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  • Youtube gaited horses running walk naturally

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    05-02-2009, 09:09 PM
The big lick gait could be called artificial, I suppose, since pads and chains are used...but the basis of it is still the running-walk, which is natural.

I come across a whole lot of people who think that my walker's running-walk is "trained" into her. Actually, up until pretty recently I mistakenly thought that the only way a walker gaits is with weights. LoL, until I saw clips of gaiting foals, that is...

This is the "big lick," or performance, running walk...

And a regular old running walk...:)

(In this one he keeps wanting to go into the canter...)

Not sure these are the best examples, but visuals always help me...
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    05-05-2009, 03:13 PM
Saddleseat riding is not only done on gaited breeds. Morgans and arabians and three gaited saddlebreds also show saddleseat. Morgans show saddleseat with a walk, trot, road trot and canter.

If you are familiar with Youtube go there and request saddleseat videos. You will find lots of them.
    05-05-2009, 03:33 PM
I have three gaited Pintos, one is Missouri Foxtrotter--what a ride--. And a new foal.
    06-15-2009, 02:15 PM
We have a Tennessee Walking Horse and a Rocky Mountain. The running walk is a natural gait. As is a stepping pace or the rack. Like they said.. the big lick is an artificial gait, trained by putting weights or chains on the horses feet, to make them snap up their feet in irritation. Rockies have the 4beat ambling rack, but some also run walk or pace, depending on the breeding, there are certain lines that produce pacey horses. Ours is a low racker or ambler, with a couple of different speeds. He can fly in an all out rack or he can travel at a slower speed but is just as comfortable, just depends on how fast you ask him to go.. and his canter is very nice and easy to sit.
    06-15-2009, 07:04 PM
Originally Posted by Mrs John    
Thank you, BarneyBabby.

What gaits are special for TWH? I've read that they are walk, running walk and canter but I've also heard that these horses perform flat foot walk that is natural for them in contrast to running walk that is artificial... What is true?

Since I grew up in the place that tn walkers were born I have heard some stuff about the diffreneces of the gaits and how to get them.the walk is a gait that is kinda bumpy when your riding young horses and it gets smoother as they age.(at least my horses did)or it could be the shoeing.
Thje running walk is the gait the breed is famous for.when they have heavy pads on and chains.if used under the rules of the twbhea it will not harm the horse in anyway.the running walk gets its bad name from comp. Riders that go over the limits with soring and chains above the limits.i personally use chains and my friends use pads but it doesnt aggravate the horse when it gets used to it.the chains I use are 6 mm and I have walked around with them on my feet and they are just like bracelets.if anyone doesnt aggree then try them on and run around they just irritate you the first time then you get used to them.the canter is also a famous gait for tn walkers.it is supposed to be smooth and under control at all times.with padded horses they never canter for more than 5 mins.and they are very slow at it almost like you are watching it in slow motion. But with my unpadded horses I run them and they canter very well but they can get outta hand sometimes because of their head set naturally high for them so they don't listen as well.yes the running walk is artifiial but it is beautiful.i suggest that you go to the tn walking horse assc. Website and they will answer all of your questions about the breed.or you can message me.

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