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Flying Lead Changes

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    06-04-2011, 04:49 PM
Okay fine. I don't want to argue. But anyways, I just discovered something cool today and I thought I'd share:

I had a lesson this afternoon, and I was riding that same horse. I didn't know this before (I was thinking about doing flying changes on another pony, not her) but I think she actually has been previously trained to do flying lead changes. I was doing a jump across the diagonal of the arena, and picked up the wrong lead when I landed. When I got into the corner, I put more of my weight into my outside leg, moved it back a bit, and squeezed. After one or two strides, she did a beautiful flying lead change. No word of a lie. Of course, after that she did break stride, which kinda defeated the purpose, but I was still very happy with her. She did this about three or four more times during the lesson when I was changing direction etc. I was pretty amazed. That pony doesn't have automatic leads. Even my instructor said she'd never seen her do that before. And on top of that, she actually cantered a 6-jump course and only broke into a trot once, and even then it was only for literally less than three seconds. I'm so proud of her! We're actually making progress! :)

Anyways, I just thought I'd share. :P
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    06-11-2011, 05:17 PM
Guys, just let it go. If she wants to try it, she can. If it doesn't work, she can figure out for herself that she's not ready to do this movement. If it does, then hey, she knows how to do it now.

To ask for a flying lead change on a horse who is already trained to do it, you are cantering (lets just say on the left lead so it's less confusing) First you change the bend of your horse using the right leg and the left rein (depending on the horse, you may not need to change the bend) Then you change your position so that your left leg is back, your right leg is at the girth, your weight shifts to the right stirrup, your left hand has as much pressure as your right hand originally had, and vice-versa. Then you swing your hip to the right, and voila. Done. Sometimes it just doesn't work, you have to practice, and be critiqued by a trainer to make sure you really are doing it right, sometimes reading instructions doesn't exactly give you the right idea.

To teach a horse who doesn't know how to do it, this is how I do it. I do it on a figure eight. I go over the figure eight at a trot a few times, just so the horse understands the change in bend. Then I ask for a canter (say a left lead canter while we are on the part of the figure eight that you are tracking left) Before you come to the change in bend, ask for a trot, then change bend, and ask for a canter on the new lead. You basically have to do it over and over, progressing with less steps of trot inbetween the canter. Soon, the horse will understand that change in bend during a canter means to change leads. This can also work on a diagonal, if your horse understands the cues for different leads (eg., right leg back=left lead, left leg back=right lead.) Tell me if it seems confusing, I can put up a video.

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