Owning a draft.

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Owning a draft.

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    08-02-2009, 12:37 PM
Owning a draft.

Okay so should I ever get another horse and was not able to get Samson back, I really have my heart set on a draft or draft cross. I'm wondering what you all pay for your drafts yearly?
I'm taking out boarding because I've arleady got a place that will allow me to board for free or nearly free. I'm wanting to get one that's NOT shod since I hate dealing with shoes so I'm taking that out of the equation as well.
Yearly, what do you pay for feed, hay, and other daily necessities.

Do drafts require suppliments, if so what kinds?
What types of feed is best to use with a draft?

Compaired to regular tack, how much more expensive is draft tack going to cost?
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    08-02-2009, 07:14 PM
Drafts really don't need more food than a regular horse. Well, usually. Most of them are really easy keepers. You want to watch their weight closely because they can founder or have other serious problems if they're overweight. My draft gets two flakes of hay along with pasture every day, and that's all he needs (he's actually overweight at the moment. We're working on that). I give him a little grain in the winter, but otherwise he eats less than my Thoroughbred.

Tack isn't that much different, either, except bridles. You usually have to order them online, and they're a pretty average price. I found a nice English one online for $80. Saddles don't have to be huge as long as they're broad enough. I use the same English saddle for my TB as I do my draft, since Norman's back is oddly narrow for his size. You just need a longer girth/cinch. I also use polo wraps on Normy because boots don't fit him. Norman's always been barefoot, too, and it's $50 for a trimming.

Drafts don't require special supplements any more than a normal horse. It depends on the individual. And I feed my guy plain oats when he does get grain, along with a cup of roasted soybeans which is good for their coats.
    08-02-2009, 10:55 PM
I have to say it depends on the breed. We had a belgian for a while, and he ate what 2 quarters did to keep his condition up. So, nearly a bale a day. However, some of the smaller drafts may be easier on the hay bill.
    08-03-2009, 11:18 AM
I have 2 Belgains, one 16.2 hd and one 18.2 hd. The two of them eat a roll of day in 2 weeks that is during the winter months when the grass is gone. I spend about 100.00 a month on feed and beet pulp. I have a great farrier that doesn't charge me anymore than he does the light horses. But most farriers charge double at best. My smaller guy with fit into any horse trailer, but my big guy doesn't he has to have at least a 7 ft.

Even if they cost more, I wouldn't take a dozen light horses for one of my big guys.
    08-03-2009, 11:19 AM
They are super sweet.
    08-03-2009, 04:07 PM
My draft horse doesn't cost anymore to keep than any other horse, maybe even less. He wears a regular tree saddle/ oversized blanket etc. The only thing that costs a little more is getting his halters adjusted/custom made because his nose is so much narrower than the top of his head. Remi doesn't get any hay during spring/summer,though he may get some in fall and definitely winter and no grain, ever. Total easy keeper :3
    08-11-2009, 09:21 PM
My draft cross is almost 18 hands and is a pretty easy keeper but likes to have a lot of grass hay to munch on, probably goes through about 5 flakes a day, gets the same amount of pellets as my regular sized paint, twice the vitamins 'cause he's twice the weight of an average horse.

My farrier charges me the same to do his feet as my others. Tried going barefoot, didn't work as our ground is too dry and rocky here in Southern Cal.

I did have to search for a bridle that fit as he is a cross, needed a combination of a warmblood and draft bridle because is nose, browband and throatlatch are draft-sized but the rest fits a warmblood. I'm having saddle issues right now, he must have grown or something because I got an extra wide tree English saddle and he's suddenly getting white hairs again...... I use a draft-sized rope halter, adjustable and gives me a little extra leverage when he decides to use his size to his advantage!!

Just had my standard trailer modified, needed more length in my slant-load but height is OK. Also got a new floor with extra support under there for his weight.

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