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How can I make my leg stay PUT!

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        03-07-2011, 11:38 AM
    I am having this same problem. I also feel that my legs push down quite a bit when I am posting. I find that like, everyone else said, no stirrup work helps quite a bit!
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        03-07-2011, 04:13 PM
    Thanks for the advice Tiny! I am goign to print everything everyone said so I can reread it and highlight stuff. :)

    The saddle caught my eye as not seeming to fit the horse so well. Did you notice how much IT bobbed up and down on the horse's back, when viewed from the back?

    yaaa. My stable is really good in giving the horses good care and the rider good lessons... but each horse sort of doesn't have their own tack. Every horse their own bridle and girth... but not saddle.
    There is pretty much this saddle we call the brown saddle, and it's used in lessons with my trainer (the other trainer who does competition might work differently). It's a standard saddle and fits almost every horse. Some much better then other, but ya... There are only a few horses who have their own saddle because they are specially built. Like the draft cross has her own because she is so wide.

    I;ll probably talk to my trainer about it. I'll just mention that the saddle doesn't seem to fit as well as it does on other horses (I actually did notice this, but didn't think much of it since I don't know much about tack).
        03-12-2011, 11:51 AM
    Originally Posted by bsms    
    How do you make your leg stay put? You don't. Gravity does. If your leg doesn't stay put, then you are messing with it and riding your stirrups instead of the horse. Get off the stirrups and on to the horse.
    For me personally, I sort of had to come full circle. First I pushed and braced into my stirrups. My toe would often point down and turn my stirrup into a pendulum. Then I pretty much abandoned my stirrups and tried to work on my "seat." Then I learned that if you sit down onto your horse you are susceptible to every thing your horse does. You can't actually abandon the stirrups and be able to zig zag down a narrow trail at a high rate of speed. Your butt just isn't capable of that kind of balance.

    So I had to learn that basically the amount of muscle tension is the same from your waist down. Every muscle is lightly contracted so you basically "hover" on your horse. It appears that you sit down on the saddle, but in reality it is as if you are straddling a chair but putting only part of your weight on the chair so if someone yanked the chair out from under you, you would still remain standing up. This creates an incredibly secure position. It requires no more effort than it takes to stand relaxed in your living room.

    It is hard to describe - but you can sit down on your horse without weight in the stirrups, you can stand up in the stirrups, or you can "hover" in between. This is not gravity pulling the weight of your legs only, but gravity pulling the weight of your body (evenly divided between your seat and your stirrups, spread out along the length of your lightly contacting leg).

    If you keep your weight like this when you ride it will become completely automatic in a very short time. You won't lose your stirrups even if your horse has the choppiest trot.
        03-13-2011, 12:43 PM
    Lots of 2-point work. It works wonders!
        03-14-2011, 08:54 PM
    I have this exact same problem! I just try to strengthen my legs with exercising, bike riding, etc.
        04-08-2011, 07:48 PM
    I had this problem when I first started too my trainer took my stirrups off my saddle for about a month it was so difficult but when she finally put them back on my leg did not budge haha I guess I learned the hard way but I have excellent equitation because of it.try dropping your stirrup irons for the first ten or fifteen minutes of your ride just at the walk and trot. Do both posting and sitting trots I think you will start to see a difference

    critique, post, posting

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