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Anxiety Attacks, PTSD?

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        02-16-2014, 09:45 PM
    Originally Posted by Missy May    
    That is an interesting point, samstead, I guess it is different for everyone. It is easy to think everyone's definition is the same. I never had trouble breathing. I just felt "fear" for no apparent reason and my evaluation of the difficulty that every day challenges presented was exaggerated. I'd rather face a mad bull than ever experience that again, at least then I would be able to identify the source of the fear - and the duration would be short lived. :)
    That feeling is just mild/moderate anxiety. A full blown panic attack involves a lot of hyperventilating and basically lack of control over yourself anymore. For example, my average anxiety involves nausea, chest pain, heart racing, and being very jittery. An actual attack is a total meltdown: bawling, hyperventilating, completely racing thoughts, and just completely unable to calm down until I can control my breathing again. It's quite the attractive scene, I tell you what.

    OP, is there any way you could get treatment for it? Combining medication with therapy is best, but even just medication would help.
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        02-16-2014, 10:21 PM
    Thanks everyone for replying.
    I'm going to do some research online and see what I can find for a counselor. I'm just feeling discouraged about it, but I know that I need to just do it. If I don't like whoever I see I can always find someone else. I'm very hesitant because I had one counselor in the past, who I was under contract to see, who turned nasty and crazy and makes me not want to try anyone new. Then I was slighted by this last one and it really put me off the idea of seeing anyone, but I know that right now I need it.
    I suppose I should also clarify a bit- for me, the anxiety attack is an all-encompassing entity, and though they are infrequent they are terrifying. When I have one I have to leave the area and go somewhere quiet and focus on getting back my breath lowering my heart rate. I'm also dealing with an elevated state of anxiety in general, with terrible nightmares and intrusive memories of my abuse.
    In the past I've dealt with my problems with self-injury, however I've slowed that behaviour down to just once or twice per year, especially as I know that self-injury takes the brain to the highest state of anxiety- though it feels like a calm.
    It doesn't help that I'm feeling my triggers ten-fold at the moment.
    I don't particularly want to take medication for this, but would consider it if a counselor suggested it. I'd rather find someone I can confide in who can help me through this.
    I know this is rambly, I apologize. I'm a bit frazzled right now.
        02-16-2014, 10:30 PM
    Interesting, Poseidon. I honestly did not know that. All this time I just figured people meant - what I meant.:) No, I never had that sort of experience. Wow, I was unaware there were so many "levels". The level I felt was bad enough! I really feel bad for anyone that has to endure it reaching that level, but it does not surprise me that it can. I hope you find an answer to it all, OP.
        02-18-2014, 11:46 AM
    Aspin you need a qualified mental health professional to diagnosis you. No one can here on the internet and I work with Vets with PTSD.
    Have you have experienced or witnessed major trauma, an accident, or any other life threatening incidents?
    If the memory of that trauma is still as fresh as when it happened then PTSD might be the problem.
    However and remember I cannot diagnosis your problem on the internet , or with the information you have given , with all the stress you have posted about I think anxiety is more likely.
    Either way you need to see a professional and soon.
    Left untreated both anxiety and PTSD will most likely become worse.
    Good luck. Shalom

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