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Bucking into canter

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    03-10-2012, 10:09 AM
Unhappy Bucking into canter

Hi, just wondering if anybody has any ideas on what to do. My 5 year old mare bucks every time I ask her to canter, the bucks are huge and she has come to close to getting me off many times. This has been going on for about a year and makes me dread asking her to canter, somedays I don't as I don't feel up to coping with these bucks. The problem is I need to teach her to canter as I am bringing her on and have got as far as I can without the canter. I have had her back checked, saddle checked and she has recently got a new saddle which she is much happier in but still bucks. I have been to numerous instructors and have tried a variety of methods but nothing seems to work! Does anybody have any ideas of what I can try?
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    03-10-2012, 11:26 AM
Does she buck on a lungeline? If not then try lunging her in stages. At first just lunge her in a saddle and get her to where she isnt bucking, then work on lunging with someone in the saddle but not directing her, then get her to where the rider does SMALL cueing and then once the rider is able to cue her without bucking wean the lunger out of the picture.

Just a thought. Only works if she doesnt buck under the lungeline.
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    03-10-2012, 03:28 PM
Depends on your horse but my pony always bucked into canter. As soon as she bucks and all 4 feet land on the ground I made her halt straight away, no let ups. She stopped in a week!! My arms did ache though! Worth a try though
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    03-10-2012, 03:37 PM
Often with youngsters it's because they're not balanced and when they transition it takes them time to sort out which leg.

Or else ensure you're allowing her to canter and aren't doing a brake and accelerator thing by urging forward with legs whilst holding back with reins.

Ensure you get your weight back in the saddle, keep her head up and really urge her forward.
    03-10-2012, 03:39 PM
My best suggestion for a horse like this is to take her nose to the side whenever she starts that first buck, use ample inside leg to disengage her hindquarters and keep her bent to the side, then push her into spinning tiny little circles, similar to a one-rein stop...except don't let her stop. Push her until you can feel her beginning to tire and then ease off your cues to the point that she is slowly turning small circles and is supple and relaxed. Then, let her straighten out and work up to the canter again. If she bucks again, then take her head and force the small circles in the other direction. Most horses who aren't malicious buckers will pretty much quit within just a few sessions of this. They realize that bucking is much more work than it's worth.
    03-10-2012, 08:39 PM
Sometimes that can indicate soreness in the hocks. Have your vet check it out.
    03-10-2012, 09:18 PM
Green Broke
I wonder if it is a condition issue. My current horse was basically a pasture ornament and underfed.any time he went into a canter the nose would go down and butt up, from the saddle I would stop him as I felt like he was trying to buck me off. I thne noticed him doing the same thing in the field, that nose down butt up hop when he broke into a run. Fgured it was just him. So I just rode it out. With a month of wet saddle blankets he quit and hasnt done it any more and I canter constantly .I wonder if building some muscle had something to do with it.
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    03-11-2012, 12:08 AM
Interested in this. My 6 year old tb does the same so that I don't even try
    03-11-2012, 02:23 PM
Thank you for your comments, she does buck on the lunge line but thank you anyway, I will try all of your suggestions :)
    03-11-2012, 02:47 PM
I used to ride a friend's horse who did this. He started it only after he developed lyme disease. Treatment stopped it for about 6 months, but then the lyme would come back, as would the bucking. Point being, it's likely from soreness somewhere. Try dosing with banamine or bute and see if that alleviates the problem, which should indicate whether or not it's soreness-based.

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