The trot is getting bad..

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The trot is getting bad..

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        04-14-2010, 06:17 PM
    The trot is getting bad..

    Hello :)

    I have a multi gaited standardbred, some might know.

    I started trotting him a while ago, and in the start his trot was good, difficult to get, but once he started to trot he rushed away in ''racer trot'' a short while and soon started to listen to me and I could slow him down by posting slower, to a degree where he trotted almost at the spot, and resting on his steps. A very good trot according to my instructor :)

    But now, it's easier to get the trot, but in the meanwhile the trot is worse.. :/ When I try to slow him down and get under himself, he sometimes goes back into gait (flatwalk-ish or a pace at some times) and he's more eager to just throw his head up and run for it.. while before he kept listening to me and stayed in trot once he got it.

    I don't want to get rid of his gaiting, he's mainly a trilhorse, I just ride dressage (''academic riding'' for one of Bent Branderups students) to keep him soft, healthy and strong. Because I enjoy it too, but I want the gait for the trails and to work with along with the trot.

    I get him to trot by posting and ''kicking'' with my inside leg while going on a circle. We started to try getting it from a leg yield or shoulder in but that didn't work at first. Now I can get a trot from a egyield on the trails or so. He was only allowed to gait for a year at first and just lately ''learnt'' to trot. When he rushes away I keep contact on the outside rein, make sure my outside leg is keeping a constant pressure on his shoulder (or else it ''runs away'' out) while tapping my inside leg and move the inside rein a little to get him to bend and soften, and give to the bit. It's what have worked before. I'm moving on a circle, btw. And I try to post a little slower than he trots, it's what he used to listen to the most. If I try to sit, it usually leads to him gaiting again as if he takes that as a cue that I want his back to stop moving so much.. :3

    But I feel this is getting less and less effective, maybe he's just having a few bad weeks, but maybe you have some advice? :)
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        04-14-2010, 06:54 PM
    Oh, and if anyone's curious, I usually ride on a eggbutt, mullen mouth snaffle. I've used a riding cavesson at times, and sometimes double reins and a curb, but generally just the snaffle. :)

    And just because I felt like it, a picture from before.

        04-14-2010, 07:03 PM
    I never have my gaited Paso Fino trot. He does a fox trot and a fino which are way more comfortable to ride, and I've heard making a horse perform out of his gait at a trot will ruin the gait.
        04-14-2010, 07:22 PM
    Well now it's like this; Crow is very pacy, as he's bred from pacers I suppose, and the trot has helped the gait square up. Like icelandic horses his natural gaits are trot and pace, and rack somewhere. And like most icelandics, he can both trot and gait without messing everything up, quite the opposite - the better each gait get, the more balance he usually get in the others.

    But now it was about his trot getting worse, not his gait. His gaiting is better than ever :)

    He has also gaited way long before I started to trot, so that the gaiting would suddenly be ruining the trot feels like a long shot.
        04-14-2010, 07:25 PM
    Huh....I'm not sure then. I don't have any experience with STB's :)
        04-14-2010, 07:31 PM
    Well I don't have any on pasos, so I suppose that's ok ;)

    Gait after I started to trot: (flatwalk)

    Gait before trot: (stepping pace)

    But now I'm stealing my own thread..>_>

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