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        11-16-2012, 08:39 AM

    I realize that everything to be said likely HAS, as this thread is many posts in, and I honestly haven't time at this moment to read them all, but I wanted to make a few quick comments:

    1) 45 is NOT OLD...You have MANY, many great years left in ya!
    2) AMEN to you for following your sounds like you're doing GREAT; & REMEMBER, feeling "slow" to come along at a very challenging sport is NORMAL. Even lifelong riders feel that way when they take longer than they expected to manage a new riding skill/horse-training issue!
    3) NO INSTRUCTOR in his/her right mind would be UPSET if it required YEARS of lessons to get you where you want to be as you are providing them with SECURE INCOME during tough economic times! ;0) Kind of being tounge-in-cheek, but it's something to think about each time you feel your trainer thinks you should "hurry up" & get it!!
    4) I was a returning rider at age 38 after a solid 15 years out of saddle, & even with 15+ years of youth riding and intensive lessons as a kid, after 15 years off, it took me a good 18 lessons to even build the core strength/returned skill-set to safely start working on my canter/jumping etc...and I can TELL when what I'm doing "feels" right or wrong, as the body doesn't forget....thus, even with that "advantage" I'm still not much farther along than you are...and I only restarted at six years younger than you are!
    I love that you're going for your dream! THAT KEEPS US YOUNG! Keep at it & don't let anything hinder you! EVERYONE here will support your endeavors 100%!!

    (Now I'm going to make it a point to read up on how very redundant everything I've said was--Ha!!


    P.s. I'm still a bit sore for a good 24 after EVERY RIDE, & I'm so flexible I can literally wrap my legs around my neck and stand on my hands. Females are OFTEN more flexible than males due to bodies needing to be able to bear children (though I've never had the pleasure!) so DON'T KNOCK YOURSELF for lack of flexibility ...I'm VERY muscular for a "chick" and I guarantee you have core strength 20xs better than mine regardless of how much I work out/ride...keep THAT in mind!!
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        11-19-2012, 11:41 AM
    Also - even after 4 months - my legs are still sore the day or two after every riding lesson. I don't mind, but is this also normal?

    Yup - for 45 and never really "ridden" you are doing just fine. The heel stretching is a given issues - due to the fact you have NOT done this all your life. It's similar to me and Yoga - just started it - parts are just fine due to having ridden most of my life (over 50 years) but touching my toes shile keeping legs straight? I never have been good at that and I am still not good at that (but can dow heels down all day without an issue).

    Sounds like you have good instruction (not cantering until the trot is good) - you really do need to be able to stop and steer while stick shifting (think Volkswagon beetle) before getting into a Ferrari and doing laps at over 100 MPH.
        11-22-2012, 10:51 PM
    I'm 17 and have been riding for 5 years and STILL find that I get sore after a ride now and again, everything that's happening to you through that is absolutely normal and to be expected.

    4 Months is nothing, for only having done 4 months so far you are doing seriously well, that's only somewhere around 16 weeks, and with you riding 2x a week, that's only about 32 rides, which is not many at all.

    Instead of being discouraged by what you can't do, you should concentrate more on being proud of yourself for getting into it in the first place, and focus on the things you can do. You might find it helps you excell in your chosen domain also, as being negative about things (especially around horses) can hinder your progress a lot, while being positive and saying things like "well hey, I learnt to do this already after only "x" rides"

    Seriously... It took me the better part of 6 months of riding the same horse every day before I felt confident enough to be able to stay on at a canter, and a further few months before I even thought about doing anything else.

    Welcome to the forum and well done to you for finally doing what you've always wanted to do,

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