Cougar? coyotes? or something else?

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Cougar? coyotes? or something else?

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        02-21-2014, 10:15 AM
    Cougar? coyotes? or something else?

    Hope this is the right section for this.....if not, feel free to move it.

    Has anyone in middle Tennessee seen or heard of cougars or other big cats around??

    I live in middle Tennessee, about 12 miles out in the country. We have lots of wildlife out here, the usual animals such as rabbits, turkeys, etc. We also have a pack of coyotes, idk how many for sure but I have seen at least 3-4 at night. I have been told by neighbors that there are also cougar(s) out here. A neighbor around the corner showed me a pic on their phone of a track by their creek. However, ask Wildlife management and they swear there are none.

    I have a coming 3 yo colt. We often walk around the roads out here, and he has been well behaved if a bit 'prancey'. Nothing I would not expect from a young colt. Recently, he has been acting weird. He does not want to leave the yard and go on the road. He will shake and tremble, and stare across the road into the woods in the distance. He is looking toward the same area my neighbor took the pic of the track. He has seen coyotes before and still walked fine on the road, so I am inclined to think it is something different. I have also heard a noise that I cannot identify....sounds almost like 'help' but is clearly an animal call. If I can get it recorded when I hear it again I will upload it.

    Sorry for the long post, but I need to figure out what I am dealing with, and how to handle it best. If anyone has any input or any ??s I can clarify, I would appreciate the help.
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        02-21-2014, 10:32 AM
    Wow, this is interesting! I haven't much help, because I live in Oregon. My friends in Eastern Oregon did have a cougar near their house. They described its call as sounding like a woman calling "help."
        02-21-2014, 10:34 AM
    I live in Northern California in the valley, during the summer the mountain lions and cougars come down from the mountains to the upper park, and sometimes even down to my house and barn. Mountain lions sound like a screaming child, and cougars sound like someone calling for help.
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        02-21-2014, 10:45 AM
    Bobcats and cougars I think both sound like a woman screaming 'help'. So it could very possibly be that.
        02-21-2014, 11:13 AM
    Ha! Same out here, tell a wildlife officer you've even seen one and they'll laugh at you.

    We've had several actual sightings. Our county is 90% national forest so it's likely. Back in the 90's after several were reported the NFS hired a "professional" tracker to investigate. He found nothing. My neighbors below me had seen one crossing the HWY at 5am on their way to work to drink from their creek, the guy never came up this far.

    If you want to be taken seriously report your findings and suspicions as a probable cat that's been released. I wouldn't doubt it since its in a populated area or could be one searching for new territory and just passing through.
    If you can leave flood lights on and pen a dog up outside to bark. When it's warm enough we leave our dogs penned up by the side door to bark at coyotes/bobcats/bears/hogs/etc, that and letting the dogs mark their territory has kept the wildlife at bay.

    Hopefully if it is a cat he'll move on shortly, they have a large territory and don't stay in one place for long.
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        02-21-2014, 01:19 PM
    We live near louisville, ky. I asked fish and game if we had cougars. The agent looked at me for amoment, then said "officially, no. Unofficially, yeah, they're out there all right.". Supposedly some were released in TN and travel,ed down here. I know people that have seen them, and these people know the difference betweenabobcat and a cougar.
        02-21-2014, 01:20 PM
    By the way, peacocks also sound like someone calling help!
        02-21-2014, 01:31 PM
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        02-21-2014, 01:56 PM
    My land backs up to this reserve -Žion=Bar k_Camp_Barrens_WMA&statearea=Middle_Tennessee - also to AEDC, and I believe the mountains as well. I could easily see one being in the area. I will try to get a recording this weekend while i'm working outside.
        02-21-2014, 02:16 PM
    I suspect he's telling you he doesn't want to leave home because that's his happy place. Beyond about 13' he can't tell the diff. Between a coyote and a dog. A large cat, maybe by smell if he recognized the smell as a predator. Most predators are night hunters and will take dogs and cats, not a horse.

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