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Tell me about goats?

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  • Collar to stop goat getting through fence
  • Goat collar to stop horns getting stuck in fence

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    09-01-2012, 11:26 PM
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OoOoOoOoO!! So if Hazel (the angora) is really registered and all that, like the seller claims, I might be able to do research on her? ? I don't know if I'll be getting papers with her, the seller alluded to papers being there but who knows what the "plan" for them is...

Hazel does have some funny horns (seller said they get that way from the goat experiencing a time of severe food lack, she said they were like that when she got Hazel) and the seller alluded to them not being sturdy enough to grab. Her words were "If you need to grab her, don't do the horns, grab her 'beard'". That's another reason why I want collars, yknow? Just so there's no need for horn grabbage+possible horn damage...
I'm planning on taking them off at night while they're in their jail-like pen. Just so that when they're in forced close proximity to each other, there's less danger.
I did buy some Dollar Tree dog collars today (pink for Hazel, blue for Atticus - of course) and the plastic of the buckle is the cheapest plastic in the worrrrllldddd. I'm pretty confident that the plastic will break under slight duress. I did read that the collars should be adjusted pretty close to the skin to avoid most "hooking" accidents so that's the plan. :)

Of course, once I know these goats, I'm sure I'll look back on this and laugh at how I'm so concerned about catching the goats/the goats getting out/etc but yknow... haha

In other news, I talked to the LOP (land owners) and they made me nervous. They were fine with the goats but were going on and on about how they had a friend who kept 5 pygmy goats in the llama's pasture for 6 months and they were alllllways getting out. Of course, the fence over there is only 2ft tall, max (that picture of the fence I posted), and containing pygmy goats is apparently like containing kittens. They were like "You're welcome to try but they're going to get out allll the time". I didn't mention about fixing the fences, of course, but I'm nervous now. I think these goats will be totally fine but yknow... Initial nerves. Lol
And, of course, they didn't have a way of securely locking these goats in, etc etc. So I'm trying to ease my nervousness about this because I KNOW that I'm a more hyper-vigilant type pet owner than the LOP are and I research a lot more+know the needs of whatever animals I have better...still nervous though!

I think it'll be fine. I HOPE it'll be fine. I want Lacey to have some buddies that she likes+don't make her nervous.

Thanks Lockwood! I totally told the goat lady about you yesterday. I was all like "My internet goat friend...she told me things to ask about and told me what the answers should be. Question #1...". She thought it was great. I told her that you were going to be assessing her answers for correctness and she thought that was hilarious.
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    09-02-2012, 10:09 AM
Some of mine have collars and some don't. Some have break-away collars and some have regular buckle collars. I've had more problems with goats getting heads stuck in fences than collars caught on anything. Use your best judgement. And, I agree, trying to catch a collarless goat CAN be like catching a greased pig! It really depends on how tame these goats are. I'd keep a collar on them for alittle while. I've got some that are so tame, I don't use a collar and they don't have horns to catch either....they just follow me. I've also got some that even with collars they are just a tad bit tricky to get ahold of.
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