I need to know all there is to know about Belgians

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I need to know all there is to know about Belgians

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    11-09-2009, 07:42 AM
I need to know all there is to know about Belgians

I'm 99.99999% sure I'm going to be getting an 8 yo Belgian mare very soon. She's very underweight but apparently rides and drives.

I feed Nutrena Safe Choice to my OTTB, will that be appropriate for a draft? Plus of course good quality hay. What about worming? Supplements?

I see a lot of strange looking "draft" bits. Can I use a normal eggbutt snaffle appropriately sized of course?

I know these sound like daft questions but this is an impulse buy and I need to make sure I'm prepared.
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    11-09-2009, 09:28 AM
I ride with a regular O-ring snaffle (larger of course) and drive with the same bit. My 5 yr old that is in training has a full cheek saffle, just for training purposes. Most tack is going to be more expensive and you'll probably have to purchase it online. No matter what you feed, NO SWEET FEED!! My first Belgian was underweight I added ultra bloom to his feed, it helped alot.
    11-09-2009, 10:07 AM
Oh I hate sweet feed so no worries there. I just ordered Cool Calories from SmartPak for my OTTB, it's a weight gain supplement, I think if everything goes to plan I'll get some more for this girl too.

I was checking out tack last night on ebay and about died looking at the prices. I know I'm doing the right thing though so I'll find a way to make it work.

Ugh, not looking forward to buying more stall mats though. Yipes.
    11-09-2009, 10:11 AM
If you would like, PM me with your address. I have a copy of Draft Horses: An Owner's Manual. Http://www.amazon.com/Draft-Horses-Owners-Beth-Valentine/dp/1893707121 Noah went to his new home this weekend and I doubt I'll be getting another draft this time. I'd be happy to send it to you!
    11-09-2009, 12:01 PM
I have a aussie draft saddle for sale, headstalls and bits, if interested. I got it for Bob and didn't get to use it but 3-4 times before I retired him. PM if your interested.
Careful getting tack on ebay, get the measurements of what your looking at. I have gotten some good stuff off of ebay and I've gotten some good stuff that was for a draft that wouldn't fit my guys.
Good luck, if your like me you'll never go back to a lite breed, my sisters paints all look like ponies (with toothpick legs) to me now. We'll be talking about something she's having a issue with and I just look at her and say "You should be able to just pick them up and throw them to the ground." She doesn't think it's as funny as I do.
    11-09-2009, 12:17 PM
LMAO!! Well I have my darling CoCo, she's my future eventer but she's a tiny 17hh. Growing up I always wanted a Belgian or a Clydesdale but they were heinously expensive and for the riding I do not really appropriate.

But the stables I'm at don't allow ponies, and from what I gather drafts are very good husband horses. So once she's rehabbed and got weight on her I plan to teach my kids on her and she'll be stout enough to carry my gorilla husband.

PMs inbound.
    11-09-2009, 12:56 PM
Sounds to me like your common sense is leading the way and doing a **** good job of it. My 2 get driven in loose ring snaffles and when I ride John, I use a full cheek (as he is still green and that's all the tack store had in 6"). I think I remember from your other post that you have large round bales of grass/alfalfa mix in the paddocks? Is it where they have free access to it? That is the same thing that I feed all of mine and they do well on it. I would imagine that the senior feed would work fine and just remember, no sugars. As for a saddle that will just be used for pleasure riding, I think that Wintec would probably be your best bet instead of trying to sort through the crappy leather ones out there (and there are a lot).

Oh hold on, are you looking for an english or western saddle? Silly me, I always just jump the the western assumption.
    11-09-2009, 12:58 PM
Have fun with her. I'm so glad that you are going to get her and put her in a better situation. :) Good luck.
    11-09-2009, 01:58 PM
I was in the same boat you are 3 weeks ago. I am still learning the draft way of things and learning about her. After getting my current belgian I WILL NEVER GO back to the little guys.

If you can get that book from luvmyperch DO IT! I bought one from amazon and it has been a great book to reference to.

I currently feed my girl half scoop purina strategy in 1 cup oil with some coastal or sometimes she gets a SMALL handfull of alfalfa or alfalfa pellets. Rest of her diet is on the pasture. As I work her more I will increase her feed.

It is always wise to worm a new(to you) horse. I got mine and after bathing her I found a lot of bot eggs as well as she was skinny on the pelvis. I have given her bot treatment, and will actually begin power dosing her tonight. Worming a draft you buy 2 yes TWO boxes of power dose. 1 box = 74.99 here.

Expect farrier cost to largly increase! Mine did. Also make sure she will not just give her feet but will let you hold them for a long period of time and or mess with them. When they so much as twitch their leg it will send the farrier flying about 4 feet (happened 2 weeks ago) and yes the farrier was TICKED off. I now have to have the vet come out and knock her out to get trimmed as well as spending over an hour a day messing with her feet so she wont do that again. Mine didnt do it out of agression she just wanted to move/shift her weight. Some farriers have shoeing stocks, cost more to get done but if tyou can find one with stocks DO IT!

Im still learning myself...
    11-09-2009, 02:01 PM
Awesome! Thank you everyone! I'm beginning to get very excited and kinda nervous about this. My biggest concern is her being so underweight but that's something I can't do much about til she gets here.

I'm waiting to find out right now if the guy has accepted my offer. I appreciate everyone's support!!

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