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Dogs and livestock don't mix!!

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    04-25-2013, 09:07 PM
Here in the sticks we shoot dogs that chase livestock. I'm a dog groomer so I do not hate dogs in any way. However, when your heeler ducks my fence and chases my horses time after time I get a little pissed. Especially when I've told you AND had the sheriff tell you. I shoot a heeler last summer for chasing my horses one time to many. He actually ran up to my mare who was laying down and clamped onto her nose then chased her nipping at her heels.

I'll prob get in trouble from someone on here for my actions but if you've ever had a horse's achilles tendon damaged by a dog then you'll understand.

In todays world people feel entitled to "force" their precious fluffy on the general public. They feel they have the right to take their dog where ever, when ever. I say that is wrong. I sure don't let my dogs run amuck. Even on trail rides they stay right with the horses. If we stop for some reason the dogs sit between the horses front feet. I'll never say "my dog doesn't bite" because ALL dogs are capable.

I like most dogs, it's the owners I usually have a problem with.

*edited to add: I read back through this and it sounds like I'm bragging about shooting that dog. I'm not. I felt horrible actually. But it's a way of life here. The owners had been warned by me several times and by the sheriff. They were also told by the sheriff that it was within my rights to shoot the dog and that I was willing to do so. This is why owners bug me. They knew the dog could be killed but still did nothing.
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    04-25-2013, 09:42 PM
Green Broke
I hope that I'm never put in the position where I have to take the action you took BoldComic. You do reach a point where that is all that is left to do and of course by that time both livestock and ultimately dog suffer for it.

We've got a few dog owners like that around here as well -- it's interesting that there is a tendency for these folks to be city people who have moved to the country and seem to have no qualms about letting their dogs run at will. Not all acreage owners are like that though - some are quite careful with their dogs. There is also a tendency here for the full fledged farmers/ranchers to be quite intolerant of any loose dog never mind one that is bothering their stock.
    04-25-2013, 09:48 PM
Boldcomic, you won't catch any grief from me for what you did. You gotta do what you gotta do, even though it's sometimes hard.

What I do when I catch a neighborhood dog chasing my horses is to call the owner, if I know who it is or the dog has tags, and tell them what happened and warn them that if I catch the dog on my property again, I'll shoot it. That usually works to "encourage" the owner to keep the dog secured.

If I don't know who owns it and the dog isn't wearing a collar with tags, then first offense is a capital offense. I've gotten out of the habit of wearing my pistol over the wintertime, but with summer coming on I'll start wearing it again...and I caught a pitbull sniffing around my dogs today so I'll probably have to use it before very long.
    04-25-2013, 10:49 PM
Green Broke
Personally, I'm glad that owners bring their misbehaving dogs to my barn (I board). My horses have to be able to deal with a dog running around. If the dog nips, I will not correct my horse for kicking it. If my horse kicks their dog and kills it, not my problem.

But, I expect my horse to ignore dogs, period. I cannot have a kids horse taking off with a kicking/bucking fit because a dog ran behind them. How on earth can I sell a horse as a kids horse if it does that?

If it were my property and I had livestock (including the horses), the dog would be shot. Period the end. A dog that goes into the pasture or nips at an undersaddle horse deserves to be shot.

I love dogs and plan to have many of my own..But, if one takes to chasing livestock, I won't have it. It'll be shot before it could turn away from whatever it was chasing. If it can herd the horses on command though (I know a blue heeler that does), that's a whole different story. I intend to have my dogs trained as such. If I want it to lay outside by my truck, it better lay there until I tell it to move. If I want it to go find the horses and bring em in, it had better do it without bite marks on my horses. If it gets kicked, it was too stupid to be a work dog for me and too bad-it'll either be shot or given away to a no-livestock home.

Phone is dying or I'd add some more, but that's the gist of my opinion on the matter.
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