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Where are my draft people...I have questions!

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        08-12-2010, 11:46 PM
    Congrats on the progress! Sometimes horse's legs don't always look proportionate. Maybe she just got the shorter legs? I agree though it may look better once she slims down some. I'm not sure I completely understand about what you mean about the trotting thing...i'm not familiar with the term jog (i'm only around the draft arena and there are three terms : walk, trot, canter lol) What has she been trained in if you don't mind me asking? But I will agree she is a very pretty girl!
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        08-13-2010, 03:25 AM
    Hey corinowalk - do you ride english or western? I realized I pretty much only sent you links to english tack, woops!
        08-13-2010, 12:37 PM
    Lol that's okay! I prefer western but will ride english too. As far as tack...I think we are pretty ready to go. Found a used synthetic western draft saddle for $50 on craigslist. It fits much better than the others that she had been ridden in. Not a perfect fit but as close as she is going to get right now. If it doesnt fit in 150 pounds, Ill start looking again. Its terribly uncomfortable for me but...I guess Ill have to get over it! I could lose a few pounds myself!
    Biting wise, I found a full cheek snaffle laying in the bottom of my tack box. Its a 5 3/4 (who knew they even MADE that size!) And its a perfect fit. I rode her with it today and she did amazing. Its really helping her turning. In just a week, she has made some real progress on her conditioning. She made it 8 laps around the ring trotting today before she refused to go any further. It still only took her 20 minutes to be in a full body sweat.

    With the trotting/jogging...the jog is more like a short strided light trot. Its actually getting better. I really have to push her to extend out but once I did...she balances much better.

    I am going to start a training journal on her in the member journal section. I keep cluttering up the threads talking about her!

    Thanks so much for your input guys! Keep it coming! I need all the help I can get!
        08-13-2010, 12:46 PM
    Green Broke
    Hey link the training journal so I can subscribe :)

    If you can get some good video shots of her, that would be very helpful!

    Claymore had a HORRIBLE trot when I got him - he was broke to cart but not broke to ride, and had a VERY cart horse trot. Starting him out with a lot of extensive extended trotting and slowly pulling him in under himself - work on bringing the center of gravity back and getting them working more off the hind end, don't be in a hurry to slow her down at first - learning correctly is more important. Also a TON of groundwork - I find most drafts and draft crosses are basically unaware they have a body anywhere from their shoulders back. A lot of daily desensitizing, even massage on the legs before working, helps make them a little more aware of where there hind end is. Trot polls can be a huge help here too.

    It took about 6 months, but finally got Claymore's trot to something much more reasonable:

        08-13-2010, 01:18 PM
    She actually wants to collect. I think its easier for her to carry all that weight (plus my not-so-lightness) around if she is atleast halfway collected. She will only do it at a full out extended trot though. Whoever trained her did a good job. She lifts her back all the way up and really drives from underneath. When she isnt being pushed...she trots like a teenage boy walks...drags her feet...mopes around. She is lazy. For sure lazy. Claymore doesnt look too lazy! He's got a nice, peppy trot and even a good walk. Her walk is so slow, you would be better off walking beside her.
        08-13-2010, 08:30 PM
    Awesome to hear about the tack! I'm glad she doesn't need a very strong bit. I'll definitely subscribe to your journal (:
        08-15-2010, 09:57 PM
    Green Broke
    My Percheron was the same way. Deathly afraid of everything and knew how big he was.

    He drug me across the parking lot more than once until I figured out to let go of the leadrope.

    That said, a lot of good solid ground work will be the key to your success. I wouldn't even focus so much on riding right now. Start over, back on the ground.

    Lots of repetition but not for long stretches of time. You need to keep their mind engaged.

    I used to set up a lot of obstacles in the arena. Anything I could find and worked with Solon going around/over them. One by one we worked through them.

    As far as respect, a good working knowledge of how to safely use a stud chain will get that in check. If you don't know how to use a stud chain, find someone to show you. It does wonders when used correctly.

    Drafts trots are not bad. It's a matter of practicing to get smooth gaits.

    But again, I wouldn't focus on riding as much as I would ground work. If you don't have a good solid foundation with a draft horse, they will know they can walk all over you.

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