i need a lil help :)

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i need a lil help :)

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        09-23-2009, 07:31 AM
    i need a lil help :)

    First of all I'm attempting this from a blackberry so its makin all this that much more confusing! This is gona be kinda long so bear with me...I've never used a forum before and I'm VERY new to the horse world. I've been riding for a very short while and I seem to have taken to it pretty well...I've ALWAYS loved horses but let's face it they're a lot bigger than me and I've been intimidated. Well long story short I ride at my uncles and last weekend he gave me a horse...I think she's a pretty lil thing :) she's 4 years old and he said she's been broke about a year...she's the only horse I ride out there and the horse I learned to ride on...I was readin through another forum earlier and read a lot about mares being moody and it seemed that all the ???threads??? Were about misbehaving horses and needless to say it scared the bajebus outta me...really I just need advice maybe a breakdown on mor than just the bad I haven't brought her home yet and now I'm kinda scared to. By the way her names dreama:)
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        09-23-2009, 08:22 AM
    Every horse varies on the tempermant (spelling?) however as a general rule mares can be more moody than geldings but it is not always the case. I say if you have been riding the mare for a while and she has done good there is nothing to worry about. The most gentle gelding can get an attitude at times too. One of those things that can happen with horses, they are animals that think not a carousel horse. However in my 16 years of riding the good experiences WAY out weigh the bad and looking back now I wouldnt change the bad either
        09-23-2009, 07:36 PM
    Will you have experienced horsepeople and horses where you're taking her?
    They should be able and willing to help you and share information.

    I'm not really sure you can be ready for a horse of your own yet tho..and especially not a 4 years old.. but if you have experienced people around you it might work.

    Btw, why is this posted in the gaited forum? :P
        09-23-2009, 08:25 PM
    Green Broke
    I'd be a lot more cautious about her being a four year old than her being a mare. Although she was given to you, so its not like you went out looking.

    I've owned two mares and two geldings, and leased a fair few other geldings. One of the mares was my favourite horse ever, I raised her from a yearling and had a great bond with her as she grew up (I had to sell her as a five year old though). Even then though, she would have her moody moments and if you got angry at her for something on one of her days she would refuse to talk to you, and just turn her head away even if you had carrot. She was the best horse ever.

    My other mare that I had after her was a real b*#$* and disliked me.

    If you get a long with your horse and haven't had any trouble then I wouldn't be overly worried. Its not like the entire horse changes overnight, she just might be a little more irritable, and they are rarely dangerous when in season. Geldings are generally more even tempered, but that's not always good - you can get a gelding who is always crazy!

    Besides that though, be careful with your four year old. She is not at a stage of education where she can teach you - you have to teach her. If she does something that scares you then make sure you take care of it right away, because if you shrink back she's going to keep doing it. Confidence is extremely important with you horses - honestly if I had to choose between someone with lots of knowledge and no confidence or a bit of knowledge and confidence I would consider going with latter with young horses.

    So if you are scared, don't show it, pretend not to be. Horses like strong people.

    Good luck though - welcome to the forum - there are lots of people here who are more than happy to help you. And congrats on your new horse

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