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Allergy season...who has allergies......who want's to get rid of em..

Well I used to have allergies sooo bad. I was told they were genetic and I'd have em all my life. But that's just a big pile of lies. Not that doctors were deliberately lying to me. I'm sure they just didn't know. And besides do you think if they did know would an allergy doctor make tons of money if he cures all his patients? That's cutting the head off the golden egg laying goose in that business.

Anyhow, I better get on with it before I get into a rant.

So my allergies were so bad that the doctors were doing those prick tests to me before I could even remember. I was too young to remember, and it was probably too traumatic for me at that age to even want to remember it. The ones I do remember weren't exactly all that great. Actually on one of em I jumped off the table and tried to walk out of the doctors office.

I used to get shots and take pills, snort liquids, and always putting in eye drops. That little sentence does absolutely no justice to all the medications I was taking during the summers. I literally couldn't go outside. My eyes itched all day, my nose ran all the time, I was sneezing if my face wasn't on the air conditioner vent. I was literally suffering all summer. Not a day went by without the suffering. And none of the medications I took would help.

About five or six years back I quit taking all my medications. They weren't helping anyway so I just gave up on em. And gradually year after year my allergies began to lessen. And last summer I still had em enough to cause me discomfort. I'd say somewhere in the 20%-30% range of what they used to be. Probably a little more than that.

So last fall I began learning about nutrition and cleansing the body to rid it of accumulated toxins. And I began with cleansing the liver, colon, and kidneys. I also began to learn about fasting and I went on a fast for 11 days. And all this I was doing simply because I wanted to clean up my body and generate good health.

So fast forward to this allergy season and I don't have allergies anything like I used to. I would say it's 1%-3% of what they used to be.

Through all my reading I had learned of so many ailments that can be cured by doing cleanses and fasting and proper nutrition. I also read how allergies can be cured through liver cleanses, but I didn't pay much attention to it. But now that it's allergy season it has really opened my eyes to how effective cleansing the body can be. I have no longer simply been reading of all these stories of how people are curing themselves of this or that by nutrition and cleanses. I am now able to experience it.

If you have allergies, "or anything really", then I can suggest that you study and learn about cleanses. And search the internet for people who have gone through the process of being ill to being healthy.

I can say that the most important things you can do for your body is cleanse it's filters and begin to nourish it with nutrients that it deeply craves.

And get rid of them parasites. You could go to the same doctor and have em run twenty tests checking for parasites and nineteen times they'll say you don't have any. But that left over one time they will find something. The average tests done for parasites won't find em. And it's likely that you have parasites of some kind. I've been taking humaworm to get rid of any I had. It's something like 80% of the population has parasites. Even if you live a clean life in a first world country then you probably have em. You see, parasites don't care if you're third world or first world inhabitant. They simply don't discriminate.

In this order. Get rid of parasites, cleanse the colon, cleanse the kidneys, cleanse the liver.

Cleansing the liver is something that will need to be done until it's totally clean. And you'll know when it's clean. I'm not gonna go into detail about everything, because there's a wealth of information on the internet and there's soo many people out there that have done much more than I. But I'm razzled with energy to share anything I've experienced or learned or even send ya in the right direction if ya have any questions. is a good place to find lots of information from people going through all this type of stuff. is a good place to learn about nutrition, and you can also find some info on people ridding themselves of many different things.

That'll get ya started. I wanted to share my experience.

And if I remember I'll keep bumping this thread all summer so anyone that's suffering and hasn't seen it will the opportunity to read it.

Truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as self evident.
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Glad you were able to figure out about your allergies. I never had any allergies growing up but a few months ago had a full blown anaphylactic allergy to lotion! what th heck eh. Used all sorts of lotions all my life from all sorts of stores and then this random thing started. Go figure, months later it's completely disappeared. it's interesting to see how ones body adjust over time and will become more or less sensitive to certain items, objects etc etc.

Glad to see everything worked out for you tho, it's fantastic news.

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Wow. That would be no fun to experience that. Did you have to take a steroid shot to get it to go away? I used to always have an epi-pen just in case. But it's somewhere in a shoebox now.

I keep seeing all these allergy advertisements and I am so thankful I began learning all this stuff.

I'm gonna post some links to a little bit of information to get anyone started on learning how to cleanse their body.

Here's a good link to begin learning about bowel cleansing.
Bowel Cleanse intestinal cleanser parasites cleanse master cleanse juicing flax seed oil

For me I did a couple things to do a bowel cleanse. The first things I did was the psyllium and bentonite shakes. Then sometime later I went on a type of juice fast with salt water flushes every morning. Both were effective, but the juice fast with salt water flushes worked very well.

Here's a good link to learn about liver flushes.
Liver cleanse gallbladder cleanse gallstones flush recipe
I've done the first flush one time.
And I've done this one here many times.. Easier Way to flush everything out of your liver - Egg yolks and Lime Juice and Oil. at Liver Flush Support Forum I like this one and I think it tastes good. And it's very gentle. You simply drink the drink every day for how ever long you want. I drank it for probably a month or so. And yes I've read all of those posts.

When I did the first liver flush my bowels weren't cleansed out and it caused nausea. So it's important to cleanse the bowels first. Not just to avoid nausea but other reasons too. And it has to do with removing the built up and caked in toxins stuck in the colon that will simply go back through the liver and clog it up again.

I never took herbs for kidney cleansing other than eating lots of watermelon and drinking lots of water. But I'm gonna get some proper herbs and cleanse my kidneys thoroughly because those two things alone aren't as effective as the herbs from what I've read.

For the parasite cleanup I took humaworm.

Remember to cleanse in this order. Parasites, colon and kidneys, then liver.

And don't forget about nutrition. It's vital to feed the body with enzyme rich food. The concept is simple, eat living foods and enjoy a living life full of energy. Eat dead foods and watch as your health degrades, not to mention all the pain you'll have along the way.

Truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as self evident.
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Last weekend the allergies began to flare up a little bit. I would say they were approaching 5% -10% of what they used to be.

On the 24th I began a juice fast. My family over the past couple of days have been taking their allergy drugs and just continue to sniffle, sneeze, and/or be congested. All the while I am feeling just dandy. And they all have a very mild version of the allergies that I was dealing with.

I was literally the only one who got it the worst ALL spring and through the fall.

And today I would say the allergies I used to have so badly are around less than 1%. I may stay on this fast for a little while to really get a deep cleanse and get out those toxins which were causing me so much trauma.

I don't remember if I mentioned fasting. But it's probably one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. Giving your digestive system a rest for a couple days to a couple of months is such a healing journey one can take. There's lots of good information about fasting out there and all the good it can do. Especially a juice fast because your GI tract will shut down while you are still getting TONS of calories and nutrients. Not to mention all the new energy you will have. And once your GI tract stops needing to work every day your body can begin removing toxins and begin healing old wounds.

I can't really explain just how powerful, and how much good fasting can be for the body. But there's lots of good information out there with many pages describing just what it can do for you.

Here's an interesting thing I read somewhere.

Worms were divided into two seprate groups. In group A the worms were fed every day and had all they wanted and ever could eat. They lived the normal lifespan of that species of worm.

Group B was fed and then not given food for a little while until they could noticebly see that they were again hungry. Essentially they were fasting this group of worms on and off for the length of their experiment. This group B lived a lifespan twice that of group A.

Truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as self evident.
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Unless you are pre disgesting the juice drinks then you are still using your disgestive system because the molecules in the juice have to be broken down by enzymes which takes place in your disgestive system. Your system doesn't shut down as you are still absorbing nutrients etc. If it completly shut down then you wouldn't be absorbing certain things as active transport which is required for some ions won't take place.
Just thought I'd mention that.

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True. I should of picked my words better. Juice fasting is nice cus of all the good it can do for the body. You allow your digestive system to rest from it's normal functions of digesting solids. But you are still filling your body full of living enzymes and vitamins that the body can utilize.

Also sunbathing can be important too. Vitamin D is produced by the body when it is exposed to the sun. Without this the body has trouble assimilating many other vitamins which come from food.

There's so much research out there to show people how to get rid of so many chronic ailments, and I am too lazy to begin sharing all that I have learned. But I can say that the most profound stories I find have to do with people that change to a diet that supports life. Which means to stop eating those things we know are bad for us and eat your fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes raw. Sprout your nuts, seeds, and legumes to release the enzyme inhibitors.

Do your research on this. Cooking food physioligically changes the structure of the good stuff found in it. It basically destroys it, then the body doesn't recognize it as a beneficial substance but instead views it as a harmful one. The research is out there. Quick fact for ya; when you hear a commercail exclaiming this food or that food has these minerals or those vitamins, it's all before the food has been pasturized. They're not required to tell you what's happened to the food once all the enzymes have been destroyed. If they let you in on that research they would be telling you that it has caused these diseases and those ailments in their studies.

I'm getting off on a bit of a rambling here. But I just wanna share a little bit of what I've learned.

But back to fasting. If you wanna basically reboot your system to get rid of your cravings to addicting and harmful foods then try out a fast. There's a difference between fasting and starving. And you need to learn the difference or find a professional that knows and follow their guidance. But you can basically watch your tongue and wait until you find a sensation called true hunger. If your tongue is covered in white/colored fuzzy material then your body is still releasing toxins. When the tongue has turned pink and you have a strong desire to eat then you know that it's time to break the fast because the body has consumed all the toxins it can and is now gonna begin consuming your muscles and organs, that's starvation.

And typically the pink tongue and true hunger appear together. But hunger is not to be confused with cravings. So watch the tongue as an indicator. And do your research.

Be healthy everyone. The truth is out there. And you can live a loooong life and be vibrant and full of energy for the entire duration you choose.

Here's a quick breakdown from memory on the different forms of fasting and diet that allows your body to remove toxins. It's rated from quickest release of toxins most healing, to the slowest and also it'll have the diet in there that still allows the body to accumulate toxins and never reach a point of nourishment so that the body can heal and regenerate itself.

Water fasting
Juice fasting
Juice feasting
Smoothie fasting
Raw vegan
SAD - standard american diet

I think that's enough for today. Really I just wanted to bump this thread but it turned into this.

Don't forget to do your research. read read read. Then ask questions and read some more.

Truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as self evident.
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Well it's that time of year again. At least for us in the northern hemisphere.

Some people around me are starting to get allergy flare ups. And I've not experienced even a sniffle nor sneeze. So all the cleansing I've done and the juice fasting has definately cleansed my body enough to relieve me of the allergies I had. And they were BAD. So so so bad. I can't convey how uncomfortable allergies can be to someone. Especially when you have em as severe as I had em.

I wanted to bump this thread so others that have em can experience what it's like to go through the summer without being in a constant state of sneeze fits.

I'm probably gonna go on another juice fast too for a couple weeks to prepare for spring and help my body purge the toxins I've accumulated throughout the winter with the bad eating habits I adopted.

Truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as self evident.
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