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Does anyone else NOT enjoy gaited horses?

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    03-22-2011, 09:06 AM
I love my gaited horse, but I can certainly see how it would be quite a transition for someone used to riding a trot. It's definitely a different sort of motion! I started out riding gaited, though I do occasionally hop on a trotter,lol.
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    03-22-2011, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by justjump    
I've never ridden one, but I have heard they were smooth. I personally, think they are ugly to watch. But that's just MO.
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Agreed! I do not like the way they go...blugh

I have never been on one though.
    03-22-2011, 06:04 PM
Green Broke
Just a comment because I find it kind of odd.

I'm not sure how people are making a blanket statement about them being "ugly to watch" because all the breeds move a little differently.

Walking horses tend to have a more uphill action (with the front end elevated and the back end down and gliding). Fox Trotters tend to have more of a downhill action (the back end is animated and the front end walks and is more gliding). I'm sure Standardbred movement is different from both of those, and the South American gaited breeds, I believe Peruvians have a paddling type action and Finos don't. Icelandics I'm sure have their own way of traveling too.

So it's kind of weird when you say you think they are ugly to watch, because in saying that, you are saying anything other than a standard walk-trot-canter horse is ugly to watch. And maybe you ARE saying that. But it's weird that you are lumping all the gaited breeds in together, because the "look" of each breed and gait can be rather different.

A Paso Fino and a Peruvian Paso and a TWH and a Foxtrotter and a Standarbred and an Icelandic (etc,) all look VERY different performing the gaits that their breed standards call for.

Nothing personal. I kind of feel like I have one foot in and one foot out of the "gaited" world, and I don't feel like I have to defend either type. I love pretty much all breeds of horses.

PS. I owned all sorts of trotting breeds before getting my first gaited horse. Arabs, Paint, Mustang, etc. and quite frankly I didn't find the transition difficult as a trail rider. Now if I were showing, I'm sure it would be difficult, but just for trails, the gaited horses are fast, fun and addictive!

It's like having an extra gear (or gears) the speed of a trot only smoother. So for trails, it isn't a hard transition at all. I do sit a little differently with my Fox Trotter. I lean back a little more, with my feet ahead of me a slightly. On my Mustang I sit more straight up-and-down with my legs directly underneath me. But I'm not sure if that is because it's what comes natural or because of what my friend with gaited horses taught me. (I rode one of her Fox Trotters for several years before I bought my own.)
    03-22-2011, 09:13 PM
I find TWHs very odd to watch and don't like it at all! I believe those are the only gaited horses I've seen whose way of going is always unattractive to me personally. So I didn't mean to lump all gaited horses together :) where I live, TWHs are really the only common gaited horses around so that's what I always think of when gaited horses come up.
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    03-23-2011, 12:21 AM
Just out of curiosity, what do you guys think of this TWH?

I don't like the way a lot of gaited horses move, but I think it's mainly the fault of the riders. Most gaited horses can really collect at a gait and have a nice canter, but people buy them without understanding them at all. Gaited horses are more complicated than non-gaited horses and people just don't get that!

Compare the TWH I posted above to this one:

Compare this MFT:

To this one:

Or this Paso Fino:

To this one:

Or this ASB:

To this one:

Or this Icey:

To this one:

A lot of non-gaited horses move badly. Gaited horses just happen to move badly more often because a) there are less of them and people tend to be very uneducated about them, b) it's more difficult to get them to move well, and c) people who ride them are under the assumption that they can never move well and therefore don't even try.

Gaited horses:

    03-23-2011, 06:11 PM
Originally Posted by trailhorserider    
A Paso Fino and a Peruvian Paso and a TWH and a Foxtrotter and a Standarbred and an Icelandic (etc,) all look VERY different performing the gaits that their breed standards call for.
I agree, I don't know how you can compare an Icey to a TWH in any way! And when I see Paso Finos and Peruvians all I can think is "Spanish." They look totally different from the American gaited breeds.
    03-23-2011, 06:46 PM
I've heard it takes a very balanced rider to have the horse gait "correctly". I've never ridden a gaited horse, but I'd like to one day. Since I've always been looking into trail riding I think they'd be fairly good. But a regular horse's plodding is just fine with me. It's very rythmic and calming, especially if you'd be out in nature.

They sort of look like the might be even more uncomfortable, for both horse and rider.
    03-23-2011, 07:00 PM
At my barn there is a saddlebred friesian cross, and I can't STAND riding him. He has no trot. Honest to God, he thinks canter is the gait in between walk and trot. To go down from trot he has to canter first. And then he has friesian days where he's gorgeous, and awesome, though dopey. My it's just because it's such an odd cross, and his body can't choose which breed he wants to be. He looks kind of like this horse, except bigger, and chestnut paint
    03-23-2011, 07:50 PM
So do I know go onto the forum and post who else does NOT like stock horses.
Really how old are you, (and before you go spouting off I own both gaited, QH and paint) if you don't like a gaited horse keep your mouth shut and play in your own field. This is an area for people to discuss training, purchasing and gaining knowledge on the breed, not for someone to come on and make fun of their riding choice.
    03-23-2011, 07:58 PM
Geez, snippy much? Each person is entitled to their own opinion and so long as it is stated in a non-snarky way, then it is perfectly acceptable. From what I can see, there was no "making fun" in this thread anywhere. There were several people who said they don't like the way gaited's look, and that's fine, that's their perogative.

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