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What Do You Want To Achive?

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        01-25-2010, 07:40 AM
    I hope to show at 2'6" this summer and be schooling around 2'9" by the end of the year (personal goal because of my confidence).

    I also hope to get Frazier to become more lively and to not buck while out cross country. And I hope to show a horse I ride (Terminator) in some lower shows cause she has soooo much potential!

    And as for eq, I hope to improve my leg position over jumps. It kind stinks :d
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        01-25-2010, 01:15 PM
    Green Broke

    My Goals:
    • Being able to improve my posture.
    • Going over fences (posture again)
    • Working on the little equation things, such as checking leads with out looking, along with diagonals.
    My goals for Prince:
    • RESPECT! And Manners!
    • 7 Games (Parelli)
    • Working on control, he's a speed demon.
    • OVER FENCES! He is ugly, yet enthusiastic about it.
    • Doing more bareback, so far we can trot and 10" jump.
    • Train him in a Western Saddle
    • Show locally for hunter/jumper.
    Goals for Savannah
    • Work on respect. We know our cues, and learning manners again.
    • Trotting! I know it's not fun for her, but maybe we can make it better.
    • NO MORE ACTING UP! No more bucking, bolting, or anything unacceptable.
    • Better at teaching kids.
    • Your headset! Mare, you can't pull your face out of my hands!
    • Show Local Hunters.
    Show Goals:
    • Place better than 4th in every class
    • No disqualifying.
    • Having fun!
    That's all, I think.
        01-25-2010, 01:23 PM

    Buy the 6 acres across the street.
    Fence in said land.
    Move the boys there.
    Get Titan back in shape, Put weight ON.
    Get Georgey Back in shape, Take Weight OFF.
    But, most of all, Have fun!
        01-26-2010, 09:27 PM
    Show Cocoa!
    Get a better canter seat!
    Help out more!
    Maybe get a horse (no high hopes) lol
    Jump 1 foot! If more!
    Create a better bond
    Horseman ship
        01-26-2010, 09:39 PM
    My goals for Odin this year are to really get him showing (since this will be his first time with that and I have been out of the show ring for years)
    Start the year off with some nice intro dressage schooling shows. Proceed forward to being able to do some training 1 and 2 and also start out his eventing career with 1 or 2 elementary starter trials.
        02-01-2010, 03:40 PM
    This year,
    -I want to finally banish all those niggling nerves that threaten to destroy my ride when I'm jumping
    -Score in the 20s in dressage at an event
    -Finish on my dressage score more often than not
    -Nail the balance issues my horse and I have to the right, which will come with being more in shape!
    -Lose 15 pounds. I'm not overweight, but for the sake of athleticism, I could stand to lose that weight and replace it with muscle.

    Major goal: Qualify for, and compete at, the AECs!!
        02-01-2010, 08:36 PM
    Green Broke

    -Be better with my hands
    -Go to some more XC schoolings
    -Go to more local 1 day horse trials
    -Go to at least a couple of USEA recognized horse trials this year
    -Stop the chair seat!
    -Get my legs under me, solid, over fences
    -Develop a better bond with Demi this year (I've ony had her since June)
    -Settle in in Kentucky (college) and the new barn

    -Ride her more
    -Possibly lease her out to a little girl, she wants one again.
    -Take her partially out of retirement, she really doesn't like it that much. Heck, she's only 18!

    - Get in more lessons on her
    - Get her in shape
    - Get her minor attitude problems in check (lessons)
    - Get her jumping 3' consistently again
    - Sell her :(

    - LESSONS! Dressage is good, jumping needs work
    - get the head flipping/rushing while jumping in control
    - go to XC schoolings this spring,summer, fall
    - go to 1 day events
    - go to a couple of recognized events
    - get her settled back into Kentucky and in her new barn (she came from KY originally)

    MAN! I better get moving...
        02-02-2010, 01:56 PM
    For me:

    ~Fix my eq. On the flat.
    ~Fix my jumping eq.
    ~Get over my mounting problems.
    ~Get my confidence back.
    ~Jump 3' (highest I have jumped is 2'6ish)

    For Bear:

    -Get him fat and muscled up
    -Get him off the forehand
    -Get him able to collect and extent his gaits
    -Get him able to do a dressage frame and hunter frame
    -Get him able to load perfectly (used to know how to, is a bit rusty)

    For Showing:

    = Get atleast one blue ribbon (1st) with Bear.
    = Get Reserve Champion on Bear or another horse
    = Get Grand Champion on Bear or another horse
    = Start showing over fences
    = Get every color ribbbon (1st-8th) with Bear
    = Show 2'-2'3 with Bear
    = Go to atleast one rated show

    These are all my 2010 year goals. =]
    I have more, just can't think of them.

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