I need some direction!

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I need some direction!

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    03-23-2009, 11:03 PM
Exclamation I need some direction!

Hey y'all,

I need some advice, I'm new to this forum, but not with horses, been around horses all my life, but not much interaction with draft horses.

I would love to learn a bit more about draft horses and want to know what I should look for when it comes to looking for that work horse. I'm really interested in Clydesdale's, I love them, but also interested in Belgium, and Percheron draft horses.

I want a horse that someday I would be able to take back in the woods and haul a log or two at a time, with sure footing, and something that I can just throw a rope around the halter and ride.

I love horses so much and I am training my two riding horses, one for just general horsemanship getting the basics down, and the other for barrel racing. I don't want a horse that I'm going to fight with all the time either, I try to stay within natural techniques, and techniques that let the horse choose what they want to do, but in the direction that I want them in.

I hope you all understand what I mean, let me know what I should look for. There was a 9, almost 10 year old Belgium mare that doesn't have a whole lot of work on her, but was old enough to be knowledge d. The owner has to get rid of her because he got back problems and can do nothing but feed her now and turn her out to pasture. Let me know what I should look out for because I know that drafts are not the same as riding horses.

Thank you very much, any help is greatly appreciated.
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    03-24-2009, 09:49 AM
Well I have a almost 6 year old belgian and an almosy 2 year old clyde, all I can tell you about the clyde is I've heard its really hard to take care of their hooves. I guess moisture stays in the feathers, but so far I havnt had that problem, now the belgian, he is a big lover, very eager to please but he does still have a good attitude. He knows he is huge and sometimes will use it to his advantage. Personally I would recomment belgians to anyone who knows even a little about horses, but depending on you knoweledge and training I would say find a draft that is over4 or 5 and has had some training. A girl I know bought a 9 year old plow belgian and turned her into a ridding horse and did really good, but now when someone goes to get on her she gets really tense. My boy has been worked by amish for over three years and now that im turning him into a ridding horse he could care less we are getting on him. So I guess what im trying to say is if you know how to work with a horse then its size is just a small factor, as long as you can establish the respect and trust early you shouldnt have a problem with any draft breed. I hope I at least touched your questions a bit if not sorry lol =) good luck and please keep us all posted and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.
    03-24-2009, 10:42 AM
Well I have a percheron draft. He's a big boy! When I mean big I mean 18 hands big. Don't buy a horse that is to big for you or your not comfterable with. All drafts have those huge feet. Some farriers wont shod or shoe a draft. So find a farrier that will. If you will be boarding the horse make sure there is enough room in the stall for the horse. It has to be big enough for them to move around and be comfterable. All halters, bridles, saddles, bits, and girths have to be bigger. Clydesdales have a lot of fetlock hair, which means more work in keeping them clean or else you will get moisture and fungus. Belgians, Percherons and other drafts don't have as much fetlock hair but still enough for moisture to get in. Please, please, please make sure the horse you buy has ground manners. There is nothing worse then a horse over 1700 lbs who doesnt have any ground manners. They can hurt you really badly without them. Don't believe the gentle giant stuff either. A draft horse is made a gentle giant. They don't just come like that.
    03-24-2009, 07:13 PM
Hello english_rider144 and belgianlover, I really appreciate all your help and direction. I never will board, I'm going to be building a barn within the next year or two. Which is exciting, I'm thinking about getting a canadian, or something nice and stocky like that, that can haul. I really needed this direction though, and I appreciate everone's help. Thank you so much Y'all take care.
    03-24-2009, 07:31 PM
Ooh there are a few people on here with canadian horses. CacheDawnTexes is one. You can ask her.
    03-26-2009, 11:27 PM
Temperament-wise, you really can't go wrong with a draft. They're famous for their docile and gentle nature. I've had experience with Percherons, Belgians, Clydes, and American Creams, and they're all wonderful. The most chilled out, quiet, willing horses out there. Can you imagine if drafts had the temperament of Arabs or Thoroughbreds? They'd be extinct by now. Lol

It really depends on your personal preference. Percherons, Clydes, and basically any other popular draft make great driving and riding horses. My personal favs are American Creams because 1) My Normy is one and 2) They're medium-sized and not as stocky as Belgians and Percherons. Plus they're a gorgeous color. :)
    03-27-2009, 09:04 AM
Just remember height hun! Here I'll show you a pic of my boy.
Sorry its huge but it works
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    06-30-2009, 09:28 AM
I'm a sucker for Belgains, of course I have 2.
The Belgains don't have all the feathers to have to clean and take care of.
I love the look of the Clydes but the time spend taking care of the feathers I could be riding.
I love the Perch. But being in Florida I don't want a black horse, the sun would bleach him and black is so dang hot. Now I could go for a grey or white.
The Vanners are beautiful but again all the hair it makes them beautiful but with 24/7 turn out it would be a nightmare. You wouldn't be able to enjoy them for having to groom them.


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