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    03-13-2012, 11:54 AM
Wow lol heated discussion going on. All I'm going to say on this is... Usually Hoopla has some good posts I am shock that she is getting so offensive to posts on this one.
I am not aware of what they use in terms of driving horses ponies or what ever over there BUT here
We call them lines not reins. I have heard some call them reins but do not correct them as some do.
Hoopla is correct on most her post although depending on the type of driving lines can and do touch the rump and sometimes do not. My horses and the horses I trained in the past if I am just pleasure driving my hands are relaxed, when Im working position is different.
There is no way to have a straight line from bit to drivers hands when jogging in a sulky or race bike without lines touching rump or even going along the side of the rump. But can when driving in a buggy that sits much higher up. Also if just pleasure driving ( not showing ) a simple egg butt bit or snaffle bit is fine. I jug in what we call a easy bridle.
To the OP since he has been atleast driven you can start by long lining him from the ground to get him back on track. I would get him working on the ground more. Then have him correctly fitted for a proper harness that you intend to use it for. As well as cart or buggy.
Oh and my experience is :
38 yrs in Harness Racing
12 years in pleasure driving. Trained under Heike Bean for 5 years.

OP enjoy your horse and be safe.

Hoopla look forward to other posts and its okay to call them what you want as so will I.

Others its okay to have opinions likes dislikes etc etc that's what makes this world go round if we all agreed there would be no wars no debates no hate. What a wonderful world that would be right?

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    03-13-2012, 11:56 AM
Ooops lmao JOG not JUG sorry all

    03-13-2012, 12:15 PM
*snort* Hoopla is a guy...

And it is okay to disagree but to become snotty or snarky or I am right your wrong or the other comments that have been made on this post, then that is where the line is crossed. Least that is my humble opinion. It is also okay to say what you do but again, just because you have some fancy title or piece of paper doesn't mean anything, it is the attitude in which you deliver your comment.
    03-13-2012, 12:51 PM
Ooops sorry HOOPLA didnt realize you being a guy. Me bad.
    04-29-2012, 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by BarrelBunny    
How would I begin to train a horse to pull a cart? I kind of have an idea, but how would I teach the horse to ground drive and all of that? I was thinking about getting a pony for my little sister to drive. This is out of my zone lol I train barrel horses. A little help would be nice! Thanks!
hiya and pleased to chat to you well if your long reining your new pony for your little sister as long as you lunge in the roler and crupper first to get the pony use to it under her tail and makeing sure there are no trapped hairs as she is lunged in a 20 meter circle get her to listen to voice commands walk trot and canter so you have instilled thoes words in to her then start long reining with the full harness even if you have a school at home were you barrel ride and work on a repore with each other and as time progresses youll have a great pony also find a very small car tyre and have some one with you round the tyre a small chain so that does not wear out and have some bailing twine string and that would go through the crew punch holes on the traces and if theres any problems pull the quick release knot to release the tyre from the traces be prepaired and take your time and you should get great results and a fantastic pony for your sister many thanks.
    04-29-2012, 04:33 PM
Originally Posted by TimberRidgeRanch    
ooops lmao JOG not JUG sorry all

I enjoyed reading your string many thanks I use to do a lot os showing and I have been driveing for around the same time to its great fun driveing.
    04-29-2012, 04:39 PM
Originally Posted by BarrelBunny    
Its not that I don't know how to train its just that I don't know how to teach a horse to drive from on the ground. Its just out of my zone. I teach horses how to ride and teach them ground manners... Not how to drive.
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if you can do that your nearley home good luck.

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