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Carting chaos

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        11-27-2008, 12:25 AM
    Originally Posted by Curly_Horse_CMT    
    Why would you force him with a stud chain, lip chain, twitch? If he is frightened of the shafts, work him thorough it with patience, not with force through a stud chain, twitch, ect.
    The stud chain etc. is probably not used in an attempt to force the horse through a scary situation, but rather to try to prevent the misbehavior (bolting) that he's gotten in the habit of.
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        12-03-2008, 01:24 AM

    If you're that determined, you could try sending him to the Amish for a month or so. They can do amazing things with horses.

    I've seen a horse go from literally laying down on the shafts because he didn't want to work to being a perfect carriage horse after spending 6 weeks with the Amish. I think it's because they work them so hard (12-14 hours a day pulling a plow) that when the horse comes home, they're just happy to have a break and get to relax that they'll do anything you want as long as they don't get sent back there.
        03-10-2009, 04:10 PM
    Hi, this is just my 2 bobs worth, one is he isn't going to go in harness and be safe. You have to know when a horse won't be good/safe in harness and he is not a harness horse. Good horsemen know when they meet a animal that is not going to make it in a field, he may be great at something else. Being mean and rough does not make a confident horse at anything, there's alway's a fear factor.
    I have had about 7 ponies in harness and no problems/ well ones that were sorted out. Have also evented for about 10 or more years before that.
    Also I have had one like yours I perservered for 12 months, he would drag anything behind him, while I was driving him on ground, but he couldn't not handle shafts been put on him or buggy behind him, would bolt over everyone and anything. Did go on to be a good riding horse.
    Thing is he would never be safe or even reasonable, to drive. So I went on to do more driving and more ponies in harness that enjoyed being driven. And he went on to a life that suited him better.
    You do meet somethings in life that can't be changed, recognise it and get on with what you do best, and enjoy.

        03-10-2009, 05:00 PM
    Super Moderator
    How's he doing?
    My thought, if you're still having a problem is has he really been able to look at the shafts or have you just been sticking them on him? He might just need time to look at them...

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