably saved our lives. If the traffic had been going full speed there would have been a huge pile up with us in the middle. Also, the car came to rest at the edge of the road, a few feet further on and it would have been in a very deep ditch. Even the police said we were phenomenally lucky as usually in those situations the car will flip over.

We were INCREDIBLY lucky but there was no way we could have avoided it - I still tow!

Oh, and the guy was prosecuted.
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I haven't had any major accidents myself -- and all of my accidents happens in something other than a car.
I once rolled my dad's tractor onto it's side, but that was entirely his fault... At the bottom of our hill/driveway, there's this drainage ditch... it's about as deep as an average car, and twice as long. Anyway, dad broke the tractor somehow, and it wouldn't start, so he decided to try towing it up the hill, but he needed someone to steer. I was the only one home, and since I knew how to drive the tractor (when it was running), and I knew how to steer a vehicle while it's being towed, I agreed to help. But my dad forgot to mention that the tractor won't turn while the engine is off, and when I got in and couldn't turn the wheel, he said it was because the tractor wasn't moving, and it would work when we got going. At any rate, my dad starts pulling the tractor along the straight, flat section of road, approaches the 90-degree turn onto our hill, and fails to notice my flailing arms and yelling over his diesel truck... the wheels still won't turn! He whips his truck around the corner and chugs along, the tractor takes a shortcut through that drainage ditch, and suddenly my head hits the side of the tractor's cabin. Moments later, there's my dad cussing and swearing at me, until I got out and reminded him how much he sucks at towing, and then walk up the hill. I wasn't injured other than some cuts and bruises, but I'm absolutely convinced that if that tractor hadn't had a cabin, I would have been much worse off.

And another story my dad always tells me, that makes me ultra cautious of train tracks:
When my dad was a teenager, he had this '69 Chevy Newport. At one point, he came to a set of train tracks (one that doesn't have the arms and bells that warn of oncoming trains), and while crossing it, got hit by a train! He obviously survived, but with a bunch of cuts and bruises and I think he said he got a broken arm. Here's a picture he has of the car:
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I had a pretty bad accident involving a car, only I was a pedestrian. I was walking out to my car after class and to get to it I had to cross a street. There was a crosswalk, but no light. I started crossing once the car in the first lane had stopped and I thought I had made eye contact with the guy who was in the second lane. Well, he didn't and I was hit by a dodge durango that was pulling a trailer going 30 mph. I then flew 22 feet before landing back in the street at a weird angle. The only thing I remember is screaming (which was weird because I never scream), hearing a thud, and then opening my eyes and thinking that my leg was broken.

Luckily there was a cop only two cars behind the guy that hit me so he was able to call it in quick. The ambulance came and I remember them asking me where it hurt. What kind of a question is that honestly? I mean, I was just hit by almost 2000 pounds of force and I weigh 130, it hurt everywhere! lol. So I was transported to the hospital and was in the ER for about 6 hours before I was released with instructions to not walk on my left leg and to take it easy (like I was able to move anyways). I am so thankful that I didn't have any serious injuries when I was hit.

Oh, and I felt really bad for my boyfriend because I was talking to him on the phone and it didn't hang up so he heard the whole thing. He drove down and got there right when I was being strapped up on the board to go in the ambulance and he started freaking out.
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That is the most bizzare looking thing ever.
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Woooooww. Some of you (and your horses) are sooooo dam lucky to be alive.

The Orbs: The Dark Assassin. Read and comment or I eat your nose....just kidding.....sorta....not really......
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