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Your experience with (buried) electric dog fencing

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    03-03-2012, 01:21 AM
I don't like the electric fences. If a dog is determined they will just put their head down and run through the fence. Then when they do come home they are not as committed to getting back in the yard.

I've seen them work on some dogs but more often than not I've seen dogs run through them. I did see one owner put the collar on a longer strap and strap the electrodes to the underside of the dog like a flank strap on a bull. That stopped him pretty good.

I don't fully agree that all dogs can be trained out of the "running" issue. Some breeds are more prone to this but it doesn't mean they will run. Best thing you can do (short of spending a ton of money on training) is work on the respect thing in the house so he's not shooting out the door when it opens (my dogs would get a big ol' stop if headed for the door and it wouldn't feel good) and keep him on a leash when you were outside. The training tips on here are very good but they will take a lot of time and consistency on your part.
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    04-04-2012, 04:23 PM
For my dog who is a Siberian Husky we have the radio fence but we have it as a Transmitter kinda thing (Wireless). The transmitter is plugged in (in our house) and he wears a collar, the transmitter sends out rays and has a boundary so when he comes close to it his collar beeps. He then knows to keep back. If he keeps going he will get a shock. Believe me he has a very thick coat and he can still feel the shock so it will work. We opted for the transmitter one as it can be moved from room to room and we can decide how much room in the garden he has etc. I personally think it is better and there is no need for installing it :) hope this helps. This can also be turned off if you have your dog out for the day etc. Check out this link :) Its what I use.

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    04-07-2012, 12:58 AM
Hmm... this is cool to learn about all of these invisible fence and training ideas. I guess I can't really contribute since Cal is content with staying tied on his leash (old lunge line) or in an empty horse stall when we ride.. and he knows not to get near the horses, especially rio. (rio plays chicken...)
    04-07-2012, 11:45 AM
My dog attacks horses. Difficult situation considering we live on 10 acres and the horses are on the property! The radio fence is the best thing I ever did. We got the stubborn dog one from Petsafe. I have it set on a level 2. Level 1 is just a beep, which she learned to run through, so I set it to level 2 which is a mild shock and stops her every time.

Initially I did set it to a level 4 which is a pretty strong shock, so she learned very quickly that crossing the boundary meant pain. I don't have to have the collar on her full time but the neighbours have a pitbull visiting at the moment and he comes over... I don't want to risk him leading her away because as I said she is a hunter and her and a pitbull in a pack together would be a recipe for disaster. I love pitbulls and this one is such a sweet fellow, but they DO have the attack instinct, and a fighting dog and a hunting dog together in a pack will do damage.

She also used to be a runner, real bad. You opened the door, she was gone. Moving to the acres mostly fixed the problem but she still wandered. Getting the dog fence has totally stopped the wandering, and as long as the horses aren't in the house paddock, it has also stopped the chasing and attacking.

I wouldn't recommend the dog fence for a long haired dog, because the contact points on the collar can't reach the skin through thick fur, so you would have to totally shave the neck because the collar DOES turn (half the time my dog has her collar half way up the side of her neck, and I always put it on straight). If you don't mind a long haired dog with a shaved neck, then go for it.

I only use the one collar that came with the fence but I've been thinking about getting a bark collar for my BC cross because she has that awful high-pitched yip that so many working-bred borders have.
    05-03-2012, 09:26 PM
I work on wire fence so many years,but unluckily,i didn't work on the fence by myself.No any comments offered.
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    05-12-2012, 05:03 PM
I don't think electric anything is the way to go. The fences aren't trustworthy - once the dog is past the fence, it doesn't shock them any more, and they can just run off. As for collars... Well, you try one on and see how bad it hurts! Not to mention that for the fences, if anything goes wrong, you have to tear up everything to find out what happened.

Try a dog run, or normal fencing I would say. Both are more humane and pretty much guaranteed to work!
    05-15-2012, 08:42 AM
Shoebox, yes the collar hurts (my dog yikes if she gets a boot, she's not stupid enough to keep going back for more), but the dog has the CHOICE. You are not running it down and beating the crap out of it. It can choose to go into the boundary zap area and get a boot, OR it can choose to stay away and avoid the zap.

I recently turned my fence up a level as she had learned that the zap didn't last long. The stronger boot has stopped her from trying. The benefit of the stronger boot is that the pain stays with them for a little longer (ever been really booted by a hotwire? It bloody HURTS for a long time) so they're less likely to then try to run through it again.

My fence HAS gone offline before, but the collar has never malfunctioned.
    06-01-2012, 05:29 PM
We actually have both, the underground and wireless fence. Our husky x is a runner and at first, we tried a page wire fence. She dug under it in about two seconds flat. Then we added the underground fence. It helped... a little. She learned that if she ran really fast, she barely got shocked at all, so if the gate was ever open (the fence goes around our whole yard, it's not just a dog run) she'd bolt through. Also, we had a lot of problems with the wire breaking on us. We initially preferred the underground to the wireless because we were hoping that eventually we'd be able to fence in our whole five acre lot and give her free run of the whole thing, but after failure after failure and knowing that our neighbours wouldn't give a second thought to shooting her if she was on their property, we tried the wireless. It's not perfect (she does that thing where she'll stand where it beeps but not shocks and runs the battery in her collar dead) but it's definitely worked the best out of everything we've tried.

Now she's getting a little more mellow with age (she's eight now - we noticed a big change in her behavior over the last year or two; she's not acting 'old' per se but just a lot more easy going).

Another thing about the wireless that I like, is I can unplug it and take it anywhere with me. I've taken up to visit my parents several times, and even with a new situation she figures it out pretty quick where she's allowed to go.
    06-01-2012, 05:38 PM
We have one that keeps our GSP and Brittney in. They respect it and it's worked well for us, but the lawn guys used to run it over constantly when they edged. Had to re-attach and re-bury it a lot, but we do our own yard work now and haven't had problems in a long time.
    06-01-2012, 11:10 PM
Failbhe mine doesn't do that, it zaps if they stay in the beep area for too long as well as if they go into the zap area.

My collar is on one of my other dogs at the moment, but the dog it was bought for doesn't actually need it any more as long as the fence is on. I think she can hear/sense the radio waves or something? If I turn it off she's straight out but if it's on no problem.

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