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        06-17-2013, 08:07 AM
    Green Broke
    There isn't a specific time limit, but I was told to do it as I explained or it would get a bad grade, especially if your barn manager saw you doing it a different way. They just told me it should only take 20 minutes doing it that way. I use to do 8 stalls in an hour before I went there in exchange to ride..I think it's mainly the fact that they're bedded down so heavily and the horses like to spin circles, paw, etc and get everything everywhere, lol.
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        06-17-2013, 10:14 AM
    I am headed down for a tour on July 1st. It has been something I've considered for years but because I was told horses weren't a professional option to go to traditional school routes. Now that bills are paid off, I am doing what I want.

    I have been a working student, and while making that connection can be a great opportunity, you are only getting one person's view point. This seems to be an opportunity to get multiple ways of riding/working with horses.

    I'll let you know how it pans out.
        06-17-2013, 11:45 PM
    Thank you everyone for your input :)
    And I can't wait to hear about what it's like MudPaint!
        06-19-2013, 11:25 PM
    I am currently attending MM, and the stalls do have to be done a specific way to get full points.

    I don't mind doing stalls and feed but with my schedule right now its almost impossible. I am full time and I have 2 ride classes in the morning one at 7 and one at 10, at 9 I have my internship for teaching, then for 1-3 I have my teaching class 3:15-5:15 I have training class and on Mondays I have theory from 6-8pm and tuesdays I have showing from 6-9pm. Its way to much to do in one day I had no other choice than to do morning feed at 5:30 which really isnt too bad except for the fact that I have to turn out 3-4 horses.

    I personally think that the way they scheduled the classes are horrible, leaves no time for anything specially stalls, so I end up getting points deducted bc I didnt do the stall perfectly. Also we have 4 absence "free-bees" and if we go past 4 we fail the class, unless you do make-ups which some are absolutely ridiculous. I do feel like a slave here. And I feel that the horses are honeslty unhappy here. Being cooped up in a stall all day, there is no pastures, and they are always spooking on just about everything. I have ridden and been around horses all my life and I've never seen such jittery unhappy stiff horses. I don't like it here. Oh and its really expensive. I do like some of the instructors but the class themselves I don't. I really only like the training class. Definitely not what I hoped for, the dorms suck, a lot of the students here are stuck up and egotistical. I honestly cannot wait to be out of here.
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        06-24-2013, 04:07 AM
    You can't ride on weekends? What are the riding restrictions if you board the horse not within the program? You get yelled at for wacking a horse for biting at you? I was hoping to go there but if they are going to be that difficult I will find another school.
        06-24-2013, 06:52 AM
    Green Broke
    To add on what andisofia7 (I might know you? Lol) said..
    I also couldn't stand how the horses were used. They were not thought of at all when they built the campus. I do not agree in the least bit that those horses are stuck in stalls 24-26hrs/day..not to mention those that they don't use for classes that are stuck in there with no turn-out. A half hour turn out is not enough for a horse, IMO.
    Oh, you're also expected to feed/water/clean stalls if the power goes out too. I refused when I was there. I am NOT going to go into a horse's stall in the dark and poke around, I won't even do it with my own mare. They preach about safety, but some of those horses there are dangerous, and I'd much rather be allowed to tie them up outside as opposed to tip-toeing around in the stall trying to keep from being kicked or bitten.

    If you board the horse out of the program, you can ride it in one of your daily riding classes and that's it. You can turn-out on the weekends, but you can't get on your horse. The horse has to always have a bit in (snaffle only) to be ridden, no sidepulls or hacks allowed. There is a boarding barn about 10-15mins from the school if you want to actually be able to ride your horse.
    And yeah..I'll be ****ed if I can't hit a horse for biting/kicking at me. I've always whacked for biting and I've been known to kick a horse back if I'm close enough or hit it with whatever is available.

    I do miss Elvis and PeToo though..PeToo was the only stall I actually cleaned because I sat in the stall with her and scratched all her itchy spots, I felt so bad for her being on stall rest for months on end.

    But basically, their theory is that you don't have to touch a horse to get it to do as you want on the ground, which is complete BS, in my opinion.
    And the people are definitely stuck up and egotistical..I mean, -I- have an ego and they were all worse than me!
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        06-24-2013, 11:13 AM
    Should I look into Colorado state or Texas A&M? I can't use my mare at Meredith manor (and she will have way too much fun getting me hurt in just a snaffle) so if I can get into a program that lets me use her that would be fantastic.
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        06-27-2013, 08:50 AM
    I guess I am the odd one here. I enjoyed my time at MM, and learned more there in a year than I have my whole life. The way they teach you to ride, by using your seat so much than reins has saved my butt from hitting the ground more than once. It's not the greatest looking place for sure, and they are pretty strict about a lot of stuff but for me, it was worth it all the way.

    Really, about the only thing I didn't much like about it was the whole turn out thing. We had about five or ten minutes before each class to turn the horses loose in the arena with a whip and make them run and buck to try to get it out of their systems. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not so much, depending on the horse you are riding. I only hit the ground one time doing that way in my year there, and considering no real turnout that's not really that bad. You just have to REALLY be ready to learn to ride if you go there. Since my graduation in 94', I have never ridden ANY horse in anything but a snaffle regardless of the horse or the situation. I didn't believe any of the junk they were talking when I first got there and begged my parents to come all the way back from Alabama to get me the next week. Thank God they didn't and made me stick it out, because now it's the only way I will ever ride. Basically dressage with a western saddle.
        06-28-2013, 11:01 AM
    I didn't attend MM, but my riding instructor did and she always talks about how wonderful it was. I think she was a '98 graduate. She went straight from high school to the manor, and said that when she arrived, she thought she knew everything already. She told me that it was definitely tough, but she enjoyed her time there.
    I didn't know about the "no hitting" rule, but she did describe a time that a particularly nasty mare bit her in the thigh, and she kept herself in check. I think the main lesson there might have been self control, even when in pain (and she still has the scar...). She also described to me how even the schooling horses were hopped up, and how you could lunge them 5 minutes before your riding class. She said that the lunging arena was 5 minutes away, and usually it'd be completely full of crazy horses being lunged, so most people just opted out and decided to ride them as is. She knows how to keep her seat on a high energy/rambunctious horse though, so I'm guessing it worked in her favor.
    The programs seem to be pretty short (1-2) years, so they have to be intense to pack everything in. It's the same for condensed nursing programs.

    I think that no matter where you go, you're going to get out what you put in. Maybe you should ask to sit in one of their classroom teachings, and observe a riding lesson as well, before committing to any decision.
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        06-28-2013, 11:28 AM
    I would love to go, but it seems all the good reviews are from the 90's
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