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Originally Posted by Strawberry4Me View Post
Anyone gonna comment on this one?
I think that might be one of those comments you leave alone.

I'm not 200 Pounds, well NZ speak 90 kgs (I think). But I still feel sorry for my horse, I know that I'm like a sack of potatoes!
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Originally Posted by franknbeans View Post
You certainly are not helping the "stuck up DQ's"image at all with your snide comments. To me your remarks and the way the are presented perpuates the image.

Please enlighten us-how far away from a dressage arena is appropriate? The OP started at 10 meters, was asked to move, so moved again…..then sued again…moved again-she is now at about 30 meters….then it was suggested she leave. Personally, I would think the initial 10 meters was enough.

Dressage is probably the only shows I have not seen people up close to the ring. Every other disciple I have watched, folks are right up next to the ring. However, I don't go to PURE dressage shows. I tend to go to 3 day events. Last time I went to a dressage show-I watch from my car….honestly so that I could watch without the riders seeing the expression on my face watching women who were well over 200# in whose white breeches, doing a sitting trot. Not an image I want to see anytime soon again.
Use your inside voice, please. I really doubt that you are flawless in appearance so you shouldn't judge.
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Originally Posted by Foxhunter View Post
If the buggy spooked a horse it would be going away from it not towards it!
It's really easy for a horse to spook at one thing then another then another and panic and before you know it is trampling the thing that set them off in the first place. I've seen it happen (okay I saw it at the racetrack but still it can happen!).
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I am going to close this thread for review as everything that can be said has been said considering none of us other than the OP actually had a first hand view of what happened so its turned into an argument based on guess work that's getting a bit out of hand.
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