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        05-08-2010, 01:27 PM
    Over exuberent newbie

    Ok so lately iv been working on a nice 6year old mare my family purchased for dressage. She is lovely carries herself excellent great transitions.

    However she over tracks the entire time schooling her at home I have to wear boots to protect her as she tears off shoes and slices herself bad. Has anyone any idea how to stop this from happeing as I can't obviously wear boots into her tests.

    Secondly when asking for flying change she LEAPS into it like going over a jump and then tries to gallop off she can get quite heavy on the forhand after this and you must really ride her back onto her haunches. Obviously this is just an exercise im doing at home with her atm but I feel its vital for her to get this before I move her up through the levels.
    Any tips would be great to help this

    Thanks in advance!
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        05-09-2010, 04:20 PM
    In the whole grand scheme of things, I don't know squat about how to refine a horse's natural movement, but maybe you could encourage her to step "up" with her hind legs instead of "forward" if that makes any sense. If you use ground poles or cavalleti, it might get her to bend her hocks more and engage her hind end better. That's all I can think of.
        05-09-2010, 05:47 PM
    This is a balance problem and needs to be addressed before you move into such things as flying changes, where she is showing even more her inability to keep her balance and legs coordinated.
        05-10-2010, 04:21 AM
    As Spyder said, young/green horses will have balance issues and often these are the horses that overreach. My boy does it, he's green as grass so I have him booted to the eyeballs at the moment, but it's improving. Once they figure out how to travel, how to go forward, how to travel straight and balanced, the overreaching will 9 times out of 10 correct itself.
    But I most certainly wouldn't be worrying yourself about higher movements at this stage. If she's leaping into the change then falling on her face she obviously doesn't have the balance and strength to perform a correct change yet.

    Work on basic laterals, sending her forward and having her working through to the bridle before you expect her to move up.
        05-10-2010, 05:45 PM
    Ok thanks for the help guys I will get pictures of her hooves as soon as I can as she was only recently shod so you can see yourself if there ok. I will definitely look into othere farriers this week to see will that make a differnece.

    She can do all basic movements and extension. Collection, shoulder in, and half pass right. However I will leave flying changes for another while and see does the farrier make a difference.

    I do think most horses should be able to flying change even for county jumping shows its just something I fo as the normal shooling routine!

    I also would like to keep her moving as she does in her frame as her trot is so expressive its a pity that she just reaches to far foreward. I was wondering if it could be me also you know pushing her maybe to much could that be it??

    How do you reccomend to improve her actual balanced as she is not a baby baby she has figured out a lo of her parts and moving them correctly. She was broken late 4 though. Her lack of straightness is definitely 100%me as I had a serious injury a few years ago on my left leg so over compensate the weakness my riding to my right. Strangely though she only damages her left hand side ie my weak side? So I am thinking its my riding??

    I have cavalettis at home Puck so I will work on them this week and see is there a slight improvement.

    Another forum suggested backing up hills will strenghten her back and top line and enable her to carry herself better do you agree with continuing this?

        05-11-2010, 06:48 PM
    If the horse can't trot without injuring itself, it is not collected and should not be performing lateral work or flying changes.

    First of all I would focus on the walk (if she has a good one - the second she goes lateral then stop working on the walk) and get her balanced and taking a good stride. We don't want her to shorten the stride, we want her to make it in a different way by engaging her hind end, picking up her front end and moving correctly in 4 beats. The exuberant movement needs to be put in the back closet for a few years until she is truly collected.
    Then work on trot and walk, doing a million transitions and always focusing on the hind end engagement and not letting her use her neck to move and balance - instead balancing from behind. We want again, a normal trot. Don't let her passage around, focus on correct non-exuberant movement.
    Slowly add in canter and continue with transitions. Again, normal canter.

    It I great that she has the talent for all these wonderful things, but right now you must focus on the basics and solidify them before you start putting tricks on the horse. Anyone can teach a trick horse, but it takes years of patience to train a dressage horse. Good luck (:
        05-12-2010, 04:28 AM
    Thank you Anebel that was very helpful. What I understood is that im to move her more up into and underneath herself then long?

    I am working solidly on her walk now which is coming along quite nice lots of hills to build up hind muscles etc and really getting her to work.

    Im not quite sure how to stop the flashiness though as she has a lovely long 'flicky'(for want of a better word) trot I will try get videos today and post so you can see.

    I will stop all lateral and canter work on her for the next forseeable future but definitely a month anyway.

    I want to get this sorted as she is my first solid dressage horse to train and I don't want to screw this up at all!!!

    At the moment the aim is to get her in competitions in about 6months but if she is not ready she will not be rushed at all.

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