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Gaited horses, newbie questions

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        08-15-2013, 02:39 PM
    So, Bob, assuming I agree (and I have no reason not to) how do I find out what *I* am doing to throw her off?
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        08-15-2013, 03:27 PM
    Bbsmfg3 described this very well. You can't miss a lame horse. They all walk, so you walk them on gravel to accentuate the lameless and identify it. I learned this from a Horse Vet many years ago.
    There is a subtlety to the differences between the footfalls, but in one respect they are all the same: A gaited horse prefers to gait instead of trot.
    They all trot, too. You many not see it but my two KMH's are in the backyard and I often see them trotting. They both prefer to amble when I ride them. In FACT, on trail rides they will do a fast amble that resembles a QH's "road trot", for mile after mile, like an engine.
    Still, a gaited horse that has been muscled will ALWAYS be more comfortable that a gaited "pasture pet," so you can't judge the comfort by the horse. Yet rolling to a gait is almost ALWAYS more comfortable than sitting the trot mile and mile, and THAT is why they have become so popular.
        08-15-2013, 05:09 PM
    Originally Posted by bbsmfg3    
    Welcome to the confusing world of gaited horses. Been there done that. We had the same problem when we switched to gaited horses. The folks that know how, will seldom tell you, because of the arguments they get. When we finally found someone that would share their info, many of our gaiting problems went away. Quite simply put, you don't ride gaited horses like trotting horses. Yes, you'll hear those that say you can, but, that's only the case in a very small percentage of us. We ride with a lot of gaited horses and the majority of the problems gaited riders have is related to the way they ride. They are trying to ride them like trotting horses. For most of us, that simply will not work. If you ride them like a trotting horse, you are teaching them to trot or pace.

    This gets even more confusing when we don't know what gait the horse has as it's signature gait, and/or the signature gait of the horse is a trot. Just because they have the name of gaited horse doesn't mean their signature gait is gaited.

    If your horse is gaiting and then "switches gears" to something that is not smooth, it is probably something with the way it is being ridden. That is a good example of teaching a horse to trot with the way it is being ridden, ie, the horse is probably naturally gaited, and it starts off gaiting, then the way it is ridden tells it to do something different, like trot.
    I'm one of those small percentages that do not follow the old gaited horse world of myths on riding, training, and equipment.

    A rider needs to be balanced period in order to gait (either gaited or non gaited)
    I have found that if you ride in a forward seat tends to bring out a trot or pace, again I suggest a balanced seat, not forward, not on pockets.

    Lee Ziegler, Larry Whitesell, Beverly (shoot forgot her last name LOL)and Diane Gueck are some good examples to look up.

    Gaited horses are very awesome to ride once you become a balanced rider;)
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        08-15-2013, 07:41 PM
    I just recently bought a new saddle--Lane Fox cutback--in place of my first purchase -- Sycamore Creek endurance. There's NOTHING wrong with Sycamore Creek saddles; mine was comfortable and Grace gaited fine in it. However, it's a heavy saddle with a Western rig, and I've grown to really dread it. The Lane Fox is what I grew up with, and it's what I'm comfortable in. Yea!

    I have ridden two days in my new saddle and have found that my legs need strengthening. Now that my saddle isn't doing the work for me, my legs are really showing what they're (not) made of!

    Balance (or lack thereof) is easy to feel if your saddle is as minimal as a flat cutback! I took Grace out to where I've been practicing gaiting. She went right into her slow, sweet amble and the new saddle felt like heaven. So, as with all riding, we have good and bad moments; I just want to give a grace note to God who gave us the beautiful horse, and all the variants that come with them!
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    gaited horses, questions

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