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Braid for clinic?

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        06-11-2009, 11:57 PM
    EEEEK SO CUTE RICCI!!! WHAT A DOLL! I wanna go and give her smooches on that darling muzzle of hers!

    GREAT braids!!!!!
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        06-12-2009, 01:54 AM
    I myself would braid, just cause I like to for that kind of thing.
        06-12-2009, 03:26 PM
    I would not braid especially if you consider yourself to be "braiding challenged". I would rather have a nice pulled mane than potentially imperfect braids.
        06-12-2009, 04:08 PM
    I wouldn't braid either. It's a clinic, not an event or show. Well groomed is best.
        06-12-2009, 05:46 PM
    I would not braid either, I don't think its really necessary. Definitely don't braid the very first time. It will be frustrating and in the end you might have to end up taking them out. Also if your horse has never had braids (don't know if that is the case) they could rub them all out overnight, etc. Just pull the main and keep it nice and tidy and have a great time.
        06-14-2009, 02:19 PM
    For a clinic I wouldn't braid. Make sure everything is neat, clean and conservative though. If you are going to leave the mane down it should be neatly pulled or trimmed all to one length, your horse shouldn't have feathers on his legs or an untrimmed main/tail unless it's a breed thing. The tail should also be banged at the bottom, and it is preferable to trim away the extra hair at the sides of the dock. The horse should be spotless, the tack should be spotless, the rider should be spotless, the barn should be spotless. This shows respect. Keep these words in mind: neat, clean and conservative.
    If it were a symposium however I would say braid, white breeches, white long sleeve shirt and a black vest. Because it is only a clinic go with a white dressage pad, white polos or boots, black, tan, navy, dark green, etc breeches a white SLEEVED shirt and a vest is optional. Your shirt must have a sleeve, NO TANK TOPS as it is a cardinal sin to wear a shirt without sleeves.
    And have fun!!
        06-14-2009, 03:21 PM
    Great post Anebel and very educational! Thanks for sharing your tips!

    I might be signing up to ride with SRS Bereiter Herbert Seiberl in a clinic July 20th.

    Would a white polo top be acceptable?
        06-14-2009, 04:41 PM
    Well, we did the clinic yesterday. Unfortunately I have NO pictures to show. I am so mad at myself. I put my camera in the car 2 days prior just to make sure I don't forget it. I get all the way up to the barn, turn it on only to find out there's no card inside. UUUGGHH!! That was the cleanest my horse has ever been and I don't have photos!! They did videotape the sessions, so I'll have that to post eventually.

    Anyway, we didn't braid, just showed up with squeaky clean horse. I went with tan breeches and black T-shirt. I dressed puck in his white square saddle pad and white boots. He looked so cute. The first thing the clinician commented on when he saw Puck was what a kind eye he had. Naturally I liked him right then and there.

    He watched me ride for a bit and then made decided to work on getting him to engage his hind end more to connect him over his back. We pretty much were in agreement that my horse is a willing participant, but doesn't completely commit to what I ask for, so he had be do transitions within the trot to wake him up. The lightbulb piece of info he gave me was, when you ask a horse for more impulsion at the trot, and he instead breaks into the canter, he is not responding but is rather evading. He said that, if you drew it on a graph, thrust is a straight line while speed climbs. Horse's "climb" by lifting their shoulders, ie cantering. I had been doing it completely backwards by using trot-canter transitions. Every time I had him canter, I was letting him off the hook. Doing the transitions within the trot initially made him stiff and unwilling, but once he relaxed and started stepping up from behind, the change was huge. I love lightbulb moments! I can't wait to see the video.

    Luckily every other rider had something different that he chose to work on, so I got to see a lot of other "fixes" as well. The one thing I really took home was that the "fix" for every horse is different. While it may be the same basic moves, they are applied to suit each horse's situation. I know, duh. But really, how many of us read something or watch something and then run to the barn to try it out only to wonder why it didn't work? I really got a lot from this clinic. We're going to have him back at the end of the summer for another.

    I went up today to ride Puck thinking it would be a short ride since he'd probably be sore. I was delighted to find him jump right into a forward connected trot and float around the ring. His canter was fantastic. I don't think he's ever been so light and uphill. I feel like we crashed through a major barrier and can now move up in our training. I'm so proud of my boy!
        06-14-2009, 08:06 PM
    Yes white polo tops are acceptable, as long as it has sleeves. If it is very hot then short sleeves are OK but if it is indoors or cool then long sleeves.

    MBP I'm glad to hear it went so well!!!!! I love when clinicians really click something for you! Hopefully he will start coming more regularly too.

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