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Leg Yield?

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        11-14-2012, 11:32 PM
    Originally Posted by Kayty    
    Mine can go straight sideways REALLY fast..... when the kangaroos decide to hang out next to the arena haha!

    I suspect that's more of a side pass is it not?? We don't do directly sideways as such in Dressage - unless you're riding a nut job! Though, I do sometimes ride direct sideways as an exercise when my horse is feeling a bit sticky to the lateral aids.
    Down the long side of the arena, then ride a 1/2 pirouette, then straight across the arena and same on the other rein.
    Certainly makes your trot work more uphill!!!!
    Oh jeez! Glad there's no kangaroos here! So we have leg yield, side pass.....and a half pass is??? Jeez, I need to do some more reading.....I'm probably practicing it in warm up everyday because it feels good and I don't know what it is!!!! LOL!!
    Haha no nut job, but it's funny you say you do it when your horse feels sticky. I do it too.....I push him sideways, but he must be soft, then I do a half turn (haha half pirouette) then go the other way.....it's sooo funny that we are pretty much in two different worlds, geographically and discipline wise and we practice the same things.....guess there more than one way to skin a cat!!!
    Of....my half turn is more of a slow roll back....
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        11-14-2012, 11:34 PM
    Now I'm you tubing half pass!
        11-14-2012, 11:39 PM
    Oh oh half pass! Yes quarters over, front legs pointing toward marker you want to head to....so the horse IS BENT, well his quarters are off track......oh I'm doing that tomorrow! Yes! Fun! Hmmm might video that and see how terrible it looks! Just as well I ride a rubber band!
    I totally understand that now
        11-14-2012, 11:42 PM
    Kangaroo's are such buggers!! We've got a cute little family of them where my horse is now. A dad, mum and baby roo that love to watch people ride haha

    Half pass is an advanced lateral movement. So yes, horse goes forwards and sideways at the same time, but is bent and flexed IN the direction of travel - this puts a lot of weight and pressure on the inside hind, hence being a more advanced movement - you're old Jo-blow pony clubber won't have the muscle, reaction to aids, and degree of collection to achieve a correct half pass.

    Certainly shows that there are a lot of cross discpline exercises that can be used!!
    I don't feel the need to be a prissy Dressage rider at all times haha, if I don't think my horse is in front of the leg enough, I have no qualms in getting up off his back and hooning around the arena until he thinks that he's going fast off my leg of his own accord.
    Same deal if I've got one that likes to run itself onto the forehand and take off in canter - Go down the long side and if it wants to take off, it gets turned sraight into the rail, and cantered back the other way. Rinse, lather, repeat until horsie decides it is much easier to stay balanced on its haunches ready for these cowboy turns its crazy rider is asking it to do!
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        11-15-2012, 07:00 PM
    Haha tried half pass today! Darned fella kept thinking I wanted him to lope, ie. Leg behind girth for quarters over is also a loping cue, so had to really hold him together, but was a bust, everything else went well though! I think it would be much easier to push those quarters over at a jog or trot:) he tried well though, no resistance, just confusion!
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