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TWH - high/hollow withers, bad topline, thin, narrow back?

This is a discussion on TWH - high/hollow withers, bad topline, thin, narrow back? within the Gaited Horses forums, part of the Horse Breeds category

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        06-17-2014, 12:07 AM
    - Trailer is getting new tires so we can take him in to the vet
    - 6c All Stock is now replaced with 4c Ultium mixed with 2c All Stock while I pick a new feed
    - We're getting the tractor hauled over tomorrow to move a round bale out
    - Picking up a mineral block tomorrow when I go to the feed store (Will also price hay pellets then)
    - Have a call in to the Ag Office about grass testing

    I looked up some more about body condition, and I prefer the 1-9 scale rather than the 1-5 scale so I don't have to figure out fractional values.
    I'm thinking on the 1-9 scale, he's a strong 4.
    With the adjustments on his diet, like adding the mineral block, I think that might be just what he needs to put him in the ideal range without overshooting and making him too fat, especially getting him working again.

    I did some reading on some exercises to start him on to start building muscle before we start riding again, and what I've found so far suggests lots of transitions between gaits, and cavaletti.
    Does that sound reasonable?

    For a 14.2hh horse, what would be the appropriate distance to space the poles (for starters)?
    I've found suggestions for everything from 3-5 feet for a trot, and 9-12 feet for a canter.

    He can do a running walk, but he actually has a very nice trot.
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        06-18-2014, 12:06 AM
    I've got a thread in the Nutrition forum to get some details about giving loose minerals since the feed store didn't have blocks.
    My front-runner is a Purina 12:12 vitamin/mineral supplement.

    Everything else is coming along with the trailer, hay, etc.

    And yesterday, I didn't even think - should I be encouraging him to trot instead of keeping him in a running walk?
    He can do both, so does it matter if I trot him while working on muscle development, and then refine his other gait later?
        06-18-2014, 07:47 AM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by BadWolf    
    And yesterday, I didn't even think - should I be encouraging him to trot instead of keeping him in a running walk?
    He can do both, so does it matter if I trot him while working on muscle development, and then refine his other gait later?
    No trotting - no, no, and no trotting

    Also, if you lunge him, don't lunge him in a tight circle like you're used to seeing Quarter Horses do. Walking Horses shoulders are built to make big sweeping movements, therefore he needs to be able to make a bigger circle

    If he tends to want to trot as opposed to a run-walk, I might have the chiro look at him. When Walking Horses get out of whack, they tend to want to trot as the movement is easier for them.

    That isn't always the case but I have seen it happen with my own Walking Horses -- just one more thing to think about and spend your money on
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        06-18-2014, 10:59 AM
    TOp spec is great for weight and muscle development. And correct work.

    Also check out his back teeth ect
        06-18-2014, 11:59 AM
    Originally Posted by SueNH    
    Get rid of the All Stock. That horse's coat is showing signs of bad nutrition. How much hay or grass does he get? He is a little thin.
    We all assume that everybody has good pasture. MY elderly horses, now passed on seeded what had been a 3 acre field of corn in October, 1999, when we closed on our 5 acre property. It could NOW use some more grass, there is a LOT of clover in it, but my DD keeps commenting on how my 8yo QH looks SO much better (coatwise, specifically) than he did when we got him from the rescue several years ago. Their pasture was 35 acres of crap.
    I'm home today and grabbed some quick shots for you. You'll notice that my 3 have no winter coat left. I never brushed it off, they just went to 24/7 turnout and rolled it all off. They are on full pasture now, with a little bit of sweet feed at the end of the day to remind them to come home to me.

    Long Arm of the Law, 8yoKMH gelding

    Buster Brown, 8yo unregistered QH gelding (dam was a registered QH)

    Warren's Cindy, 16yo KMHSA mare
    I would suggest that you get the very best hay you can afford and feed your boy as much as he wants. Drop the supplements. Unless your Vet prescribes a supplement, we are ALL self-medicating with them.
    Horses need low protein and lots of it. You are underfeeding your horse if you give them too much protein and supplements and supplant the hay that their digestive system needs with proper fiber to move everything along. It's like letting your kids eat candy before dinner. Their bodies will digest the candy and there won't be room for the green beans. =D
        06-18-2014, 04:24 PM
    He is built A LOT like my 14 yo, 14.5 hh registered TWH! Everyone always comments on how "thin" he is but the vet says his weight is just fine. He is just a lean horse. He is also very narrow in the chest... I will try to post a pic of him.
        06-18-2014, 04:50 PM
    Here's my TWH, "Cash"

        06-19-2014, 01:27 AM
    This was my first time using a weight tape.
    I'm not sure it's accurate or if I measured in the right place.
    The tape had very vague directions.

    It has height on one side and weight on the other, so I got both, just to have info from the same source.
    He measures 14.2hh with a measuring stick, but this tape said 14hh even. (He didn't shrink, so I don't know what to think about that).

    His weight from that tape was between marks at about 650lbs, which would be a little light for 14hh based on an average height/weight chart I found online, depending on what column you look at.

    I marked a photo with a line to show where I measured him, straight up and over his withers.
    When I searched for photos of how to use a weight tape, some are showing measuring over the withers and others are showing going behind them at an angle toward the front legs.

    Can someone advise me on the right way to measure him, if I did it wrong?

    If I measured correctly and 650lbs is a valid number to work with, what does that mean as far as building weight/muscle/etc?


    Overall, I'm getting the impression that he's close to being a good weight, but not quite.
    No matter what, he's going to be a slim-built horse, so it's not like he's going to be that heavy even in ideal condition.
    He's definitely out of shape from not being worked, and I really don't like the way his topline looks.
    A few people mentioned his ribs - I paid specific attention to them today and noticed that as I moved around him, at certain angles I could see them and some I couldn't, so there's fat, but just barely.
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        06-19-2014, 12:12 PM
    IMO, he looks a little bit thin, but not much.

    My walker, also Generator bred, was the same way. He had hips and shoulders sticking out (no ribs) but he would not gain coverage in those areas until he was well over 10 years old.

    To me he looks like he is lacking minerals. A complete horse feed would do it, or adding mineral supplements (like the blocks or loose minerals). All already said. Just wanted to point out that his weight isn't all that bad.
        06-19-2014, 03:04 PM
    Green Broke
    Just adding because I didn't see it on the first page but the horse(? Donkey? Lol sorry can't see) in the background looks rather unhealthy also.

    The issue moreso than the weight (which is an issue) is how "unhealthy" he looks.

    I agree with ditching the all stock. Get animal specific feeds... does a horse really need the sane diet as a chicken?

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