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Hacking/ showing Tips, Experiences and Opinions

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    04-20-2012, 09:41 AM
Hacking/ showing Tips, Experiences and Opinions

Okay well I'm not a hacky but I don't mind the occasional show, the judges are what annoy me because theres not a certain thing that they want in the ring. For example: I was in my rider class, it's meant to be about the rider, so heels down, toes in, sit back really straight, and elbows bent etc. I got once told that my riding was too quiet..? So I fixed it by being a little active in my next show, this time the judge tells me I need to keep still. Then some judges don't place you because your horse was not rounded, it's a rider class, they shouldn't point it out in the first place. And some judges pick the same person because they like chestnut horses that day.
Another time I heard a lady hand the judge after the class some money and said, " thanks for getting her qualified"
That's all I have against hacking so any tips in the ring , how to approach my classes, grooming, workouts etc.
And please tell me your experiences !
By the way I can't get my horse rounded in the first place , working on it though!

Hacking is not all bad it's for fun if you don't take it seriously, laugh about it, and a good place for experience. There are so many more stories I have with hacking but I don't want this to be too long
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    04-20-2012, 10:38 AM
In rider class, the judges aren't looking for just a pretty rider, they're looking for the rider's ability to ride the horse. A horse that's going well with a decently positioned rider should always place above a pretty, very correct rider who's horse is doing a fantastic imitation of a giraffe.

Hacking is based very much on what the judge wants to see. Get to know the judges and you'll get to know what each one is into. But really, if your horse goes nice, is well mannered and you ride it well, that's about the best you can do. Make sure you are as well presented and polite as you can be. I've never experienced colour discrimination while showing, but I know a lot of judges who will ignore a horse that isn't perfectly presented although it may be the nicest horse there.

I honestly don't think the judges are as half bad as some riders though. Heck, most hack judges I know are a lot nicer than several dressage judges I've had the displeasure of meeting. I was at a show once and it was my horse's first show and he hadn't been ridden for a year. He was extremely keyed-up and was finding it hard to keep all four feet on the ground. I spoke to the judge beforehand and just explained that I was in it for my horse's experience and that if I didn't do the harder parts of the workout, it was no disrespect to her - just that my horse's mind would explode and endanger our safety. I also mentioned that if he got to mental, I would jump off, pull from the class and settle him on the ground. She didn't mind and even allowed us to stand a little way away from the line up. One woman seemed to take it as a personal invitation to do tight circles around my horse. She ignored me completely and continued until my horse was a prancing, quivering mess. I'd take the Arabian Show circuit in Qld over any other type of showing though - there are some extremely nice people there.

I practise all of my workouts at least once before I go to a show, so I know exactly where I'm going to ask for transitions, exactly where to look, and what parts of the workout I need to perfect. Usually the night before a show, I'll braid and put a skinny hood on as I sew my plaits for shows rather than band them.
    04-20-2012, 10:43 AM
Thanks for that , I appreciate it, yes the colour discrimination has Happened once to me. I find in hacking its a matter of knowing the judge, which is hard for me because I'm new to the hacking world.

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