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        11-25-2009, 06:18 PM

    There is a British lady rider called Mary King - she regularly wins these cross country event competitions. But her style - well it doesn't really matter - she is a queen. She stays on, she gets her horse round a very tricky course and she does it all in the shortest of times. If only I could emulate her - but sadly I can't. We should all know our place - mine is mucking out.

    So as you say - it is all about enjoying oneself, staying on, and getting both horse and rider back home safely. We must make do with the body we have got, whilst we still have use of it.

    Neither my current horse DiDI nor my previous horse Joe seek/sought a glass of wine but both looked for some form of appreciation for services rendered. So when we do reach the pub it is each to our own choice of treat: Joe had a packet of salt and vinegars - DiDi is happy with a few horse biscuits. Me, well I get a glass of red. Just as well really, we would not want to see DiDi being breathalysed before she got back to the yard when riding back from the pub.

    Heels up or heels down - well it all depends on what we can manage nowadays - doesn't it? Despite all of the good advice on this thread - those heels won't stay down - they pop up at the slightest of opportunities. I accept it would be nice to peek at those toes but these days it just ain't possible.

    B G
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        11-27-2009, 07:02 AM
    It is my birthday today and my wife did an album of photos of the horses in my life - going back 37 years. There's me with a black beard - instead of grey - riding a very young horse, sitting bolt upright, with my heels very slightly down, on a longish rein.
    Times have changed.
    As I stood up from the table after looking at this magnificent collection of photos, I ached just a little bit; I squeaked just a little bit; I hunched just a little. Then I smiled at the memories each photo brought into my mind so I made the effort to pull my self up straight and it worked.

    I wonder if I go and get on DiDi today - if those heels will stay down and that back will straighten up?

    Barry G

    Ps At least there is a bottle on the shelves down at the supermarket which could solve the problemn of the grey hairs and I suppose I could buy a corset.
        11-27-2009, 10:05 AM
    Ps At least there is a bottle on the shelves down at the supermarket which could solve the problemn of the grey hairs and I suppose I could buy a corset.

    The mind boggles, large transvestite with obviously died hair and a not very fetching corset, drunk as a lord wandering around on poor horse who is mortified with shame by his riders latest antics Happy Birthday!
        11-27-2009, 11:16 AM
    Hold on, hold on.
    What's all this about wearing women's clothes?

    The jodhs wont fit the bottom half
    And my chest is not big enough for the top half
    Anyway Her Indoors's boots are too small. (I have aready tried them when mine were muddy)

    Even on my birthday Mr Plod would lock me up
    - if he could catch me mounted on my speedy Irish steed.

    B G
        11-29-2009, 06:56 AM
    Oh, its good to laugh! Just a little hint that I was told, to lenghten those hamstrings and stretch those poor old muscles; it may have been previously mentioned, if so I apologise. Stand on the stairs with your heels hanging over the back, hold on to the handrail!! ( you can do it on a couple of sturdy books placed on the floor too) and then gently bounce back onto your heels, each time trying to stretch a little more down, don't over do it- little and often, every day; the last time I tried it , it definitely helped.
        11-29-2009, 07:03 AM
    Oh another one which might help- I apologise if its already been mentioned; have only skimmed through to the last few pages. A brilliant instructor I used to have used to get you to stand up in stirrups and use your hands to actually pull your inner thigh to the back, ( no mean feat for my thunderthighs) so effectively rolling them, and getting the correct postion. It did seem to help, tho not sure how, when you started to do rising trot, obviuosly the contact was lost, but I think it retrained your muscles where to far so that eventually your body automatically corrects itself.
        12-02-2009, 09:42 AM

    Heels down or Up

    Well they should always be down but some of us have a problem

    B G
        12-04-2009, 04:06 AM
    Amazingly this thread trickle on - as of today we have just topped 3000 viewings. There aren't many topics that reach this level of interest expecially for a thread started so long ago.

    Is it new readers that are reading what has pretty much exhausted the
    Ideas on the subject or is it old readers coming back to see if anything fresh has been posted????

    Another topic of similar controversy/interest would be riding "long & low/long rein" as against riding "collected/short rein"

    - do we add it to this thread or do we start a new one?

    B G

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