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Lower Back Pain In Two-Point!

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    09-07-2012, 04:36 PM
From your descripton, you're too tense. Let your body absorb the "trotting" shocks and keep your back softer, your legs softer, your hands and shoulders softer.

Communicate with your trainer. Say hey, can we take a break my back is beginning to bother me?"

Little by little, if you focus on relaxing and staying nice and loose, 2 point won't suck!
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    09-07-2012, 10:34 PM
Thanks again :) So like other people have said - just chill out a little? Relax?
Here is the picture. It's a video still, so I apologize for the not-so-wonderful quality.

    09-07-2012, 10:39 PM
Yeah your back is arched, which isn't helpful when riding. Back should be flatter. Roll your seatbones underneath you instead of pushing them back.

Also how do your legs feel when you ride? To me they look a tiny bit pushed too far back instead of centered underneath you
    09-07-2012, 10:54 PM
Agreed, your back is extremely arched. Is this a photo of you in 2 point? Because you're not in it.

Your back needs to be flat. Not the best quality picture, but heres an example

Compared to this

Do you see how far behind you your hip is compared to the person in the photo above you?

Your hip needs to be under you, not out behind you. Think about tucking your tailbone between your legs like a bad puppy dog. This visual helped me a lot. When you tuck your tailbone, your hip comes under you.

Whats happening is that your back is arched in an unatural way, and you are absorbing the horse's motion with your lower back. Tuck that hip and get your legs moving in motion with the horse. Your legs need to feel like an accordian, coiling and uncoiling as the horse bounces down and up with every stride.

When you're absorbing the motion with your legs and not your lower back, and tucking your hip like you're supposed to, this pain will go away. You are putting tremendous pressure on your spine right now.
    09-07-2012, 10:55 PM
My egs usually feel fine. I have since lengthened my stirups, which was causing the legs too far back - sorted that with my trainer :)
We have been working on getting me to sit tall, and more in the middle of my butt (for the lack of a better phrase) Will this fix back problems? Should have gotten a pic in 2point ... don't have a recent one. I would hurry up and get one, but currently Cowboy has an easy off - ulcers :/

Thank you for the comparison! Nope, that's not me in 2-point. That's just me posting the trot. Sitting in the picture. I do believe the tail-tuck visual will help a lot! I am a person who finds analogies easier to remember than 'roll your hips forwards.' Thanks again :)
    09-07-2012, 11:09 PM
Whew! I was going to say...if you're in 2 point, find a different trainer and fast!

If you're doing that in the rising trot, you're mimicking it in 2 point. I can promise you that. Tucking your tailbone will also make you use your abs more, since you are pulling your hip under you with your lower abdomen. So get ready to feel sore if you do 2 point correctly for so long. It'll give those abs a work out.

Another good visual to use (for rising trot) is to pretend there is a string attached to your belly button and it is being pulled towards the ceiling/sky. This will activate your abs and tuck your tailbone for you as well.

I hope your instructor will be able to help you with this. Lower back pain HURTS. I have enough lower back pain as it is, I can't imagine someone telling me to ride in such a painful way. Hopefully you can get this worked out.
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    09-10-2012, 09:24 PM
Thank You all again :) I got a picture today of me in a little two point, just on the flat. I take this position when I'm practicing, but obviously have a larger realease a little more out of the saddle, all that jazz. I kept in mind what you said - so what I'm asking is, 'like this?'

    09-11-2012, 02:33 AM
From that last picture, the knee-rolls on your saddle seem to be quite substantial. Now this might just be me thinking about what I prefer (I can't stand riding in a saddle with big knee rolls LOL and note I do not jump, so I'm not sure what your specific needs are there), but they may be restricting the amount of "give" your knee can provide, and it's a key shock-absorber in 2-pt. From what I can see, if you did close your knee joint to absorb movement in this saddle the knee-rolls would push the knee to be facing out, toes facing out and a loss of the correct position and ability to absorb the movement. Is it possible this is happening? Once again, I say I'm thoroughly biased here, I like freedom of movement in my saddles

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