Sitting the extended trot?

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Sitting the extended trot?

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    01-08-2010, 09:25 PM
Sitting the extended trot?

Buzz has an amazing, powerful extended trot and it's too smooth to post to but I am way too out of shape to sit it.

Any advice?
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    01-09-2010, 01:18 AM
Keep trying to sit it. You can't get back into shape without doing something. =]
    01-09-2010, 01:04 PM
Moo-wahahaha dammit.

You're right of course. I wondered if I wasn't s'posed to sit it lol. *sigh*
    01-10-2010, 02:02 AM
Oh I just worked on that and I just try and sit it and try to post it if I get tired
    01-10-2010, 02:53 AM
Try to develop enough feel that you can post it. Posting isn't for the rider it's for the sake of the horse. You should be able to feel the rear leg coming forward under your hip and that is your cue to post. If you can't feel it then slow down and concentrate.
    01-10-2010, 09:42 AM
Kevinshorses, I don't think it's that she doesn't know how to post. I think it's that in dressage, at some point the tests *require* that you sit the extended trot, and it's extremely difficult to do well. At training and first level, sitting or posting is the option of the rider, at second level, you're required to sit medium trot and at third, extended

The only thing that ever worked for me was to be lunged without stirrups until my hips were loose and I was following the horses motion really well, then pick up my stirrups, then work off the lunge line.
    01-10-2010, 12:30 PM
Thanks Maura, that's what I was getting at just I wasn't as eloquent. I like the lunged without stirrups, centered riding. Of course, I need someone to do it for me. Sooo.. feel like coming to Indiana? LOL!

Kevins - I appreciate the advice thank you! :)
    01-10-2010, 01:20 PM
Love to! LOL.

Seriously, failing somebody to lunge you, cross or remove your stirrups, and put a little grab strap at the front of your saddle. Get him working firmly on the outside rein, hold your reins in the outside hand, pull yourself deep into your saddle. Concentrate on following the motion of his back with your seatbones and allowing your hip, knee and ankle to softly open and close with the motion. When you think you've got it, gradually increase the size of his trot.

A really great test is to pick up *one* stirrup. If you can stay even and square in your saddle while sitting and hold one stirrup, you're sitting correctly. If picking up one stirrup makes you lose the feel, you're bracing in the stirrup and pushing yourself up of the saddle. When you can alternately pick up and drop each stirrup independantly without bracing or losing the feel, you're good to go.
    01-10-2010, 08:28 PM
Awesome! I'm going to try that tomorrow night.
    01-13-2010, 07:26 PM
Bareback riding helps a lot as well as work without stirrups. Riding bareback will also give you much more feel than riding in any saddle. In fact when I first started riding I could'nt sit the canter until my instructor took away my stirrups :P Even after many years I still have a bit of trouble sitting some trots with jumper short stirrups, but I can sit almost anything without them or with long stirrups.

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